World of Warships – Baltimore Tier 8 Impression

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Testing the tier 8 version of the , loses a lot of the nice benefits from tier 9 such as modules and heal. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Baltimore Replay – Discord Server


  1. I just got a new comp and I had no idda the game was so beautiful. I was running with no graphic now everything is on high and I have gone from20 fps to 70 its amazing.
    The challange is everything is so small. The cap letters never get bigger. There are no range makers on ships or planes. And on my aiming the stop watch went away.
    Can someone help with this?

    • Press alt, or go to settings for alternative interface. But WG haven’t worked out UI scaling yet so everything’s gonna be small

    • Nathan Hartanto the first time in my life I have the best. I have 4k and WG does have that yet. The game is very pretty I had no idea!
      That worked! Do you what the difference is between full and adaptive? I can’t tell.

    • General Cartman Lee

      In 4K the UI will be very small. WG is aware of that but the priority for fixing that is rather low.
      Try lowering the resolution to 2560 * 1440. Unless you are playing on a 50 inch screen the game should still look very good, just make sure to turn on anti aliasing in the grahpics options.

  2. jeffrey mcfadden

    when i was a kid about 50 yrs ago, i built a model of the pittsburgh
    now-a-days stores do not stock models like they used to.

    • jeffrey mcfadden I use amazon or find models

    • AlphaNapalmBravo 22

      jeffrey mcfadden I have a model of Pittsburgh CA-72 and I love it cause that’s the city I grew up in. It’s Beautiful I have it in the 1944 camo and the 8 inch guns pointed to a island I made that being Okinawa

  3. 3:25 well, we have the same disease here on EU: even Yamatos shooting HE. Just laugh at them and show them what AP can do.

    • General Cartman Lee

      That HE spam by BBs started even before the British BBs came out.

    • Too damned many BBs being bought and played by inexperienced players. WG needs to limit the battles to 3 BBs per side (4, if Graf Spee is included). Tired of seeing BBs hiding near spawn area or behind islands until it’s safe for them to come out.

    • Neil Newhall, beutifully said. That´s how it usually goes: hide and demand spotting. When everyone went down fighting they write something intelligent like “noob DDs all died” and finish off the damaged enemies that are still afloat.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Bow on meta shouldn’t exist honestly – but yeah HE spamming Yamato’s make me smh and give me cancer greater than RN BB HE…

  4. Wonderful so they have turned the Baltimore into the most borring tier 8 ship in the game

    • Couldn’t agree more, boring and obsolete. New Orleans fires faster, fires further, turns tighter, shifts quicker, has better concealment and is a smaller target. The only thing that is better is a couple thousand hitpoints and a few points of AA.

      Notser, please tell Wargaming to stop nerfing the American cruisers. They’re doing it wrong.

    • Alex Quantum at least with the Baltimore a tier 9 it was a jack of all trades (minus torps) master of none using that equipment slot plus heals gave it utility. Take all that away and it’s just an easier to hit New Orleans that can’t abuse radar.

    • Ahahahaha “and is a smaller target” When has that ever mattered? A BB can aim at the moon and NO still eats a random citadel. The NO is the least scary cruiser for its tier there is. I do, however, expect a rate of fire buff.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      Yeah, given the general range of cruiser guns at level 8 an upgrade by 1 or 2 klicks would be massively appreciated right now, the US cruisers have the worst range, floaty arcs, no torps as a deterrent and have to approach into BB optimum fire range (for instant deletion). The Edinburgh at least has smoke….

    • Yeah, but it does NOT have 203mm guns, US AP pen or radar in that case. US cruisers are balanced around team play, not for soloing BBs. There are other lines for that.

      For all I care, they can give all US cruisers 20km range and lower the citadel below the waterline, just as soon as they remove radar. ‘blabla russian cruisers have massive range AND radar” They also can’t shoot from cover.

  5. Not a big fan of cruisers anymore. Just get blapped every game. I think they need to change the MM to be (Your cruiser and ships same or one level lower). So basically just -2. BBs and DDs should be +2 or -2 levels.

