World of Warships- Battle of The North Cape

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Hey guys! Today We are happy to bring you our third recreation, and that is one for the Battle of The North Cape, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. We desperately need Night Battles in World of Warships.

  2. gabriele dondoni

    Scharnhorst: gettin’ HE spammed to death before it was cool

  3. I recommend only having the ships go 3/4 speed in the cinematics next time to make it look more realistic…..ships never ran at flank speed 24/7 IRL. Other than that it was cool.

  4. This was very well done sea lord hope we can see more of these

  5. Ruzzian Space Federayshun

    Not gonna lie, this was really well made. And addition of AC7 music made this all the more exciting. Nice job. I hope you do more of these, you got talent!

  6. No arctic camo Edinburgh :pepehands:

  7. Excellent all around, great job!

  8. This was gorgeously done. Amazing work.

  9. A truly amazing cinematic with some WT elements too

  10. huge changes will come to war thunder soon 🙂

  11. Can’t imagine the shock admiral bey would’ve had when duke of York appeared outta nowhere.

  12. Donald Wrightson

    Great vid,love it!!!

  13. Ive always said it, WG and WT would be better off if they merged, this video shows why.

  14. I almost cried at that last bit watching the scharn blast away lol. Don’t know why it was just really good filmmaking

  15. Sardauker Legion

    Thanks for this great video

  16. Realy well done, as a naval history nerd, I love it.

  17. Algérie Surcouf Maestrale

    I wonder how you’ll do the Battle of Surigao Strait with the NFS Carbon Canyon music

  18. BEN THE TIGER131

    [Fun Fact] C turret of the Scharnhorst was still intact and keep firing to the last shell.

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