World of Warships – Battleship Dunkerque

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Sacre bleu, zut alors and other French stereotypes! Pull up a baguette and sit yourselves down for a look at the Dunkerque, the first French ship to make it into World of Warships.

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  1. I saw some detailed stats of her and her Sigma value (related to gun
    accuracy;higher the better) is 1.7, unlike other t6 BB’s 1.8. And it feels
    more like shotgun due to Quadruple turrets

  2. Primarch Alpharius

    No hard feeling frenchies?

  3. Why do the French Roads have trees on either side?
    So invading armies can march in the shade.

  4. *Cough* Actually Jingles every naval ship has it’s own post box so it could
    essentially be classed as it’s own post code, Jingles? *dies from gunshot*

  5. bart van herrewegen

    So not only do the german battleships suck ,the frensh one does aswell so
    basicly wargaming just added a whole techtree line and a premium ship
    afther a long period and they suck… -.-

  6. I always get the impression that 90% of ships added are utter garbage, with
    the last 10% being overpowered

  7. They seriously need to make battleship guns more consistent.

  8. I didn’t know they put Arizona in.
    Oh, btw: That other game just introduced Warspite.
    Might want to have a look at her and decide whether she’s an honor or an
    abomination to your country.
    Ah yes, Dunkerque. I’ve read the clif notes on this one.
    Interesting concept with the main battery all up front like Rodney and
    Izumo, but…I await your demonstration of why despite all its flaws, it’s
    a viable ship.

  9. Is it me or are some of the new ships that have come out or about to come
    out into world of warships really kind of underpowered?


  11. I’m sure her sister, the Strausborg, would be a better ship (she has 283mm
    of belt armor).

  12. Did anyone else notice that the Cleveland incapacitated one of the turrets
    at 25:02? While not unheard of, it is an extremely rare thing with cruiser
    HE… and yet here we have a Cleveland doing it to turrets pointed at it.
    That’s bad armour and then some.

  13. Jingles can you do more Armored Warfare please?

  14. I kinda miss XCOM2 on Saturdays!!!

  15. would like your videos to have a bit higher volume. at max volume on my
    note and i barely can hear. and yes, there is something wrong with my
    hearing.. anyways, thanks for great vids :)

  16. How does jingles get that thing that shows what his main battery hits do?
    is it a mod? is it a setting I haven’t found?

  17. The Dunkerque is one of those ships that I wish survived the war and was
    now a museum ship, I was recently in Boston and I was on the USS Cassin
    Young and now I am hooked on Naval ship museums!

  18. why is Bayern doing 25 knots it only ever did 21 in real life?

  19. Jingles, does chain firing the mains on the Dunkerque improve the accuracy

  20. Hey.. hey.. whats that Beyern in your port?

  21. comment early get a reply? lol I’m so ready for German BBs

  22. to be fair the Dunkerque has infinite superior AA compare to the Arkansas
    Beta. it’s all a matter of perspective.

  23. was unlikely to but this thing any way because of the all the guns in 1
    small area in 2 turrets (my luck sucks guns get wrecked constantly) but
    knowing the rest of the details ill pass on this in still having too much
    fun playing the texas 😀 got it for 50% off probably the best value for
    money yet in wows (weird because i typically dont like murican bbs the much
    but this one i absolutely love)

  24. Description needs an update. Not baguette, instead white flag.

  25. God knows why the Dunkerque is at tier VI. She has 13 inch guns, paper
    armour, rubbish AA and rubbish secondaries. Stick her at tier V, or even
    tier IV.

  26. Shows that wargaming will sell any piece of shit for a quick buck.

  27. Mustttt resistttttt makingggggg joke about french ship sailing backwards!

  28. Still no italian ships

  29. Does the Dunkerque come with a glass bottom? :3

  30. I hate to say that the Dunkerque is probably the premium I’ve been most
    excited for followed closely by the Scharnhorst. Both of which seem to have
    the youtube community divided on whether they’re the greatest thing or the
    wprst thing to happen to the game. Not sure how I should feel about that…

  31. And the word of the day today is “unfortunately”.

  32. Jingles don’t you get all these premiums free anyway?

  33. actually jingles algeria was never been a part from france -.-

  34. surprised of having to go on reverse? well then… ure wrong. its a French
    Ship… its been designed that way.