    • Cruisers are the most difficult class in the game (not including carriers, but that’s like playing a completely different game in itself), but they are the most rewarding and fun in my eyes

    • yeah, you can play the same way every game as a cruiser and end up with 1/4 games being decent, but if you adapt and overcome as an underdog getting half your games or better being decent matches, is a far more rewarding ship class to play overall.

      Ive always had a problem adapting my gameplay as a US cruiser though, aside from Atlanta, which is by far one of my best ships with well over 2 million XP on her. US cruisers going from bow on island camper to fleeing kiter to cap DD brawler is rough without all the tools the other cruiser lines have. Torps, hydro, smoke, im able to push them further than i can a 10km concealment and equal radar in an inherently bow on camping cruiser. Atlanta is just plain different, dont be seen, set up a tree stand behind an island and shoot with impunity, same theory as minotaur without smoke, and boy is it a better kit than any other US cruiser for adapting gameplay.

      Ive never been excited to play US cruisers, still not

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      I don’t like playing US cruisers in general, but that’s mostly to do with how much they give up compared to other lines just to have radar. That being said, DM is the best and easiest tier X cruiser, maybe even ship, to play, though more often than not boring as fuck.

      I feel it’s much more rewarding getting that devastating strike with a Zao on a DD or cruiser, scaring the shit out of a BB with AP in the Henri, brawling with the Hindenburg, Sneaking up on the enemy with the Minotaur, unleashing hell and watching them scatter…

      Radar doesn’t ruin the game, imo, but it did ruin US cruisers for me.

    • map positioning and angling is what you need to learn. :3 that will solve the getting blapped along with wasd hacks and changing speed.

    • Christopher Wilson

      I have to agree with Davin. Your success is BB dependent when there are 5 BB per match. In a  US CA with 15km range, even with radar (9.x range) you have to get closer to support the DD. If you do survive the first part of the match, you can end up against 2-3 enemy BBs when your team has none. Then your only option is to run as you cannot do more damage than a BB can heal.

  6. so, the new T8s seem a little bit underwhelming to me. hoping that the T9s will make up for it

    • Tier 9 is the Buffalo it gets one more turret so 12 guns in total slower rate of fire, bigger turning radius and slower rudder shift time (In my opinion its getting nerfed compared to the tier 9 Baltimore)

    • NavaNix Buffalo is a very balanced replacement for the current Balti. You trade dpm for alpha and 12 guns means more fires. It’ll take on a more IJN playstyle, but it will be a solid ship

    • Alpha strike is what you do in a BB not a cruiser and i would trade DPM over alpha in cruiser any day plus the buffalo is less maneuverable

    • All tier 8’s are underwhelming.

  7. I expected to enjoy the US cruiser split. Now it looks like I’m going to be disappointed at virtually every tier. Good job WG.

  8. So if i have t9 reload module at my Baltimore what happens tho that module when Baltimore gets downgraded to t8?

  9. 8:24 that’s what she said.

  10. I can accurately characterize this cruiser line rework with one word; extremely stingy. EDIT: two words.

  11. Mmmm … not so sure about this ship. Baltimore at tier 9 was in a good spot as you could get her reload down to 8.8 seconds, she had the 27mm bow to bounce 15 inch shells, and of course the heal. New Baltimore appears to be stronger than current New Orleans, but still not enough to be competitive especially after the upcoming Hipper/Eugen buff. New Baltimore does not have the armor profile to be able to bounce battleship shells when angled or the bow armor to bounce Tirpitz shells like current, which is something that Hipper/Eugen could do pre-buff. The radar is shorter range so she also can’t pop it when spotted like current Baltimore. Her guns are very short range. The shells are great for lobbing over islands, but that’s very situational. I’m *assuming* she gets to keep the 5000 AP alpha SHS shells rather than using current NO’s 4200 alpha ones? Obviously, she still doesn’t have torps … the only tier 8 cruiser without I believe (USN flavor).

    I think she needs a bit of a buff if she’s to compete with superheal/smoke Edinburgh, tanky brawling Hipper, uber-DPM Charles Martel, or rail-gun fire Chapeyev. Starting with letting her keep her 27mm bow. That alone is a pretty significant loss as current Baltimore could bow on to quite a few BBs in her spread. New Balti can only tank a few tier 6 BBs … but so can every other cruiser at tier 8.

