World of Warships: Battleship Behavior

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A random battle I played in the Scharnhorst. The commentary focuses a lot on behaviour.


  1. kurfirst

  2. Good job Aetam, hope those BB’s see this and take note.

  3. When this happens and team just wont push i loose it all and suicide to play another battle

  4. Dude you are scharnhorsting all wrong. I can send you a replay if you want but bow on ing in that ship is a total waste

    • It always depends on the situation. I needed the island at D st survive and there was no was to use my rear guns. And running away would have probably lost us the game. And the brawl against the Lyon, he can’t overmatch my bow.

      But feel free to send me a replay, I will certainly watch it it 🙂

    • If that was “all wrong”, I have a lot to learn…

  5. It’s such a shame.. you see people like that at all tiers, all the way up to 10 and you try to tell them “guys you are making a mistake” and most of the time they just get salty with you and resort to insults rather than actually listening to reason. Keep up the good work mate – Rooke_1704

  6. 90% of this is due to how people learn to play the game [co-op, and operations] and the results of how its played. More and more people are realized the major faults in how the AI is being programmed to pretty much just grief DD players, dogging them down above all others… Then moves onto the Cruisers and kill them off… Then wonder around the map missing BB’s with a 60% hit ratio [if not less like 40%], or just wonder around and not even shoot at them cause the turrets are turned away from them.

    The simple fact is it enforces and promotes bad game play, no team effort and an even worse aspect…a “let everyone die so I can get more points” BB mentality.

    Going to come a day really quick when DD players [and most are starting to figure what is mentioned above out] they are going to refuse to move forward… Period, and just coordinate and operate as a team by themselves, or just stop playing them all together if they cannot figure out how to play this way or manipulate the AI once this tactic the AI is using is known. Why move forward at all when I know they are all coming directly at me, or another DD player anyways. That’s just silly, and why wouldn’t I hide behind a BB if I know this is coming. 9 times out of 10 other players just leave you hanging out there anyways hoping you die…. More points for them.

    What is going on in the game is disgusting.. People who play DDs and even people who play cruisers play and PAY just as much as BB players, and DD players are just getting the shit end of the stick. Everything V-lines right for you, and you only unspotted…. You can just set at A-10 and everything will come right at you [its hilarious, try it]. Everything is hyper accurate against you unlike every other ship in the game where they miss constantly.

    Basically every match is the same, and has the same result about 90% of the time…. All the DDs are dead… All the Cruisers are dead and the BBs are wandering around because nothing is really programmed to attack them, or even hit them with any regularity… While everyone who played a DD or Cruiser gets to watch the game the BBs are playing and sweeping up all the points.

    Its hilarious sometimes as I can play Ring Around the Rosy with 1-4 ships chasing JUST ME around an island while everyone else is shooting at them. Basically, they are denying us points. Its either fight and have everything shoot at JUST YOU, even from the other side of the map.. and hope your team backs you up [which they don’t] and then die and get less points… or Hide and evade because everything is chasing JUST you and get less points. Doing so while everyone gets to attack and shoot at everything that is just attacking YOU.

    Other players know this stuff is going on, and even if they don’t they see the results… Why as a BB captain would I bother defending and helping a DD player or Cruiser player?… cause in their minds your just stealing their easy points. the AI in fact will not even kill AFK BB’s 95% of the time.. They shoot at them a few times then wonder off to chase someone else…. We have all see it.

    The fact is in this game BB players have put up a myth they are in control of the game… and they are not.
    DD players are… and once they figure it out you can manipulate all this to your advantage to a large degree. They want you forward as they know everything is v-lining right at you and they want easy targets to shoot at and your just a disposable AI player anyway in a DD and an object for the AI to focus on while they shoot at everything… Even if they are the ones with Big Guns, Armor and Heals.

    Here is a little tip for all you DD and Cruiser players out there.. Once all the BBs are dead, the AI tones it down a notch…..but just a notch. Let them die.. in fact, sense the lame AI developer has give us basically control of where everything is going to head to or move too.. Manipulate it so they do die. Not very sportsman like, or team effort’ie, but your being griefed anyway and picked on and singled out by the AI developer anyways… So screw’m.

    DD players need to learn how to use the rules, and tactics of what this LAME AI developer is doing and has done and try to use it to your advantage. Don’t move forward… Pick your own path. They are all just following you anyways… Manipulate it and use it to your advantage as best you cant. Why not, both the Cruiser captains and Battleship captains are. Heck, they will blind you with your own smoke once the AI dds are dead… On purpose so you get runover and die while they pull back for another clear shot once its done killing you.

    This is why they are telling you to move forward, and the only reason… So the have easy line of sight things to shoot at while its only shooting at you anyway. Its why they get pissed when you pop smoke in fact.. cause they actually might take a hit as stuff actually starts shooting at them for a change… Look on the bright side when you take that hit…. at least it is all not V-Lining right at you in a paper armor ship with bb guns for turrets and rubber bands and paperclips for AA defense.

    Smoke only last so long, and the ships only go so fast.. and everything is still heading right at you in the smoke too well…. Its time to start using BBs as meatshields instead of them just using you as a disposable AI target.

    Bet they would change that AI real quick if all DDs started doing that…. Lame AI developer would probably give everything radar and hydro though with it all still v-lining right at JUST YOU. Oh wait, that’s tier 9 and 10.

    AI developer needs to be fired IMO.

  7. what a pitiful BB division. Rename your title How Not to Play your Battleships. Good play Aetam.

  8. GG Aetam. Yea its common BB play unfortunately, the worst part is its more common at higher tiers then lower I rekon. The number of T10 BB’s that just hang back and snipe is appalling, that BB Div was sad on so many levels and they’re only low tier still :(.
    Many people play as if they’re trying to save their Star 🙂 You look at their rank after the match and yup R1, they play for themselves not for the win.

  9. Christopher watton

    In the latest scenario, Narai, I was in my squishy Schors, but played to negate any enemy shots, ended up coming top and sank 13 ships. One guy (who was sunk, obviously, I did around 230k damage), told me that he was going to report me for ‘sniping’ and not going through the enemies and tanking – calling me a coward! There are many ‘special’ people who play this…

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