  35. Hey Jingles can you please do a review on the su-85b?

  36. I get the impression those secondaries are more meant to defend the ship
    against small ships flanking it, something that does not happen in the

  37. All i learned from the history is that the British are complete fucking
    dick heads

  38. More food for the Minekaze, goodie

  39. Jingles they have a new tank for the wg anniversary it’s a t2

  40. My Dyslexia read the ships name as “Drunkeroo” Which seems more appropriate
    name for a Russian ship.

  41. <3

  42. When Rita gets a vibrator it’s seen as a bit of naughty fun. But when
    Jingles order a 240v Fuckmaster Pro 5000 blow up latex doll with 6 speed
    pulsating ***, elasticised anus with non-drip semen collection tray,
    together with optional built in realistic orgasm scream surround sound
    system…he’s called a pervert!

  43. British and everyone else had Dreadnought ships, French have Dreadful

  44. dumb video making 101

    I hear so many people asking if jingles responds to early comments. does he
    still respond if I’m a little late?

  45. why is it always that the front of Battleships looks WAAAAAY sexier than
    the back? is2 extremely underwhelming to see the 360 of the ship because of

  46. And you wonder why French doesnt like you….:)

  47. the moment you realize that jingles is better then the history channel. :D

  48. I’m sure A.I. would be more difficult with the dunkerque.

  49. You forgot to mention the pretty good HE in this ship, with a high chance
    to set fires it is as good as the yamato.

  50. ok ,as of this intel brief, umm no I wont buy the dunkerque

  51. Im not surprises its so bad…

    Its French

  52. Wasn’t the admiral hipper also in the Deutschland class heavy cruisers

  53. can you just narrate a whole history of wwii naval combat in a six part dvd

  54. Jingles, not. Not all ships or all secondaries. Izumo has the same problem.
    big secondaries, can miss an entire battleship, if you turn your side to it
    so you can actually fire the secondaries

  55. Are you sure it doesn’t go faster in reverse than forward? Or maybe the
    frontal guns are actually back guns :P

  56. i really hope wargaming would add the graf spee, i think it would fit nice
    in tier 7, 2×3 280mm guns on a cruiser, that would be pretty nice

  57. French have no armour and high speed at mid to high levels… seems

  58. What a terrible ship. (in-game i mean, maybe it was awesome IRL idunno)

  59. like you said. should be played as a battlecruiser

  60. Well the armour belt was sloped 21 degrees something not modeled and was
    240mm over vitals and tapering to 140mm at the ends. AA was good for the
    time it was in commission and was never upgraded as all active ships were.
    This is a nerfed cartoon of the original and as expected from WG.The only
    other thing is STOP using millimetres for gun size they mean nothing. There
    13″ guns. Warspite had 15″ guns as did Bismark, Hood and Bayern. Fuso 14″
    guns. Please use imperial measurements even today the RN define there main
    guns as 4/5 for 4.5″.

  61. You make me sad….

    I really wanted to like this ship…
    I still might buy it. but only for PvE

    But what I take from this… Is that this ship is a battering ram.

  62. Would be interesting if they added battlecruisers as a separate class. And
    before anyone comes yelling at me, i know that the Dunkerque wasn’t a

  63. PC down day three…when sh.. happens than it happens very quick and it
    sucks very much. So that is my fault, cause I was too lazy to build my own
    PC, the last time it lastet a week and I had my little tiny machine for 4
    years. But than I made the mistake to buy one, cause it was an great offer
    and I was toooooo lazy, so now the PC is down and I have to rebuild it and
    I see now why it was such a great I have to change the ssd cause
    it was not a 40 GB but a 15 GB and not a 2TB HDD but a 1.70TB HDD and the
    graphic card, well let’s say it is a card but not the original so… Yep it
    will at least last a week, so … no lazytime anymore for me.

  64. I love the history lessons Jingles gives us, i had no idea about the
    history of this ship.. And i find it horrific that the french didnt get
    their men off the ships knowing that they would be destroyed.. 1300
    sailors… WTF….

