World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay – Tier 4 BATTLESHIP SHOWCASE!

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World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay – Tier 4 BATTLESHIP SHOWCASE!


  1. @51:47 – HOLY TORPEDUS BATMAN! your warning system was going apeshit!

  2. TrungVN the Purpdonkey (MinecraftVNteam)

    You should spell Ishizuchi like this :


    And Myogi like this :


  3. I love the Wyoming

  4. phly i really enjoy this series but if u made it shorter like 1 ship at a
    time then post it all at once so we dont miss any it’ll be better i mean
    cos not everyone has 1 hr to watch the vid

  5. Hi Phly. The Ishizuchi is really an anti-cruiser monster, meant to support
    other BBs on your team and tank fire with its normal armor. HE is great on
    it vs. other BBs as you say. I would never use AP on anything but cruisers
    because it does not penetrate other ships. Getting AP hits with the
    Ishizuchi on cruisers wrecks them.

  6. This is harsh Phly, over 1 hour with adhd see how it goes hahaha

  7. LMAO …What The Fuck Was That? …what really was that? ill assume a
    plane. lol.

  8. aircraft carriers are a pain the one click SOB’s are the cancer of this
    game with a DD you can kill them but aircraft carriers are just the worst.

  9. fuck that first game… -.-

  10. 22:00 Why wouldn’t you fire your guns…

  11. if you know you are gonna turn your BB, CTR+X your guns to the other side!

  12. Love this series, keep it up Phly!

  13. liking this format phly, keep it up!
    also just in relation to something you said while driving the myogi – I
    think the shot calculator does take into account your ships heading as

  14. phly… GREAT SERIES…. love it look forward to each one. i would like to
    see shorter videos if thats possible. keep it up man! !


  16. David “madindie” Dew

    Great to watch mate, I keep my eye peeled for each instalment. Keep it up!

  17. I really enjoy having the super long video at least once a week. Lets me
    veg out and relax when I have the time. Maybe even doing something similar
    on Warthunder would be awesome too.

  18. How you fire your secondaries so they shoot themselves? Or not

  19. Any American battleship+Thunderstruck=Epicness

  20. that first clip XD, couldn’t have said it better “What the fuck was that?”

  21. Ishizuchi is not that hard to pronounce, I-shi-zu-chi “ee-shee-zoo-chee”

  22. I have played a lot of this and the Myogi, even though noobs bitch about
    it, is the best by far. It has the least guns sure, but they are accurate
    and can fire 22km with scout plane, 18 standard. Also the guns turn fast
    and the ship does 28 knots, and has good armour. I have literally circle
    strafed an enemy wyoming to death in a myogi at point blank range XDD. Once
    you get good and shoot those guns for maximum damage, it wrecks so hard,
    and then you get the Kongo….. (Drooooolll, 100% best teir 5 BB no doubt

  23. the last myogi hull upgrade increases main battery range

  24. Always fun to watch you play and keep ut the good work, but dont coplain
    about RNG or armor deflecting shots you poorly aim. It gets frustrating
    some times to watch you bitch so much when its YOU who are shooting bad and
    not the rngesus 🙂
    for example on your mygogi when you shoot at the wyoming coming horizontal
    you aim the shots behind him and then claim rng is against you when you
    dont shoot at where he is going. Aiming at the waterline when he comes at
    that angle you need to fall short when you shoot, not over him or at the
    “flatline” as i call it. And also, change target to someone who is
    broadside instead of keeping shooting at angled BB’s 😛 makes no sense to
    chase an angled BB when you have other targets in range that are sailing
    broadside on! pls no hate, just letting you know what my inner voices from
    my head are telling me :D

  25. bwahahahahaha. NOOOOOOOO!

  26. “The S and H don’t work…”

    Do you not know how to make a SH sound?


  27. Ishizuchi -> “Is she Sushi(?)”

  28. man i wish they would add the uss missouri

  29. Did you miss the Arcansan beta?

  30. pls do from top down.. tired of seeing these low tier ships which I already
    have all.

  31. Kongo: Speed boat 90mph

  32. I cringed so hard with the wyoming gameplay

  33. Sorry Phly :P

  34. Baron I think it was a random seaplane xD

  35. =))))))))))))))))))))))

  36. Scout plane returning to base! 0:02

  37. Can`t wait for the CV:s well from Tier V anyway your thoughts on load outs.

  38. I miss my 17 km range on the Wyoming

  39. 23:33 wow 5.3 km fire range? How is that a tier 4 battleship??

  40. Epic 1st game! Phly – if you haven’t explained in other videos – can you
    explain the relationship with Baron and Slick? Roommates or just online
    allies? What’s the deal where you have vids from what looks like Florida
    and a place where there’s snow? How does this all work?

  41. 21:44 why u no shoot fle? You could’ve hit his citadel and killed him…

  42. great video !!

  43. Wiki says the Wyoming had 2 torpedo tubes, not included for balance?

  44. I wonder what would have happened if the aircraft had hit his ship.

  45. Looks like Phly became the intended target of a Kamikaze pilot!

  46. That at the start of the upload…..that is part of a new weapon that is
    being added to the game… was a Life boat shell that had been fired
    from a life boat cannon enabled ship…….Still not able to handle Torp
    planes I see…..Your over turning your ship…….When a torp run is
    coming your way try and keep the front of your ship towards the
    planes…That way they either have to dump them in front of you for an easy
    dodge or they have to try and get around you which means you have more time
    to shoot them down……If you over turn or do not see the planes run then
    your just inviting the CV to kill you…..

