World of Warships – Baltimore 0.6.1 Preview

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on Two Brothers moves out to test out the improved rate of fire. I get into a engagement with enemies on the western front, a friendly drops smoke for us to dps inside. A couple enemies get too close, they take a lot of HE damage and fire chances. The changes are welcome and I hope this can give you some idea of what to expect from the patch. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Baltimore Replay


  1. i wish the Indy was getting the same firing buff

  2. Thank you based WG for Making America(n heavy cruisers) Great Again.

  3. good vídeo notser, missed this kind

  4. this battle tempts to get reload module on Baltimore then it comes to my
    mind Okinawa, ocean, epicenter where every bb snipe. low range of us
    cruiser always pisses me off

  5. still pensacola here..


    *drives into island*

  7. nice outro! real classy!

  8. how much free xp do i get when i convert 25,000 doubloons?

  9. that YouTuber smoke … havent had this once ?

  10. Now WG just needs to address the German DD line.

  11. Great job Notser pls play the Yamato

  12. Christopher Matarazzo

    I haven’t noticed the fade in and fade out of the enemy’s in my games,
    since 0.6

  13. For some reason the Baltimore is my favorite U.S. Cruisers anyone else?

  14. why does no-one talk about how horrible the TDs is on the Baltimore?

  15. Good vid :). The patch just went through and updated here so looking
    forward to trying my NO again.

  16. definitely gonna start re-grinding my way back up the USN line now…Nearly
    finished the Pensacola grind to the N/O

  17. TheGeekWithNoChill

    What buffs has the Ibuki received? I’m on New Orleans in the USN CA line
    and I’ve been slower with the IJN CA line on Myoko but Ibuki buffs might
    encourage me to speed up.

  18. The outro should match the nationality of the ship in concern :P

  19. Just make armor model more reliable will help cruisers heaps. Random
    citadel hit is a big problem right now. A battleship shell barely scratches
    the bow of my ship and does a citadel damage is just not right. Against
    battleship cruisers have to really bang on not getting hit at all, because
    if they do it would be very painful more often than not.

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