    • TheLinkandmarioshow

      I don’t think its fair to judge the balance or meta of a new tree balance based on a couple of videos from youtubers, yes they can give their thoughts but it’ll take a lot of community time too to figure out the place they fit. Hell maybe the new meta they want for American CAs is island snipers without the ability to tank heavy shells. But its still a work in progress and the tree isn’t russian so they’ll have no problem adjusting it in the future if need be.

    • TheLinkandmarioshow

      Wait i just finished the video
      did you miss the part where he bounces a tier 9 german battleship’s shells?
      unless i missed something that played into that that isn’t normal, if so explain it please i’d love to actually learn more about how that stuff works exactly.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Rather than comparing it to the old Balti, you should compare it to Orleans The new one has the SH shells (looks like it for what we see) and much better stealth than the Hipper plus better gun placement and radar The old Baltimore had a significant ahistorical reload buff to make her work and now it really fits the tier I don’t see the problem with that

    • I don’t think that any precise Statements regarding Baltimore’s Balance can be made in this state, only rough indications. When People looked at the stats of the Republique, they called her garbage. Turned out that she’s awesome. Flamu went as far and claimed Conqueror to be a top Tier ship for Competitive, turned out he was wrong. Point being, until the broad masses test that boat any speculations are just that, speculations.

      When watching the Video you will notice at 3:10 that two overpenetrations deal 1000 damage, this solves your question regarding her AP Shells. The current Baltimore has a lowest Concealment of 9.7km, and a Radar range of 9.45km.
      Bouncing 15 Inch Shells is very situational, perhabs even more situational than the usage of high arcs.
      The lack of Torpedoes at that Tier will only hurt you in two situations: a) you screwed up and Need a last ditch weapon (Chapayev’s suicide Lances say hello) or b) you are sniping and want a Speed indicator. Actively relying on the Torpedoes of my Eugen is something I never really did. At that Tier, most Torpedoes you see are more of a decoration or psychological Thing, than a weapon you really Need.

      I think that any improvement over the current New Orleans is a good step into the right direction. It is horrible from a PR Point of view to overbuff a line, only to nerf it shortly after.

    • Still don’t get why they’re moving Baltimore at all, instead of putting Wichita at Tier 8 like in WoWS Blitz.

  12. Why does it matter if it loses module and heal? This should be compared to the old new Orleans and only the old new Orleans

  13. 13s reload…welcome to japs cruiser pain.

    • Shintobato Doom without the range, trajectory, or HE alpha of the IJN…

    • New Orleans used to have 14.5s reload, prebuffed Baltimore had 3rpm before upgrades.

    • The Japanese Cruisers have far useful shell arcs, shell velocities than the “Shells that come down with parachutes deployed” as used on Baltimore. Whether we’re talking 155-Mogami shells or the 203mm IJN Cruiser shells. Baltimore’s float.

  14. Notser you don’t sound very convinced on this shell game that WG is doing with U.S.
    CA’s. I watch your videos to get this kind of info so I don’t waste time with bad choices in picking ships. Keep the videos coming.

  15. The whole HE BBs thing is weird because on SEA as well, most BBs were firing HE the past few days. I took my New Mexico out in a match to me wondering why, and soon found out: I couldn’t citadel a broadside Fuso at 12km for some reason. All shells were overpens or shatters, for volley after volley, while the Fuso continued to burn me down with HE. I finally switched to HE and lo and behold, actual damage! Are we certain there’s no bug in the servers that’s preventing AP from being useful? Because I continued to have the same shitty experience in BBs, even in the Konig and the Iron Duke. Unless I fired HE (and even that was being weird) I couldn’t damage BBs. Meanwhile every BB was fitting HE at other BBs without exception.

