World of Warships: Baltimore, Great Teamwork

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A random battle played by xenopathia in the . It is not very often that you see teamwork outside of a division. But in this battle you can see the power of working together.


  1. Kerspaprog Balceram

    I really hate that even though the gearing basically secured the early game for his team with the smoke, he only ended with 1k xp, when the baltimore got 90k damage and the neptune probably around the same. I really wish WoWs would reward players for teamplay, and then people might actually play as a team. As it is now you can play selfishly and lose, and still end with about the same xp as if you had played as a team and won.

    My minotaur stats are a perfect example of this. I have only 45% winrate in it after 22 battles so far, and yet i have 2.4k average xp. Where as my neptune i have 71% winrate after 45 battles and 2.5k average xp, only 100 more xp even though i have ~30% more winrate because i play selfishly in the minotaur. (and my minotaur has 120k average damage while the neptune has 96k)

    If there was a real tangible reward for sacrificing your smoke for a teammate people might actually do it more and make the game more enjoyable for the team and not just themselves, while earning rewards at the same time. This is especially true at the lower tiers, where everyone is more concerned with grinding to the next ship then actually winning the battles.

    If teamplay in general was more rewarding with xp, then i think the whole game would be better for it.

  2. Baltimore tier 9 US battleship confirmed!

  3. He shot almost exclusively AP, even on BBs. Thats the way to paly a cruiser. 🙂

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