World of Warships – Battle Report: HSwMS Ragnar – “Bully”

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Tier X Premium European (Swedish) “destroyer” HSwMS Ragnar will soon enter the game for steel. Is she worth the investment? What changed during supertesting? One thing’s for certain: Ragnar remains a really solid cap circle bully, especially when backed up by friends. Join me for a battle report from Land of Fire as we showcase the firepower and offerings of this light cruiser masquerading as a destroyer.


Upgrade Slot 1: Main Armaments Modification 1
Upgrade Slot 2: Surveillance Radar Modification 1
Upgrade Slot 3: Aiming Systems Modification 1
Upgrade Slot 4: Propulsion Modification 1
Upgrade Slot 5: Concealment Systems Modification 1
Upgrade Slot 6: Main Battery Modification 3

November Echo Setteseven, India X-Ray, Victor Lima, November Foxtrot, Sierra Mike, Juliet Charlie

Preventative Maintenance, Last Stand, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, Survivability Expert, Concealment Expert, Main Battery and AA Expert



  1. Good video. Very good info. Not a fan of gun boat only dds although this ship is better equipped to deal with Klebers, Marceaus and Mogidors with the radar rather than the hydro on the Friesland. A Div of Ragnar and Fries would be awesome.

  2. You should have tried AP.

  3. “When a Friesland and a Smaland love each other very much…” I have both of them, but there’s still a part of me which needs this thing. I can see a whole bunch of people who missed out on Smaland who will grab her, or who will swap their Friesland for Groningen and THEN take this thing to keep a high-tier EU DD in their ports.

  4. Looks like a great ship, but I wonder if these things are allowed to have radar, why doesnt Friesland with a clear array of them not? If it’s “too OP” then the ragnar shouldnt have come to exist either right. Wargaming confuses me far too much.

    • Friesland doesn’t get radar cause it has a smoke and that combo is broken

    • @thatkancolleguy wargaming only cares about broken after it’s made them money. But eh I can see, still sad that they’re just slapping in a far stronger Friesland now

  5. I cannot wait for this thing. Smaland 2.0 with all the good things about her amped up to 11 at the cost of those torps that weren’t that useful anyway.

  6. Spent almost 2 years saving steel, 2300 away from Bourgogne. DD main, but play everything. Have Elbing, Smalland, Friesland, Marceau, Kleber… would you see this ship as being worth taking over Bourgogne?

    • I would check some more reviews if I were you.
      this is the third review i see tonight.
      MalteseKnight was a buy for sure,
      SeaRaptor his opinion, have you heard for yourself
      but on twitch did i see Mr__Gibbins play it and he was very negative about it.

    • Tough call. Ragnar is kind of like smashing a Friesland, Smaland, and Elbing into one ship. She brings a little bit of the flavor of each. If you like all 3 of those, it could be a nice pick up for you. If you don’t like one of them, I would avoid her for now. While I am not a huge fan of Bourgogne, I recognize why she has a following and she’s not a bad steel ship at all.

    • Go Bourgogne and thank me later, if you have those dd’s I don’t think you will miss much. No smoke or torps is a no go (enhanced marceau it sounds like, with radar) I have the Bourgogne , Elbing (my fav dd, it just hammers, yes a medium distance player, but rear angle and you can stand up to any dd player even under 6km), Marceau, daring, gearing. The Bourgogne is a beast in random and ranked if played right. It is a bb with heavy cruiser attributes (turning, speed is dd fast, HE (fire dmg with flags is sick), AP that hits and with the reload module it is devastating if you catch a BB or cruiser broadside. One of the most fun BB to play as it is an all around BB. Don’t get close to a Yam or shikishima bow on though as it takes 11k-15k damage bow on from those ships. From a distance 20km just HE the shit out of Yam, Shikishima, and other BB. Better than a Conq because of the reload booster. Take full HE module protection as it hurts getting hit from the cruisers and dd that are op in starting them. I have had the BB for a couple years and it is fun, I have the JB as well and the rear turret helps. The JB is fun and hits well too because you get more tier 8 and 9 games where it shines.

  7. Another broken DD, fantastic….

  8. Tempting! I’ve got the steel but not sure this should be my first steel ship… Have been looking at Austin, Shiki and considering I already have the Småland maybe this guy can wait. I do like gunboat DDs tho…

    • I’ll grab shiki or Austin and hold this one if I were you, smaland is still better in general, this one doesn’t seems to offer much different gameplay from it. Its more like a radar khaba, I only get it because I missed smaland

  9. So how would this manage a 1 vs 1 against a Småland is the question I guess?? I.e id it worth getting if you have the Småland and Friesland ??

    • A smart Smaland player will fire AP at you when you’re broadside. When you’re angled, you’re basically immune to his guns. Gotta stay frosty for his torpedoes. Any Smaland that stays in an open gunfight with you is asking for trouble, IMHO.

    • Thx for the reply, seems like my favorite freemium ships Småland and Friesland will get some company in port then!

  10. Idk man I’ve been saving up steel for Bourgogne. However I adore Halland and this thing with 360 turrets is just awesome

  11. Sucks it is for steel, would rather pay 2 mil FXP. Also not a fan of it not having either smoke or torpedoes. Would like to have either or both, rather than the speed boost.

  12. Can not wait. I love Friesland, but I missed out on smaland. This boat looks bad ass. Also what is that UI you are using that has the names with health bars?

    • There are several options for those in the various mod packs that go around; pretty sure the one I use is Hakabase’s.

  13. Range extention module or rate reload increase mod? Radio lockation captain skill or brawling caotain skill?

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