World of Warships Battleship Gameplay – Send Em to Davy Jones’ Locker!!!

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Class Battleship Gameplay
WOWS Battleships – Send em to Davy Jones’ Locker!

The has 3 different types of planes; fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers. At the early tiers you don’t have access to dive bombers. Fighters are great at defending capital ships from torpedo and dive bombing attacks and also hunting down other enemy planes. Torpedo bombers require a bit of planning and skill, but can unleash a 6 torpedo attack run on enemy ships that can have a dramatic result on the battle. Currently there are only 4 classes in WOWS; destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers use a top down, Real Time Strategy (RTS) style of gameplay which is fun and unique to World of Warships.

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  1. Baron can you please help me how to get in the game?? :)

  2. 3299?

  3. Do some carrier gameplay, Baronz! lov ya <3 ^^

  4. Baron Do the Bismark pls

  5. The unit for naval speed are knots (kt) no kilometers per hour. I say in
    this video because I have just see a video where you say the speed in kmh

  6. You seem to spray and pray alot

  7. Cleveland or Des Moines!

  8. American cruisers!!!!!
    Battleships are cool and all but…. MEH

  9. Yanno, you’re ridiculous, but in a funny way. XD

    Nice plunging fire there, went right through the deck armor on that Miyogi.
    The on the Kongo it was like “FIRE! FIRE! ALL BARRELS HOT!”

  10. i’m voting for an amagi myself

  11. I have seen a aircraft carrier sink three ships to win the game

  12. When are you gonna make more MOWAS 2 videos?

  13. Why do you sound so much like devildoggamer, lol. Check my stuff out also,

  14. Kaiser Franz Josef I


  15. Great vid! R u related to DDG? U sound a lot like him! :D

  16. So Davy Jones Locker is the ground of the ocean. I just understood the line
    from Epic Rap battles of History- Al Capone against Blackbeard.

  17. bernardobiritiki

    Truly Admiral Baron you are the pride of the Imperal Navy

  18. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    Baron’s victory cries are the best

  19. Baron when do u stream? ><

  20. Hey Baron, could you please do the Pensacola class destroyer. I’m from that
    area and I would really like to see it in action!

  21. u should play the tier 1 katori

  22. “The six turded Fuso” ??!!

  23. Japanese cruiser with torpedos

  24. U should play Mount and blade Napoleonic wars next haven’t seen it in a

  25. Its not a torpedo its a Wilford Grimley

  26. Carrier gameplay pisss Baron.

  27. RemusKingOfRome5

    Bikini Bottom and Beaver land

  28. can u do part 2 of aircraft carier

  29. SenseiVince ✩Gaming✩

    When will this actually come out :3?

  30. Yay, another WOWS video…………..ok ok ok ill watch it if i must ;)

  31. Baron, you need to do an Arnold Schwarzeneggar episode where you only sound
    like Arnold.
    You seem to have a perfect voice for that :)

  32. carriers

  33. Baron,
    I have really been trying to play world of warships. I have watched a lot
    of your videos and used to play world of tanks. Do they still do invited
    codes? Or, is there a way I can speed that process up?

  34. do high cruiser gameplay plzz. Never seen it bevore on a YT canel

  35. Iowa class Plz 

  36. world of tanks Sucks
    World of warplanes really sucks
    World of Warships is ok but im waiting to see what warthunder will do with

  37. Do some destroyers, always fun to watch torpedo action.

  38. i have played with premium and its higher then what you get without it.

  39. If they add Brit-ish ships prepare for the 5 turrets of the IRON DUKE

  40. Pensacola bruh

  41. Great vid. Hey can u play Napoleon again with ur friends that was awesome.
    Please reply. Thanks man 

  42. Baron, please try a high tier Japanese Destroyer. Something in the 8-10
    range :)

  43. Some heavy cruiser fun would be nice.

    But Love that Fuso

  44. nice game

  45. Tower of Nippon…

  46. “The 6 turded battleship” What?

  47. Cheeseybiscuits100

    plz gib open beta

  48. Best World of Warships Replays

    Hey World of Warships Players!!
    Send me your best Replay and WIN 10000 GOLD!!

  49. Could you try the only Russian ship please?

  50. Hey Baron, how about the Fletcher?! btw nice german accent. love your vids
    man. keep going

  51. Grind out the yamato and please play it

  52. Nice last shot mr baron games the von!! Lol

  53. Baron I watch u do this all the time but did u know that if press left
    shift u will go straight into the binocular view u don’t have to use the
    mouse wheel..

  54. Mmmm….I wonder if they may include the Montana. I know it was never built
    but it was the last super battleship to pass command to be built. 

  55. moonlit night battles would be so amazing

  56. Nice surprise boot sox at the end there.

  57. Who’s the idiot who suggested Bismarck? It isn’t even in the game yet! Get
    your shit together people!

  58. Just wait Baron till the american battleships come in. The Teir IV Arkansas
    has 12 12inch guns, the Teir V New York Has 10 14in Guns, the teir VI New
    Mexico has 12 14 in guns in four turrets, going toe2toe with a Fuso would
    be amaszing in a chase, they both do the same speed but the american guns
    have longer range and the New Mexico can put six guns forward or reverse on
    target, making her more formidable than the fuso. Also with tripple gun
    turrets, there is less chance of splicing. The american battleships wont be
    as manuverable till teir VIII but they will have slightly better guns.

  59. As a Nagato sailor, I must warn you that the transition between fuso and
    nagato takes a while to get used to, bc nagato’s shells travel much faster
    than fuso’s. Watch out and happy sailing.

  60. Hey Baron! can u plz play the … whats the name :S that japanese tier IV
    plane with the prop on the back.. u know..

  61. I had never even heard of the Fuso before I started watching gameplays of
    World of Warships. I just had always liked the Yamato, Hood, and some
    others (I liked making them out of legos).

    But man, the Fuso is pretty damn interesting. It looks very unique with
    that massively tall superstructure and insane number of turrets (that can
    all be used on either side of the ship unlike some older designs that had a
    lot of turrets).

  62. Baron why don’t you use ctrl+x to lock the guns to a direction so you can
    look around without effecting them and keep them turning?

  63. The Amagi, unlike Kongo, is a Battle Cruiser not Fast Battleship
    aka the Amagi has less armor, while it can dish out alot of damage it can’t
    really take much in return.

  64. Feeling loved and noticed when your name appears on screen 🙂 Totes fan
    girl moment

  65. Oh scheiße? baron is german? xD

  66. Do the Yamato

  67. is there an american iowa class in the game

  68. i guess they should add some “hazard maps” to this game. storms, whirlpools
    etc. that d make some fun gameplay.

  69. Another great fun video! Have any beta keys lying around?

  70. Play a Bismarck class ship.

  71. Sebastian Craenen

    Do some saipan gameplay

  72. Hey Baron can you do a vid on the Techtree, showing and explaining the
    ships? (Ofcourse only for those ships you have played/that you have in your

  73. epic timing to get the kongo

  74. do more war thunder tank videos especially the russian middle tier tanks

  75. Try doing tbf avenger upside down

  76. When does this game come out I want to play it so bad!!

  77. Can you make a video on how to get the game and explain because their isn’t
    any very good video for that

  78. ThaMightyPringles

    Baron why do you do a german accent in a japanese ship?

  79. Amazeballs.

  80. Wow this take time to get the Yamato!!!

  81. very epic

  82. I will watch all this video, just awesome please more world of warships,
    wanna know more about this game!!!
    I wish to have that fans like you do.
    Just keep doing that awesome job :)

  83. Die Schadenfreude


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