    • I dunno, I rarely play BBs, but took out the Alsace yesterday, didn’t get many citadels, but still 170k damage vs tier 10s…

    • New Mexico AP is much more effective. If you want reliable damage aim slightly higher for more shells on target, rng may bless you with a stray citadel. Your reliable citadel range with the 356mm on a Fuso is <10 km

    • Alexander oh. Thanks for the info about the Fuso. I usually do use AP on my New Mexico. I’ve crossed 100k a couple of times in tier 8 games with it, but last few days have been frustrating. Maybe it’s just RNG. But since every other BB was firing HE, I thought there was more to it.

    • Akshay Anand New Mexico is a fantastic brawler with the great rudder shift, tight turning circle an strong belts. She doesn’t have the best sigma, so try to avoid long range engagements against tier 5 – 7. Anything under 15 km is in your danger zone. Avoid direct bow on tanking as you don’t have the nose to avoid overmatch from 380mm+. Keep yourself angled and turn to fire the rear after they have launched their salvo. You have a lot of superstructure so be sure to cycle your DC and RP to stay healthy. Once you get the hang of tanking damage and using your concealment you’ll find your AP salvos to be of more benefit than the HE. HE is typically only useful in disabling DD and CL torp tubes. Let your cruisers and DDs go for fires. RP heals back DOT damage from floods and fires, use your AP to prevent the enemy from recovering from your friendlies and you’ll find less enemies getting away

  16. Your video of the WIP tier 8 Cleveland worries me, as well the new tier 6 replacement

  17. So, from what I can tell, the Cleveland is getting nerfed into oblivion, the Baltimore is going to be one of the weakest T8s. It seems like WG is making 2 useless lines instead of one. The US strength has always been good AP shells and good AA. However, with the fall of carriers the AA is a non factor most of the time and the AP advantage can be taken away by not sitting broadside on to them. The new light cruisers are getting a ROF buff, but its still not as good as the RN and the RN gets both smoke, heals and torpedoes.

    • Ehm…

      Baltimore in this Video deals 1000 damage with 2 overpenetrations at 03:10, so it’s not diffult to guess which AP Shells she is using there. On top of that, all of the USN 8 Inch guns are having better autobounce angles than any other gun of their caliber. The SHS are extremely strong, and anyone pretending otherwise is just a fool.

      Disregarding AA as a non-factor is not less foolish, especially in competitive. I mean it’s not like there is still a CV rework coming soon(tm), or something that is called Competitive, be it Ranked or KotS. Divisioning with a CV? Nah, I am sure that the AA is a non-factor.

    • The new Tier 8 Baltimore is going to be a straight upgrade over the current Tier 8 New Orleans. Likewise, the Tier 7 version of New Orleans can’t help but be an upgrade over poor Pensacola.

      The question is how Buffalo will compare to the current Tier 9 version of Baltimore. It seems like with the 12-gun salvo but slower reload, Buffalo is meant specifically to collect Devastating Strike awards by deleting RN cruisers.

  18. A “support vehicle”? Why do people play the USN cruisers? There are so many better ships out there. Where’s the fun in camping behind an island using your radar and taking pot shots at people over islands for the first half of the match, then when (if) your team has already won the game, you can come out of hiding and take part in the clean up.

  19. Battleships are firing more HE because they’ve realized that a: BB HE causes decent damage to cruisers and can actually wreck DD’s b: BB HE has a high chance of causing fires on enemy BB’s c: Fire is a BB’s worst enemy…there is literally nothing a BB can do to counter fires, because inevitably they will burn.

  20. The more I see about tier 8 US Cruisers, the more I worry.
    I feel they have no place in a tier 10 match. Yes you have radar but you can hardly get close enough to use it or support other dd’s unless you spend the game hiding behind islands. This to me, is not engaging play. We have incredibly short firing ranges with incredibly long shell in the air time. Our stand out AAA is not so stand out anymore and useless with so little CV players at those tiers. I feel like we can’t play the role we were meant to play until the match has been mostly decided in our teams favor. If you try and fill your role in the beginning, your spotted, focused and dead. Maybe others are having more success but I find tier 8 in a tier 10 match incredibly frustrating. When I play tier 8, I’m almost guaranteed to be in a tier 10 match. The new Baltimore will just be a shadow of its former self, without any modules to make up for its shortcomings. It will be just another frustrating US cruiser to play.

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