World of Warships – Baron Harkoa

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Yeah, I really am that desperate to cash in on the launch of the new Dune movie.

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  1. Good lord, the last time I saw an upload this early, we actually had a Navy that consisted of more than one rubbery dinghy and a cap gun!

  2. Love this video description!!! Also can’t wait to see Dune, 10 days to go!

  3. At the tiers where you should be allowed to laugh at dumb plays you generally don’t because they always seem to be on your own team. Once or twice ok, but every single time.

  4. To be fair to that Konigsberg, when you’re in a tier 5 paper skinned cruiser at 1000 health and within 7km of an enemy battleship it doesn’t really matter whether you’re angling or not so you might as well get all guns on target

    • @Martin Laver Or it can just give enough angle to arm the AP and triple the damage coming from the BB AP shells


      @M Solo I learned this the hard way with paper armor French and Japan CA. Better give broadside to BB and hope it will be overpen.

    • @Martin Laver at max range in the konigsberg and also in the nurnberg i wil get bitch slapped when on max range by tier 5 bb while as narrow as possible some time

    • @M Solo But at 1k health, any hit will kill you. I agree, if you’ve got more HP, you’re often better off playing for overpens.

    • @Marc Roelse It does happen. but at max range, you should be making it super hard for a BB to get shots close to you. try working out the reload time of the BB and then slowing down and turning just as its about to fire. do that a couple of times and the BB capt will get bored of trying to hit you and find another target.

  5. The decision making in this battle did 2D6 psychic damage to me.

  6. Nice match, but Harkoas Turret Management has room for improvement when he engagged the ARP Kongo.

  7. Jingles, that High Caliber award looks an awful lot like the Dreadnought award…

  8. On the one hand, not swapping to HE for the early DD fight is…. questionable. on the other hand, excellent use of throttle varying to screw up the enemy BB aim.

  9. “But the test of a man isn’t what you think he’ll do. It’s what he actually does.”

  10. What people playing tier V often forget is that with the exception of 12-inch (and lower) armed vessels all battleships at that tier can overmatch the bow and stern of New Yorks, Texas, Wyomings and Oklahomas…

    Very funny to see them panic once you give em a cit through their bow.

  11. The turret management of the shown Kongo is really bad.

  12. “Hiei” is not pronunced “Heyy”. It’s “Hee-ey”.

  13. It felt like he was spending so much time being indecisive about which angle to show to the enemy that his back turrets couldn’t get a line of fire for half the match because they were busy swinging from side to side all the time.

  14. The friendly new york was incredibly helpful, only time it did anything useful was when it entered a cap circle. The team already controlled it but it is the thought that counts.

    • That happens to me all the time… frustrating when I’m in a cruiser and tanking a million potential and a bb is so far out he’s going to the next map.

  15. What did this battle NOT have?
    Subs, CVs, long range HE spammers? Huh. And it was fun anyway. But this contradicts the spreadsheet™s!

  16. Since the higher tier meta is so bad right now, I’ve been playing a lot of T5 and T6. People actually push in and don’t hide behind islands the whole match; it’s quite refreshing.

    • Agreed 👍

    • I don’t know how anybody could have fun playing high-tier in any of the World Of X games at this point.

    • I want to apologize to all BB captains, i play subs and can be fun or not firing torps to people, i am sorry.
      A story happened day 11 i was im my german tier 6 sub and feeling realy lonely, so wanted to hug a BB and make friends with it, then i started my long underwater search for a friendly BB and found a Gneisanau, having found it i aproach it quietly to not scare her off, just wanted to hug her and make a friend, after reaching 2.6 km i surfaced said hi to her and give a big full torpedo hug to her with ping action, but sadly i am cursed and never will be loved back since after the hug i gave her she died and dissapear in the ocean, i keep trying to find love and friends in the ocean but i am cursed to never get it, all ships die when they see me, its a very sad story ☹.

  17. Speed of Kongo and Amagi make them one of my favorite “lower” tier BBs.

  18. How long has it been since Jingles has said, “That’s a paddlin’ ” ?

  19. A true newbie game, witnessing just about every mistake possible. And yet, they still probably enjoyed the game more without the fun police around.

  20. Typical T5 game lmao, Omahas are first to die as is tradition

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