  65. Robin Tilbrook (Bosun_Bones)

    I know you’ve you had a “falling out” with War Thunder but what do you
    think about the PT boat news and naval battles going closed beta at some

  66. So many new BBs, so little time.

  67. Archduke Tyler, Lord Regent of Tyland

    Hope they decide to add in the HMNZS Achilles as a freemium ship in the
    Royal Navy tech tree, or at the very least, the Leander-class frigate/light

  68. What the British did was the most douche thing i can think of.

  69. Looks like a bad ship, buff soon?

  70. Well this is a cruiser killing ship. Hope it lives up to its purpose.

  71. Ricardo Della Porta

    The ship had such a sad run, but at least the Germans didnt get their hands
    on her.

  72. powergym gaming R.I.P

    well this game is done for when war thunder releases ships

  73. This looks like a terrible ship…

  74. 130 mm guns with a 28 second reload?

  75. ok now i want some italian ships
    like if you want this to

  76. Yep.
    I’m quite getting annoyed with dispersion when watching video’s.

    gotta wait 3 hours to reload, should at least get a bit better accuracy.

  77. I reckon it’d be good if they made a battlecruiser tech tree. And
    potentially a light and heavy cruiser tech tree.

  78. one of the greatest acts of cowardice and treachery, the French fleet not
    joining the allied war effort.

  79. “You’ll notice at this point that I’m actually going *backwards*.”

    Of course you are. It’s a French ship, after all!

  80. ‫عاشق لبلادي 31‬‎

    i live in the city were the battle hapen

  81. What was it the British Adm. said after Jutland? “Something seems to be
    wrong with our bloody ships today”. The biggest problem with the Dunkerque
    is that it was designed to counter the Deutschland class panserschiffs ,
    which are not at this point , in the game. With the addition of the
    Dunkerque and Scharnhorst (more a light battleship than true battle
    cruiser) wargaming is adding more verity to our battles. We need to find
    the tactics to make them work. Verity is always good. Stagnation is bad.
    Bring on more of these imperfect compromises ie Hood, Repulse, Renown,
    Alaska, Guam, Sheer, Graf Spee, Deutschland, et. al. We’ll figure it out.
    We as a community may not have all the answers tomorrow but you cant eat an
    elephant in one sitting either. We need to see these ships as challenges to
    be embraced and not expect every premium to be some an OP damage dispenser.
    Oh well that’s my 2 cents worth.

  82. Jingles, I’ve been watching for a long time now (since before mingles with
    jingles and well before Chinese and Japanese tank came out on WoT) and I’ve
    always admired your commitment. You have pretty much put out a video a day
    for 3-4 years now (possibly longer) and k just want u to know that it’s
    always so enjoyable to come onto YouTube and see a new video by u for me to
    enjoys watching, keep up the good work!

  83. Now we wait the first Italian Battleship. No? only me? ok…

  84. Jingles, as a serious BB driver, none of the american BB’s T6 or lower
    secondaries would have been firing in the scenario you gave. You need at
    least a 15 -20 degree angle off straight ahead for them to open up because
    most won’t point straight ahead.

    ALso WHilst i agree with the idea that you shouldn’t ust auto extinguish a
    single fire on a BB, even on the Dunkerque with it’s terrible max health
    and your combo of skills and modules reducing the duration by a third you
    still take 6312 damage per fire you let burn out. Your repair party cna
    restore a maximum of 7532 damage per use. So it’s effectively nearly a full
    charge of repair party t restore a single fire.

    Like you say there are absolutely times you shouldn’t put a single fire
    out, but there are absolutely times when you should and your mania for
    “never put a single fire out” bugs me for that reason.

  85. I’d like to ask about something that I’ve been thing of about the t32 from
    wot the t32 is based on the Pershing and the m46 Patton is based on the
    Pershing and if u compare both the t32 uses the T5E1 105mm and the Patton
    uses the T5E1M2 would it then be possible in theory for the t32 to utilise
    the T5E1M2 that u get in the Patton or is the turret a bit small for it?

  86. James Burrell Jr.

    There is a word or phrase that comes to mind ” Kobayashi Maru”

  87. Well, at very least french can build a very beautiful looking ship.

  88. I’m so disapointed by this ship. As a french I was so pleased to see it
    coming in WoWs soon. But it doesn’t seem worth it.

