World of Warships- Baltimore ROF Build (187,000 Damage)

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here with an awesome game in the , on the supposed worst map in the game. I talk about how the paltry range on the ship really isn’t that big a problem, and with the somewhat recent ROF buff this thing has turned into quite the damage dealer.

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  1. Ocean is the worst cruiser map in the game LOL

  2. People have no idea what their role is.The other day a bb was whining when called a coward and sniper by half the team that he was providing supporting fire to the cruisers!!I noted cruisers are the ones that do that, he should tank instead of us and he dismissed it saying he plays for fun and not to be schooled!So now polite tips to play better is called schooling ;pAnyways, got the Balti a week ago, spend all my credits to get the upgrades (they were on discount) but I got the range mod because I have zero creds now for the modules, and stock Baltis dpm is crap , so since I ll get hull/guns first and range last I figured I needed the range one.

  3. At least this game was a win, my 186K damage game in the Baltimore was a loss:(  Helps that I also have a 19 point captain in the boat. I run demo expert and its really make a difference in fire damage. Same loss 90k fire damage.
    Liked the the vid keep good work.

  4. 4:31 wth is that?

  5. 4:31 If you guys tried to scare me: you accomplished that. My god….

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