World of Warships Battleship Manifesto

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It’s time to pull up a chair and hear the plea of the battleship.

This is a sequel to the Destroyer Manifesto from a few months ago, done in the same vein. Try not to take it too serious, though I’m sure it will hit some in the feels.


  1. disappointed that you did not mention border hugging 😉

  2. “Focused like the only blonde in a bar during Fleet week”!
    That is the golden quote, sir! o>

  3. LMFAO. well said! That Rosie comment….priceless ?. RLTW/DOL

  4. outstanding! this is so how i feel in my Bismark.

  5. I can’t like this enough!!

  6. Ohh Soo true. If I play a DD I try to smoke BBS as much as I can.

  7. If only more BB captains understood the reverse of this relationship.

  8. French battleships might have speed boost

  9. Being a BB and cruiser main. Right in the feels zoup. Thank you so much!

  10. just another youtube account

    lol cant tell you how many times I have personally pushed into caps with my GK and noticed that my teammates just suddenly vanished or been left to behind by my team, only to be burned to death by the entire enemy team because all of our cuisers and destroyers decided to all go to the uncontested cap.

  11. That about sums it up perfectly Zoup

  12. Very Well Put! Now if ONLY the ignorant DD’s and CA’s will get this idea that you are trying to get a crossed to them. I love it when the sunken ships are the loud mouths that seem to be calling the BB driver names and telling what he is doing wrong.

  13. Nicely done, sir!

  14. Another camping player, so great to see top tier go on reverse!!!

  15. Because of these epic lines I will always support my local BB.

  16. Well Said ZOUP!

  17. Rosie O’Donnel in a 5 ft hallway! Freaking hilarious

  18. yes i love it

  19. yep i can relate to that, especially in my Cruiser, my BB’s “camp” in the back and i have all the attention ( focus fire ) from the red team…….maybe i shall stop spotting and hang behind an island for some occasional dmg

  20. In real life DDs and Cruisers feared battleships because unlike in World of Warships the secondary guns were accurate, had decent range, and a good rate of fire. In short the BBs are underpowered in game especially the American ones.

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