  89. Wait the British actually fired at an ally, that had no intention of
    breaking a diplomatic act and killed 1300 innocents. How the hell is the
    admiral not tried for warcrimes i would be pissed ass hell if that happened
    to me.

  90. there is to much rng in this game.. really hate that

  91. 16.5 isn’t as bad as the 19km detection range of the Fuso though

  92. ran into that ship yesterday in my Fuso.
    while showing me the flat side of the ship, at a range of something like
    15-16km, i only got those 1k dmg overpens on it using AP (HE seemed
    slightly better firing it into the superstructure).
    while it might be “lightly” armored compared to other BB’s of its tier,
    then i “struggled” to do proper dmg to it with AP, resulting in me to
    simply ignore it at the end, and find other targets to shoot at.
    strange ship to shoot at imo, allmost like a ST. Louis… what shell type
    to use..

  93. Stanisław Szczypuła

    Nelson class have similar design however a lot bigger guns (406mm) and one
    more of them, a lot more armor (up to 356mm) and a lot heavier AA defence
    6×8 and 4×4 40mm AA. Secondary guns are 6 x 120 + 8 x 150 mm. So all in all
    it looks a lot like Dunkerque, only made properly. I would really like to
    see Nelson in game.

  94. “Here buy solid russian ship, russia makes good ships…why buy peskie
    french ship…you need more russain ships. We make sure russian ships will
    not fail, we make sure non russian ships will do”

  95. Andrew “Wolf13i” Gallagher

    I think if it had a slightly faster reload and smaller turning circle it
    could be a damn fun ship.

  96. Goldwhale Productions

    jingles, do you know all of these facts and history? not just about ships
    but tanks as well or are you reading form something?

  97. well it looks sexy

  98. noone really commenting on the up to 38% fire-chance…i´m kinda sure
    seeing this and the up to 44% fire on high tier german BBs WG wants us to
    use HE on BBs more…pffff.
    and regading those damagenumbers-ribbons. ther eis something broke 100%.
    watch Business6 Ships and Giggles 10 (first scee only) to see what i mean.
    broken mechanics for sure which WG is not fixing…plain suxx!

  99. Going backwards is just part of playing the French tho xD

  100. Daniel Amandusson

    so, bad guns and bad secondarie guns? aah, this ship is a replica of the
    Mikasa but with bad secondarie guns?

  101. this is a horrible ship jingles

  102. Jingles, the Ships name is Spee not Shpee

  103. All those overused puns on the french army …. a lot of people skipped the
    story part of the video >o<

  104. Sounds like a crap ship.

  105. lol ichase said the same thing for the most part. DO NOT BUY it sucks ass

  106. Nice one Jingle’s…..That was a surprise, wasn’t expecting the Dunkerque
    into the game….thanks bud and have a good weekend….I’m going clubbing
    in my Akansas Beta for a while…

  107. So the French fought hard to sink their own ships? Hmmmm

  108. Now I see why my ranger was just wrecking the one Dunkerque that I found
    all alone.

  109. “historically accurate guns” and then I look at my Tirpitz, such history,
    Many sources, so accuracy, amaze, wow

  110. what happen to Dunkerques sister ship ?

  111. Can someone please tell me what happens when a shell over penetrates?

  112. considering sever hit rates are 30% in NA a 50% is decent especially
    considering how badly the shots were being aimmed.

  113. …why would anyone buy this?? Wargaming boggles my mind…

  114. It dosnt matter for shit if you angle your Battleship or not they pen
    either way, or your HE bounces or does zero dmg cuz reasons

  115. Jingle, have you bough No man’s sky? can we expect a video of it?

  116. Still waiting on a tech tree for the most famous navy of them all
    Wargaming…We need more than a fucking Warspite.

  117. Jesus von Nazaret

    well, then use HE when your AP is so likely to overpenetrate

  118. So, there’s a advertisement bonus of you get your video over 10 minutes.
    But is there a bonus if you get your video over 20 or 30 minutes?
    Just curious.

  119. so the fun way of playing the dunkerque is to rush in with the cruisers im
    okay with that becuase i have a tirpitz and i do that anyways

  120. Jingles will you play some more war thunder when the ships come out either
    the open or closed beta?

  121. If HMS hood or Belfast become premium ships then war gaming can just take
    my money

  122. what? 2 guns only in the front? why would anyone buy this ship then?

