World of Warships – Ban This Sick Filth

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Ckickbait headlines work for the Daily Mail so they should damn well work for me. Although perhaps I don’t really want to be compared to a tabloid so-called “newspaper” that relies on peddling fear and ignorance to push sales. Oh well. Too late.

Extra! If you title your video “Ban This Sick Filth”, YouTube helpfully suggests additional tags you may like to add. Among the suggestions: “Trump” and “Fox News”.

Who’d have guessed?

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  1. Jingles doing Click bait titles ? Heresy!!

    • Well…. Looks like not really good defined sarcasm to me. If read you could clearly think it’s no sarcasm.

      To solve this:

      He just talked from the perspective of the enemies. In their eyes it was so disgusting, filthy and outright Nurgle himself that their brains melted in an instand to nothing more than sludge. So they asked the next available Grey Knight to banish him back to the warp where they believed he came from.

      Problem is:
      A Grey Knight can’t banish another Grey Knight 😛 Simple law.

    • das not clickbait yo

  2. Darkness Nighthingale

    Here before the ban

  3. Damnit its 4 am but he uploaded a video I must watch

  4. 26 views, 33 likes.
    Yep thats Youtube for you.

  5. The morning is always nice with Jingles to watch

  6. When tests and exams got you down, Jingles is always there

  7. Had the enemy team realized all American BB’s are made of straw in the WG universe … a simple HE shell somewhere in the postal code would instantly start 4 fires and that NC would be on the bottom before your salvo reloads.

  8. I reckon that the primary reason people say mean things in the chat is that they are venting frustration and not because their massive douchbags who have a severe medical deficiency of steel toed boot up their ass, but hey, maybe I’m too much of an idealist.

    • In a team based game I can see people venting frustration, after all you do everything right, but still lose because your teammates are dumber than a Panda on crack. Have this repeat a couple games in row you’ll be pissed.

      I’m with you man, not everyone’s a douchebag.

    • I have to vent my frustration in chat because no one here at home wants to hear me shout.

  9. Hypothesis: Jingles chose this replay, because finally he can easily pronounce the player’s name.


  10. I remember all chat in wot- oh the memes

  11. Be like Me: having a great battle in my NC. Recording it, sending it to our overlord. Next morning:woohoo, an NC video! I open it up.

    It’s not mine, it’s better than mine.

    Well done Jingles for making me feel woefully inadequate! :-)))

  12. and here i am getting teams just as bad or worse than the enemy team….. I can’t carry for shit….

  13. jingles, why do you do this to me on my time off! i’m about to go to sleep then your video pops up and I must watch.

  14. “keep it to yourself maybe?” JIngles I need some of those mushrooms for my pizza!

  15. Shokaku: Completely silent
    Atago B: -Crying about an aimbot-
    Jingles: ‘The Shokaku keeps going on about it!’

    Oh Jingles, never change.

  16. DAMN Those Cheatas … that Aimbot… I KNOW what it is called! it’s called “SKILL” you can buy it at “”

  17. Damn, I wish when I fired at those ranges, I got citadels. It’s always 2 overpens and everything else misses.

  18. That guy that said he had an aimbot, theres a simple word for him: Wanker

  19. That sea must have been extra salty.

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