World of Warships – Battleship Builds 0.6.0

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Today we check out battleships and I discuss how I would build out each one of my battleships. Americans, Germans, and all have different strengths but the general build path is quite similar between the three. I hope my reasoning is understandable. I also have a replay in the , which uses the recommend builds I’ve discussed prior in the video. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Yamato Replay


  1. are you streaming today @notser ?

  2. How did you colour the skills, Is it a mod?

  3. It feels weird watching these videos, I feel all the info is there, but
    somehow I can’t compile it. Watching these is like “look at the picture,
    it’s all laid out for you” in the mean time I listen to the commentary and
    I hear “but that is good too, and the other one, and perhaps that other

  4. none is faster than me!

  5. pretty good video I put IFHE on my kurfurst to punish bow on BB

  6. i went for fire prevention over manual secondarys for my IJN BB’s I’m at
    the Amagi maybe my choice will change once i get the izumo, but at the
    Amagi i just see fire prevention as being better

  7. I use Priority Target on my Iowa and Missouri, had great results with it so
    far. When I know that nobody is aiming at me I can swing the ship to use
    all 3 turrets, it makes a big difference in overall damage output,
    especially at long range. Also helps in closer engagements if you have good
    situational awareness.

  8. Adrenaline Rush on a German BB that also has torps is just nucking futs. I
    tried out Flamu’s “German Beserker” build, for the Scharn and Tirpitz, on
    my Scharn. A Scharn with 16 second reload and fast reloading torps is just
    ungodly. And if they patch in secondarys as well…. good lord. Frankly, as
    strong as this skill is looking right now, instead of patching in
    secondarys, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they dial it back a notch or
    two – with secondarys in the mix as well, some German BB’s would just be
    LOL OP.

  9. You’re awesome Notser! Thanks for the recommendations.

  10. so i just made the right build for IJN. interesting

  11. What do you recommend for Dunkerque and Warspite cap skills?

  12. “a friendly destroyer was nice enough to drop torpedoes and i decided to
    rush into it” 17:57

  13. if you’re going to start calling these movies I’m going to have to pop
    popcorn :)

  14. Pavithra Gamage (Sanket)

    Montana secondary guns in 9.1km in secondary build is it worth ?

  15. on the GK the guns still break often with PE… :(

  16. Inertia fuse is a lot of fun on Scharnhorst. Really a good choice.

  17. Secondary Build Vs Stealth Build on a Yammy?

  18. On my Iowa I have a 17 (almost 18p) captain with
    Preventive Maintenance to protect my modules
    Expert Marksman is self explanatory
    Basic Firing Training for AA
    Basics of Survivability for fires
    Advanced Firing Training for MORE AA
    Fire Prevention for more fires

    I have this build because I only sail my Iowa in a division with my
    friend’s Taiho. Concealment Expert is useless with all those planes
    constantly in the air, I need the AA to repel attacks from enemy CVs and to
    protect my friend’s aircraft and the rest of those skills to deal with
    damage. I don’t use Superintendent because 4 repairs are more than enough
    if you don’t blunder into half the enemy team and the Dual Catapult
    Fighters are useless because they only last 90seconds.

    My last two points will probably go to High Alert. I sail an American fast
    battleship, I intend to go into harm’s way.

  19. IFHE is a real deal for secondary builds now.

  20. When the fuck is WG going to finally stop the invisifre bullshit? Do they
    really want BB players to stop playing?

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