  123. So i guess we are getting Space battleship Yamato before a complete British
    tech tree? im not complaining lol.

  124. soooooo it’s a french Kongo?

  125. So I knew about the British firing on the French Navy in WWII but I never
    realized that every troll in WoWs who fire on their teammates on purpose
    were just paying tribute to the Royal Navy and Merz Al-Kabir! It just
    finally clicked ;).

  126. save me 15 mins and say its shit

  127. technically the two ships of this class were battlecruisers really,
    designed to be fast and fight 11in armed pocket battleships and smaller
    battlecruisers of the Italian Navy.. She suffers against anything with
    larger than 12in main guns, thus in WOWs she really is outclassed against
    BBs, needs to be driven like a super cruiser against cruisers..but no
    matter what you do it will be a struggle however, she just was not designed
    to go toe to toe against Nagato or Bismarck etc.

  128. It’s a shame the french fleet couldn’t of sailed with the British and we
    had to inflict damage on our Allies

  129. Here’s your typical woman, and here’s your typical Dunkerque. One of them
    look beautiful but can’t make up her mind on everything, blunders into
    tough situations too often, always vulnerable and insecure, is costly to
    maintain, and constantly requires support from her friends.

    The other is the woman. Fine lovely lady she is.

  130. I guess this is the time when “historically accurate” comes back to bite
    you in the ass.

  131. jingles and giving good lead on his targets?!? *what have you done with the
    real jingles??!??*

  132. 32:40 ship sunk, near the E cap and imho, that’s where you should have
    gone…Just sayin….Sooo I guess you are in the NO cap KILL all cat?

  133. Jingles, do you know by any chance if wargaming is comming with some new
    content for world of tanks any time soon. New maps, tanks other then
    premiums, or any other game changes maybe. Playing on the same maps with
    the same tanks is starting to get boring, especially since they only seem
    to release premium tanks, i would rather see some new additions, or fixes
    to the corridor gameplay this game has turned in to. every time a new game
    starts players on both teams always seem to use the same old tactics, which
    on some maps just turns into a horrible grind fest until one team lost
    enough tanks so the enemy dare to come out of his bushes and other hiding
    places because the spotting is somewhat broken.. tanks in open fields just
    suddenly dissappear.. and if you try to do something different for a change
    you get punished too hard for it. it is getting to repetative to be any fun

  134. Jingles I love your historical stories be it ships, tanks, or heroic
    people. Dooo more

  135. Review actually starts at about 6:38

  136. great battle Jingles , was a pleasure to see you in action .

  137. Woo an XP pinata.

  138. Just a note on the Bayern. How is that capable of 25 knots? according to my
    Jane’s book it was rated at 21 knots. The Queen Elizabeth class were the
    only battleships in the world at that time rated at 25 knots, or so what
    pretty much everything I’ve read claims. But then again, this is Wargaming,
    since when have they given a toss about historical accuracy?

  139. Watching pretty much for the history lesson haha

  140. If only the gun turrets were all on the back.. this would make a great
    battleship for running away from the battle at maximum speed, while firing
    blindly into the ocean to try and scare all the real battleships away.
    C’est la vie.

  141. She would be good in a division with cruisers.

    Other than that…

    I’ve got a jar of nope.

  142. So basically it’s a Matilda BP – craptacular premium heralding a new line.

  143. Well I was hyping this ship, but it sounds this is in a need of a buff in
    some regards right away.

  144. After the Dunkerque had this poor history, maybe WG decidet this ship isn’t
    made to sink enemy ships and make it a little underpowered.

  145. “We fire and we over penetrate (5000) damage. We fire on the Cleveland and
    we over penetrate (7000) damage.”

  146. not long enough jingles..and it is week end :(

  147. No…XCOM? (Still)

    Jingles, you monster.

  148. At least all those secondaries on the rear will protect you from surprise
    buttsex :)

  149. Double A Batteries

    So this ship is good at being a pacifist right? Sounds about right.

  150. Jingles, you forgot to anwer one important question about the ship when you
    came to mobility.
    Does it go faster backwards than it does forwards?

