World of warships battle plan – War Room

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WOWS Legends (Console):


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  1. I never knew Rowan was such an amazing naval war strategist, pow pow them untill they are sunk! Why didnt we think of it before!!??

  2. I never could have come up with that strategy. Hats off to Captain Rowan.

  3. This man is a tactical genius. Attack “here, here, here and here”? I would have never thought of that. Absolutely genius. Great video as always lads, laughed my ass off at Rowan’s entrance.

  4. Wow Alan upgraded from a boat and bow and arrow to an actual warship, congrats man! Must have been an inspirational journey.

  5. Basically Rowan’s strategy: “So anyway, I started blasting”=))))

  6. If this is how much of a military strategic genius Rowan is, imagine Adam, who managed to sink an entire fleet under Rowan’s command with just 3 men

    • @SharkTank I think your humour differs from mine.
      I find it quite funny already if a grown man makes Toy crash sounds 😀

    • Rowan could sink all them ships and even the subs with just a throwing knife. Acctuly on a really good day of his he could do it with a pencil that was not even sharpened.

    • @SharkTank what about world of tanks? Do you have the shark with tracks? What calibre is your shark mouth? What armour is your fin?

  7. By the stars, pew pew pew is the best strategy i’ve ever heard from Rowan… Btw, that’s an excellent battle suit he has….

  8. This genius tactician obviously took a page from legendary Lewis “Chesty” Puller’s book, “We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem. They are in front of us, behind us, and we are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29:1. They can’t get away now.”

  9. Rowan’s playing like a fast attacking destroyer.

    Just pop smoke when the enemy starts opening up on you, then unload torpedoes on the enemy ships at close range.

    • and hit the repair button a lot when taking damage

    • Had a good time seal clubbing enemy ships with torpedoes as a destroyer one time. I was playing as an American destroyer at the time, either tier 3 or 4; I don’t remember, but they’re both practically the same anyways. Ended up being the last ship alive on my team and took five or six enemies down with me… one or two destroyers, a couple of battleships, and a cruiser or two. Just kept bobbing and weaving to close the distance and throw off aim, firing the batteries, and dumping a torpedo load before doing a 180 and dumping the rest. Smoke was pretty much useless; one of my destroyer kills was actually in a smokescreen that I made while attempting to disengage. So, I turned about, went to full speed, straight into the jaws of the entire enemy team, and did what damage I could. I ended up getting almost 2000 XP, without the premium bonus, after the match, even though our team lost.

  10. Rowan is prbly an accurate representation of a world of warships player

  11. Just got flashback from Epic NPC man. Adam:”But how are you going to kill der dragon without poitions and oils?” Rowan be like:”Well I take a big sword and I go ‘Chop and Chop and Chop’ until it stops moving.”

  12. Rowan nodding in approval and eating at the end is iconic lol

  13. Five star general: “Sir, they are going to attack. What should we do?”
    Kid gamer: “Attack first, LOL”
    Five star general: “Tactical genius!”

    • @Seeskabel45 naaaah… Conde goes brrr… watch Flambass’s vid on it to see how broken that ship is…

    • @Scaven666 I saw it, and while it is broken, it is not that broken as it is made out to be flambass clips are still from coop

    • That WAS the standard Red Army tactic up to November 1942. As soon as the Red Command knew the Germans were going to launch an offensive in a sector, they immediately launched their own offensive first right into the massed enemy units.

    • Kids tend to play games in extremely defensive ways though. They *aren’t* aggressive.

  14. I remember playing like this until I actually learned how naval combat actually works xD

  15. “This is how legends are born” is perfectly appropriate for Captain Rowan. I bet this slogan was just made for him ❤️

  16. Almaric von Carstein

    1:57 I love how Alan has to hold back a smirk.

  17. The officer on the right wears some impressive medals, it looks like he served in the Sudan around 1896 and in the Boer War..he looks good for his age.

  18. “Captain, what is the plan?”
    “I reckon we fire until the enemy is dead.”

    That reveal shot was brilliant.

  19. Actually a great representation of the playerbase. Just run at them without thinking. Only missing the “noob team no support” after sinking.

  20. He thought of literally everything. A solid plan. Glad he’s in charge!

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