World of Warships – Battle of Seconds

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Sometimes in …it’s all a matter of .

Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. Hi Chase,
    Maybe you could do a short clip on ship designation. I have played a few
    games with T2 to T7 plays that have no idea what DD, CA (CL), BB, CV mean.
    Not all players watch your channel but they should.
    Anyway, In the heat of battle, I don’t have time to type out “Air Craft
    Carrier” vs CV to get a text across. I actually encountered some higher
    tier players that text me back saying “what is DD” etc…

  2. Vanessa Palmer (Vanessaira)

    I would like to add, People bring camo and premium consumable, flags, etc
    or don’t play ranked. K Thx! <3

  3. Bas Van De Kreeke

    thats what i call inpresaive

  4. Bas Van De Kreeke

    thats what i call inpresaive

  5. I lost a game, and my first real shot at solo warrior, when the enemy team
    flipped our last cap when we had 999 points. I still finished with 122k
    damage at tier 5 though.

  6. ehm ichase the atlantic, i am pretty sure this is the shatter map

  7. I’ll be perfectly honest here, I hope that 11:00 is not some kind of hacks
    happening, judging from his movement before that where he turned away
    before turning into B makes me suspicious on how legit that is. I hope it
    is really legit situational awareness in action or at the very least he has
    vigilance but it doesn’t shows for us.

  8. gg 😀 these rankeds sure make for a lot of nail biters. had a draw a few
    days back where the CVs were the only 2 remaining ships, close quarter
    dueling with their secondaries on a cap when the time ran out with a score
    of 978:978

  9. This is not about secondS. It’s about 1 second! I once won a battle with 1
    point difference. Because of an afker (the rest of us dead and 1 enemy
    ship). We didn’t want to win that way and we actually pointed the way to
    our AFK ship. He couldn’t make it in time. Worst victory ever!

  10. It’s scary how often this sort of thing happens.

  11. A series of very good points. Thanks icg.

  12. I’m playing a massively OP ship, and manage to win despite screwing up. GJ?

  13. I only once had a similar battle where we won at the last second

  14. how do you manage The camera freely like that?

  15. If you change the time of the turn you then change every detail after. If
    he turned 3 sec earlier to the right. And he wins by 20 points. or loses by
    Great video, one of a kind…maybe?

  16. BB are quite RNG dependent, there is a game in shatter, both team down to
    two BBs each and both our BBs are going to capture B. our team kill one of
    their BB first, however we are in B and we sort of stuck in the narraw
    channel and cannot turn, the remaining enemy BB kill our lower hp BB, and
    it is just me on 50k and him on 40k hp, he is broadside while i am angled
    against him on the narraw channel from A to B, my shots from rear only hits
    5k at his broadside while his shots hit over 10k at the rear end, in our
    next exchage of fire, his rear guns decapacitated both my rear guns while
    my rear guns just do another 5k dmg, since he manage to run into an island
    so his front guns cannot shoot at me, again, I am angled and his is
    broadside. Since i am in a narrow channel I can’t turn or else i will be
    run aground like he does, bbut I can’t fire at him anyway since both of my
    guns turrets are gone. he just slowly kill him while i am trying to get out
    of the island. That is such RNG bullshit there

  17. Hi Chase! I just have a question: Will we ever see “Monday Rules” again?
    Not that i’m advocating for it either way, just want to know. Thanks!

  18. Today I saw my first draw in cap points.

  19. That Colorado saves the match like a boss

  20. 1:33 wow…is that new animation? dont remember ships jumping like that
    when hit by torpedo…looks more realistic

  21. Great Info. KEEP THEM COMING.

  22. I wish I had of had replays available.I had a match once where I stopped
    their capping at 998. When we had about 800. We ended up winning the battle

  23. Ahh, the battles of ranked… always so unpredictable.. with Rngesus’ help
    of course ;)

  24. I watched this on steam last night haha , love your stream man!

  25. I watched this on steam last night haha , love your stream man!

  26. I watched this on steam last night haha , love your stream man!

  27. amazing match thanx chase

  28. The Nick Holland

    closest game I have seen on WoWS

  29. Absaalookemensch

    I don’t even play World of Warships, but I love these videos.

  30. Chase, do you have a email that I can email you with? Kinda like what
    Jingles does?

  31. That Blytsa really blew it

  32. Hey Chase. If you still put plot-twist ranked battles would you take a look
    at one of my replays in Fuso today? From the series: When RNG deceides the
    fate. P.S 139k damage done

  33. I’ve been finding ranked battles astonishingly frustrating. I am almost
    always the top or second to top player. Most of the teams I get are utter
    potato. Lone wolves, die fast. Don’t listen to chat. DD players that don’t
    join the game for 2 mins and then don’t seem to know what to do. BB players
    that don’t focus on cruisers and protect the friendly DDs. Carriers that
    sit out in the open and let themselves get shot.

    It’s like idiots o clock.

    At least being the top player means you don’t lose a star. That has saved
    me so many times.