  151. I’d probably prefer to pick up sharnhorst. Because she actually has armor,
    decent accuracy and AA. Only real drawback being the low caliber guns

  152. for anyone thinking that “oh, this ship is soooo innacurate and
    inconsistent. wow” this video pretty much sums up what its like to play
    battleships atm. basically all battleships suffer from the same gun related
    problems you hear jingles complain about here to varying degrees. the over
    penetration and shit dispersion of BB guns make them almost utterly fucking
    pointless to play. their size doesnt matter when they cant damage anything,
    and their main guns is all they have…

  153. when I see the shape and turret places I can’t help but see this as a
    really weaker Izumo at t6 (who would have thought it possible ?! lol )

  154. How do you see the circle for the smokescreen?

  155. Please, jingles … stop aiming ‘above’ the waterline at close range, aim
    at the waterline ;-; PLEASE! PLLLLEASE! FOR MY SANITY *cries*

  156. The Dunkek

  157. So it’s got bad armor against most of the battleships it’ll be facing and
    can be relatively easily penned from the front. It has inaccurate guns,
    poor turning radius, terrible health, average to mediocre concealment,
    almost no secondaries or AA guns to speak of and only has main guns on the
    front that are relatively small.
    Yeah I think I’ll be skipping this one.

  158. Are all its signal flags white?

  159. no x com 2 video?

  160. Jingles – I adore your historical narrative. Thank you.

  161. I’ll love this ship…. When I’m in a Tirpitz

  162. Can we assume that these french ships (like all french forces) is twice as
    fast in reverse?

  163. My understanding is that the French admiral Admiral Gensoul had standing
    orders that would have allowed him to accept the relocation to the USA, but
    was offended by the fact that a French speaking Captain had been sent to
    deliver the ultimatum instead of a senior offiver. So the whole Mers El
    Kebir could have been easily avoided but for false pride. The whole thing
    would make a great film. Ultimately it demonstrated the British will to
    carry on withthe war and do whatever they had to do to the USA and bring
    them in to the war (later).

  164. I want wows now just to get the minakazie to torpedo the Dunkirk now

  165. Bet there was a dunkerqueue to get on the testing servers!

  166. Hi Jingles! Love your Videos, ESPECIALLY your laugh, so damned unique

    Looking forward to the Dunkerque, regardless if bad or not, I’ve NEVER been
    this excited for something French.

  167. Welp, if nothing else this ship is very french because it stinks just about
    as bad as stinky cheese.

  168. The French are going to buy this anyway and be very proud… because it’s
    FRENCH! :D

  169. So the shipis a Battering ram :)

  170. 20:40. Don’t know what you’re complaining about, looks like pretty standard
    BB gameplay to me

  171. stayed up all night t0 see the post from jingles lmao and i see my favorite
    french battleship damn you jingles playing it to the best of ur ability GG
    ps keep up the good work sincerely the young american with the worst sleep

  172. French AP shells are really just large, stale baguettes.

  173. Cung Tuan Thanh Le

    We need Italian ships!

  174. What mod are you using that shows penetration?

  175. Gottverdammt. I had high hopes for battlecruisers with smaller guns. But
    negligibly better fire rate and noticeably bad accuracy is completely
    missing the opportunity.

  176. I want this bad I’m a French tank/ship fanboy

  177. You know, Jingles, when you do these review videos, you really should do
    them with no upgrades on the ship, so we can see the BASE stats. Her
    Torpedo protection is only 25% base, and her base rudder shift is 14

  178. hey jingles do you think they’ll add the HMS Hood ( I forgot the name of
    the ship that the Bismark sunk) into the game?

  179. @Jingles , what do u think about making Saturday the day for diffrent games
    other than tanks and ships pernamently? To be honest series like ur ‘Let’s
    Play XCOM 2’ was really fresh and funny at the same time and rather popular
    even though majority of viewers come here for tanks. I’m watching all of ur
    vids anyway but I’m really starting to miss that “diffrent vids from

    I hope that u will notice that comment and think about it.

    PS.: Warhammer: Total War as next Let’s Play would be awesome since u r
    Warhammer fan and u loved that game but it’s only idea, play whatever u
    want. I’ll watch u anyway.

  180. great review jingles I really like the historical bit you always put in,
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  181. Is that a Dewontine D520 mounted on the catapult at the rear of the ship?
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