World of Warships Basics: Starting Out in the Game

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Our game is constantly evolving and improving, so it’s time to update the beginner guides! Let’s start with the basics!

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  1. Need a fix on the steam deck version of the game. If I press the chat button the game freezes and needs to be rebooted.

  2. It’s worth watching, maybe you’ll learn something new 🙂

  3. you missed the making the mini map larger with control + or -. You can use the mini map for aiming at ships in smoke or guess where they are when spotted by another ship when vision is limited to 8 km and you are farther away.

  4. This is a great video which I wish would have been around when I started playing a few months ago. Great information for the beginner!

  5. You guys should continue working on or updating the How It Works series

  6. Carl-Philipp Jünemann

    Na merkt Wargaming endlich das nur noch Kevins WoWs spielen? 😂

  7. Please explain in a new video that, when starting the match, for THE ENTIRE TEAM NOT GOING TO THE SAME SIDE OF THE MAP, this is becoming a big problem. The entire team goes to the same side and stays in the same corner for the entire match.

  8. Fortnite rift sound 5:50 ??

  9. I want all the wars on Earth to end

  10. Tucker 1701, The Imperal Gamer

    Where the hell was this back in 2016 when I started??!! lmao

  11. Can you make some of these videos mandatory in the game. A bunch of people will never see them and continue being liabilities.

  12. Sergeant Chronicles

    You will get to tier V and VI relatively quickly, or at least I did, I really wish they would add th USS Wisconsin as a Super Battleship for the US not locked behind a premium ship but include it in the tech tree

  13. Awesome game all in all. The only inconvenience that annoys me is, that icons like “located” or “cyclone” can’t be hoovered over to see an explanation.
    But other then that, excellent game. Would love to see the full graphics, but that’s hardware problems on my end

  14. When is 12.7 release date

  15. The snow on the aircraft carrier deck is very unnatural, as there are so many planes taking off and landing on it(

  16. you missed one of the most important keys! press “SHIFT” to use binoculars so you can see where you aim at distant targets!

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