  47. Chemistry´s the best!

    imagine German high tier BB’s getting helicopters as scouts (as they were


  49. Keep doing it, its so amazing !

  50. How do you get an EU account

  51. The thing in the start was a downed bi plane

    Kinda wierd…


  53. I used to love this game. But as soon as I hit the Wyoming It just got
    stupid. way too grindy. It took me a month and a half to get to the
    york…. and I would play everyday and win most of my games AND get top of
    the board. Still a good game though.

    I’m super hype for War thunder ship battles though! I love the realism.

    On a side-note: I love your cat! So vocal ^^


    Why dont you call them “dreadnought”?

  55. ImpeRAtor Nikolai, stress on the RA
    Also means “emperor Nikolai”
    The more you know

  56. That wyoming game was disappointing

  57. That wyoming game was disappointing

  58. well played!
    Slick and Baron could learn something from you.

  59. Is the imperitor a premium ship?

  60. angry_mike_riley_26

    phly love these long vids keep it up man!

  61. Balázs Szabolcs Nyiri

    Once i got 2 citadels with the myogi from 20km range on an Omaha he got
    almost oneshoted. It was crazy

  62. Okay why not include ishizuchi doe?

  63. that citadel on the penciling…

  64. That Wyoming match was some shameful shit

  65. And Phly the Arkansas Beta???

  66. well if you wanted to say it correctly, then ish -shizuchi would be close
    to how yo pronounce it

  67. I haven’t played the game since it was released but when it was still in
    closed BETA we could improve the Wyoming range to over 16km with the
    upgrades on the “modules” tab, might not be a lot compared to the range on
    the tier 5 Kongo but it’s a major improvement for a US low tier battleship

  68. Loving the series Phly! Keep up the good work!

  69. rekt WoW logic

  70. Can you do tier 4 or 5 cruisers?

  71. why do you keep holding your shots man…

  72. Where are these ships? Imperator? I don’t see that as a premium ship.
    Special servers? Test Server?

    Love the Series! Keep it up!

  73. yeah wows can be a real sob sometimes

  74. Nicolai “Umbray” C

    Where is the Arkansas Beta?

  75. “ah man, I really like this series. Or like, keep doing this man”

    Ya happy, Phly?

    Anyways.. I do like this series. Keep doing them, man!

  76. Well technically Arkansas is a Wyoming it’s another t4 BB :)

  77. why can’t you have tanks instead of the scout planes, so stupid ^^

  78. That Wyoming game was pretty much your fault. You had your guns ready but
    didn’t fire. You paid the price!

  79. phlydaiy you are the best youtuber on these games
    , keep it up

  80. Great video

  81. mabye your cat was hungry,cats meow like crazy when theh are hungry

  82. play all the tier 8 battleships tirpitz, north Carolina, amagi. best
    battleships in the game bruh


  84. e-she-zoo-chee

  85. That first game was complete BS lol

  86. Hey phly I love the series keep up the good work bro

  87. Genuinely can’t wait for these videos each week. Love this series!

  88. You know what grinds my gears? CNN cheating Rand Paul and keeping him off
    the main stage. I want to give CNN some 16in salvos right now.

  89. do you plzz want to make a New video about the sims tier 7 dd

  90. That was a kamikaze plane

  91. why does wolrd of tanks have chinese as a whole tree?

  92. Hour long video! My life is complete

  93. World of warships is ur best series

  94. keep it up :D

  95. I think that was a plane

  96. In my experience with the Ishizuchi you should just use HE all the time.

  97. At 53:47 you said it right.

  98. banzai?

  99. meow meow!
    *removes piper from the room*
    Game narrator: Problem solved sir!

  100. I love this series and your entire channel! keep kicking ass!

  101. I really love this series, I don’t know if it’s the long videos, but I love
    the long videos, keep it up

  102. oi phly u forgot the arkansas beta :0

  103. Good video, Phly!

  104. Since you asked for feedback, the one thing I would like to see is for you
    to compare them. Talking about the pro’s and con’s of each ship next to the
    others. To give people a better idea of which ones might be good for them.

  105. Keep up the good work

  106. Kamikaze planes confirmed?

  107. Does anyone know if World Of Warships will ever be available on Mac?

  108. plz play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  109. Hey man thanks for this series it helps alot.

  110. Lol nice vid

  111. Ishizuchi?

  112. What about the Arkansas Beta?

  113. phly 200000 subs yeah

  114. That intro will never get old

  115. Has anyone noticed his xp and money in game and the doubloons I love phly
    but it seems kinda odd that he has that much

  116. Hey Phly! Could you please react on this question:Are you going to showcase
    DiRT Rally one day?

  117. play some high tier battleships !

  118. Hey Phly I love your vids keep up the good work

  119. What is the name of the intro music? I hear it everywhere but don’t
    remember the name… thank you in advance

  120. lol Kamikaze airplane

  121. Sergio Fernando Villar Diaz

    First comment :DD

  122. turn up!

  123. Hugo Fernandez Zapico


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