World of Warships BASIC TUTORIAL (Menu, etc) [EN][HD]

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Hi, My Name is Kilian, I am from Germany and am normally making german Videos. I now want to try myself on doing some english stuff. Hope you like it. I am playing Games like World of Tanks, WarThunder, DayZ, Minecraft and much more, so be prepared 😀

World of Tanks
WoT Is an mmo tank game. Its about Tanks out of the mid 20th century

Warthunder is a flight and tank fighting simulation in online Matches also about mid of the 20th century

Processor: Intel Core I7 4790K
Graphic: NVidia Gforce GTX 760
Ram: 16GB CL1600
Mic: t.bone SC440
Recording: Shadowplay, OBS, Audacity
Videosoftware: Magix Pro 13

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