World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay – New Mexico Tier 6 American Battleship

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  1. james ward-gwilliam

    +XarKavier depends on the carrier i can have some fun playing them just
    some maps with carriers make my blood boil. hotspot is the worst especially
    in domination

  2. +james ward-gwilliam Hate carriers period. Ain’t fun to play, ain’t fun to
    play against.

  3. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    I am reaching the Colorado quite quickly and so becomes another tier 7
    grind… Yet all worth it in time for the North Carolina. Let’s just hope I
    can do so before OBT wipe… :/

  4. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    If you play Co-Op mode, your allies are all players, if not you have the
    possibility to have bots on your own team. In Co-Op the enemy are all boys.
    Although above tier 4, you don’t find too many people playing Co-Ops any
    longer… Most are now playing randoms, which are comprised of all players
    and no bots on either side.

  5. +searchoverload8 lol, the struggle is real with you… if you honestly
    believe what Phly said as 100% legit.

  6. Stfu the game is server-side so no mods and “cheats” allowed

  7. +searchoverload8 I detected a thick coat of sarcasm when he said “…but
    you guys can’t see it.”

  8. I play on PS4 also, I have a lot of planes and just got my first jet… Its
    takes some getting used to but I do better than most PC player in RB and
    even SB sometimes, just get used to it or plug in a M&K

  9. I am also on ps4. Get some skill and get used to it… That’s all I’m going
    to say. Not to be harsh but me and other ps4 players do better than most PC
    players most of the time. They have the advantage of mouse aim, if you
    think it’s unfair plug in a mouse and keyboard…

  10. +Eric Fangrow Do say moar

  11. +Eric Fangrow smart ass

  12. +Eric Melendez I was wondering that too

  13. cool, thank you 🙂

  14. +Jing0oo navyfield 2’s launch trailer.

  15. +clamum Ok Thanks!

  16. +Rezz Japanese, by far. I’ve played both and much prefer the Japanese
    because of their far superior torpedoes. I guess you can play Destroyers as
    gunships, but I play them as torp launchers, so Japanese is the clear
    winner there.

  17. From what I heard (I don’t play WoWS) the American destroyers are gunships
    with torpedoes as secondary weapons (good guns but poor torp range)
    The Japanese ones are the very opposite. They have bad guns but great
    So it depends on your playstyle…

  18. +PhlyDaily I spotted 3.59 more than the last:D

  19. baronvontimo 223

    Guys it was a joke I’m sorry if I didn’t write it understandable enough but
    u gotta admit the intro is fucking bad ass

  20. joseph racioppi (creepmon11)

    +PhlyDaily i think he means the bwong when the light turns on

  21. It’s literally the same but with more SFX

  22. +baronvontimo 223 What? It’s the exact same intro but with a little more
    bling at the start.

  23. +Jan F thanks

  24. +JTS264 its strg + x

  25. +PhlyDaily Actually they do (turrets) in WOT . One can break your gun – You
    use repare, and they break it again. More then often it just becomes less
    acurate, but very rare it’s out of action. Also you can run out of ammo.

  26. +masterxm1972 True, but generally even naval literature would just call it
    “four triple”, only elaborating in the rare cases when the guns are mounted
    in common cradle. If we really go into technicalities, well, technically,
    they aren’t even really turrets. 😉

  27. +PhlyDaily Try hitting the Space bar. It will start your zoom in, then move
    your mouse wheel to zoom in and hit the space bar again to go back to
    normal view. No one, zooms in the way you do it. Takes to long.

  28. +Glyn Davies XD

  29. +TheTripleace3 Mexicao or something like that

  30. +PhlyDaily What did it say?

  31. +firkopersson lol omg. fixed ty

  32. +firkopersson Yes it is haha

  33. +Flux Tornado after your mum

  34. To get ebolaids

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