  34. BB captains: equip that speed boost signal flag and earn dividends.

  35. Holy shit!!!! Talk about close shave!!!

  36. Nagato <3

  37. Being second by a second..

  38. I was there in the stream :D

  39. ranked? nagato? interesting…

  40. The Atlantic, NO! Shatter, YES! ?

  41. Wow that was epic. But I remember a battle 1 v 1 we were winning and we
    were on 998 points aaaand… Karl just burned down.

  42. Speaking of nail-biters, you should see Notser’s latest Molotov video.

  43. What, only two citadels bow on? 😛

    Had the ludicrous RNG misfortune of taking 4 citadels within 2 volleys from
    an enemy Colorado at 15 km in my first ranking game last night. In my
    Nagato. With both of us bow on to each other, so he was only shooting his
    forward guns.

    Sure, citadels are possible at that range and angle, but seriously RNG? 4
    citadels at that range in only 8 shells? With that dispersion? Seriously?

  44. Joeseph Hunnicutt



    russian crusier line or german crusier line

  46. I saw the title for this video and knew what I (BarbedWireRat, derpy Sims
    driver) was about to see! Oh man, can’t believe we won that one. Ranked can
    be intense, which makes it worth playing, even if this seasons requirements
    to rank-out will require more wins to achieve than in past seasons.

  47. ethan micah Bench

    @IChase, I just sent you a replay where the enemy team made it to 999
    points in ranked, and I managed to pull it back for the win. In a
    Blyskawica coincidentally, we had to kill the last 2 enemies to drop their
    points before they won (they had both caps).

  48. Can you do a know your battle series.

  49. Tazuren Savu'len

    Talk about a nail biter there.

  50. Score hits 981: *MLG AAIRHORNS*

  51. Is this version 0.5.7?

  52. These are the games that make us love WoWs: those last minute, do-or-die
    deciding battles. It’s also nice to see a good BB player in Ranked. ^_^

    My own favourite “last second” match was not quite as dramatic, but still a
    thumper. I’d gotten High Caliber and Confederate as well as three kills in
    my New Mex in a Random Conquest battle. With two minutes to go, they had a
    points lead and it was down to just New Mex versus New Mex, with the same
    hulls and both of us at roughly 40% HP. With no choice, I charged like a
    madman, making a lucky guess about what route he took through the islands
    to evade me. With an island to his left, the enemy New Mex was forced to
    turn towards me or give me his broadside. We charged at each other, main
    guns and secondaries blazing, before I finally managed to get the critical
    salvo by using my rear guns to slam shots directly into his bow at a
    straight angle. Less than twenty seconds to go when I sunk him.

    I frickin’ love WoWs. ^_^

  53. Awesome on the edge of your seat battle!

  54. By a lottery ticket Chase!

  55. but chase i realy love ur vids tho and i watch ur streams so yeah imma
    suport u till the end i got ur back man :)

  56. chase here is a thing i might become ur patreon might i am thinking about
    it bro :)

  57. that citadely thing when u are angeled happened in my fuso i was angeled
    and fucking enemy fuso shot at me hit like 3 citadels i shoted back at his
    90 degres totaly exposed broadside and didn almost nothing gg wg

  58. could have won a lot easily if that sims didn’t sat in smoke broadsided and
    turn away..

  59. Would you like a side of *EXCESSIVELY CLOSE CALL* with that match?

  60. The mission impossible succeeded by a whisker

  61. How did you manage to get that view? Like if you were a plane?

  62. That was pretty close indeed lol

  63. Starwarsfan5 plays

    Wow you can’t get more close than that

  64. That’s not a battle of seconds, that’s a battle of milliseconds right there

  65. And the Rocky Mountain Fat Ass is two lengths behind at the last turn, Oh
    whats this?!?!, a sudden move to the out side, dodges Combat Dolphin, Rocky
    puts his all into a final push, oh Dear Lord, its a photo finish! And and
    Rocky Mountain Fat Ass, wins by a nose!!!! The spectators are going wild in
    the stands!!! Official timing has just come in, Rocky won by .001 of
    second, the closet race recorded at this track’s history. Well folks thanks
    for coming out. My bladder is full and my mouth is dry, see y’all next

  66. I’m a simple man I see ichase video. I like.

  67. How did the Blys shoot in the smoke?

  68. holy god i’ll come back when it finishes processing. it’s playing for 3
    seconds and stopping for ten

  69. 1:34 like i said during the stream. Looks like the enemy team gave that
    Sims… A Break. [insert CSI Miami theme here]


  71. Christopher Gabriel Castillo



  72. IChase, could you explain, how dmg numbers work while shooting AP? Some
    time ago, either in low tiers or beta, it was simple, pennetration,
    overpenetration, and a citadel, yet now w can get strange numbers per hit
    like 2886 as example.

  73. i had a similar battle but the major difference is that we ended up losing

  74. Oh my god… That was intense

  75. My mind just got blown…

  76. Ha omg I was in that game (paperback43) . this first game was infuriating.

  77. 2:30 shatter, not atlantic

  78. Cornichon Privé


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