World of Warships – Battleship and Carrier LEGENDARY MODULES [WiP]

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Taking a look at the and Carrier legendary modules and of course making one correction to my previous video. Also announce winners of last 2 crate draws 🙂 Enjoy



  1. Don’t click Read More

    I warned you….

    Tired yet?

    Alright, Ill give you a break.

  2. I think the Montana’s Upgrade isn’t Bad but it isn’t Worth it,
    Should be ether

    1: Add the Affect of the Us 6 slot Dispersion Upgrade And then Move it to the 6 slot,


    2: Make it the Hindi style of 50%,

    Midways is just Bad!

    The Only way this would be REMOTELY Fair if it had tier 10 fighters, And made the Upgrade Not Affect Midways Fighters,

  3. jayrodmurderface

    So every BB other than Montana gets a true upgrade…. fail.

  4. Sir Orrin Productions

    Wow thats a really bad descrepency between the Midway‘s upgrade and the hakuryu‘s.

  5. Anyone remember when World of Warships was fun and took skill?
    Because now it seems its who has the right ship.

    • Andreas Müller

      vexo probably ebay … if they don´t catch you and just delete everything.

    • World of warships was fun and still is but what ruins it for me is all the complaining and bitching people do about the game. We get it you are upset perhaps you should play another game for awhile i sure did and it was worth it. Toxicity ruins all games for me and we as humans should stop being so negative. Its ok to dislike or not approve of a change we all fear change but most of the time we bitch forever and ever but in the end we accept the changes and usually like them in the end. Prime example of this behavior is when German DD’s came out everyone was screaming oh they suck they are the worst Wargaming just ruined the game forever and now look at the game everyone loves German DD’s. Sorry for the long rant but just my 2 cents

    • Andreas Müller

      Jason the example you chose their was a not the greatest one as you basically chose the one point were they put a nerf into the game BEFORE changing the whole game mechanic around it.(stealth fire) And lets be honest … before the stealth fire change came in (and the stealth buff to the Z52) they were the weakest of them all. (so bitching there had a certified reason)

    • i used that as a perfect example of how everyone cries about change and fears it but in the end it worked out and everyone accepted it did they not. The German DD’s were not bad when they came out in my opinion they just played different than the other DD’s in the game and for a reason. But that is besides my point i am basically saying that we tend to bitch and cry too much and the toxicity that is in this game is beyond reasonable and perhaps we should all think about what we are about to say before we just let our emotions run our lives.

    • If your tired of it, why are you here?

  6. So what IS the reload for the GK mainguns with that module, you skipped over that

  7. Anti-American bias confirmed

  8. What does wargaming have against the US CVs? If they’d just even the playing field between IJN and US CVs properly we wouldn’t need all this rework or overpowered module crap. The reason players don’t run CVs anymore is because they’ve been nerfed to crap. Bring back the way they were two years ago, make them worth playing, then talk about reworks.

  9. well in historical perspective USN ships have great damage control ability which is great for brawling but the sad reality is that US BB’s gameplay is more on stealth and positioning which is conflicting

  10. charliedontsurf334

    Why…why…are they weakening the Midway AGAIN!!!! Are they trolling? I don’t want to be rude but WTF? I like CV’s but am I just wasting my time grinding through the Essex to the MIdway?

  11. When are the upgrades coming? Next release?

  12. chase, for yamato, it does make it 66s, but consider the current yamato(unless you go range mod), your turret traverse is already 62s…………..
    at that bad of a traverse speed, does 62 vs 66 really make a difference? only 4 more seconds from the current 62 seconds

  13. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    This game is turning into a complete joke….. and not a funny one…

  14. Wargaming why you hate usn CVs

  15. None of the USN upgrades are worth, Putin’s approval rating of Trump must be dropping fast

    • Andreas Müller

      Only one one that makes some sense is the one for the Wooster. Div up with a DD for cover and you become a cool down monster.

  16. Groser legendary equipment

    Turns you into h44

  17. Raven de Danaan

    Love your work, please keep posting!

  18. Alexandre Hirsch


    Yamato: 3:00
    Montana: 5:43
    Großer Kurfürst: 6:53
    Conqueror: 7:53
    République: 9:18

    Aircraft Carriers

    Midway: 10:15
    Hakuryu: 11:27

  19. Yeah Midway gets shafted with the legendary upgrade compared to Haku….

  20. Wondering what Wargayming will do to “compensate” those buffs for a tier VIII ship players which are constantly being drawn into tier X battles. Which is happening very often… like a lot of times I’m ending up in battles with my tier VIII cruisers while the rest of the teams are tier X, some few are tier IX? Around 8 out 10 games being like this, how about that Wargayming?

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