World of Warships – Battleship or Cruiser?

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This ship is designated as 1 thing but it feels like a totally different thing sometimes. Far more consistent than some BBs and far more tanky than most cruisers. Petropavlovsk does get weakness, such as “weak” broadside, but then again, so do all other cruisers as well + top of the nose, but other than that, it’s really strong.

It doesn’t really fit in any class, what do you think?

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. It’s neither. This ship is balans comrade.

  2. Bismarck OP confirmed! It is illegal to citadel a member of the glorified Red Fleet!

  3. Just another Russian bias

  4. I saw the title and I knew what ship this vid is going to be about xD

  5. Since when is weak broadside armor a specific weakness, and not like the whole premise of the game?

    • @Juri you mean petro? The armor won’t help you broadside(like with almost all other ships), and the citadel is pretty high, even though the ships sits deep.

    • Fire the citadel is lower than Des Moines.

    • @Fire the cit cant sit higher then des moins when the whole ships sits way lower in the water lol

    • Yeah, EVERY ship has a weak broadside. Even German BBs. You dont’ get citadeled but the damage is HIGH. I can knock 22K off a high Tier German BB with one volley broadside. But even cruisers with turtlebacks will still eat broadside pens HARD. ALL cruisers definitely have weak broadsides; but some can bow tank “Moskva, Petro, etc”

    • Андрій Головчак

      @Norbert Daniels …and some of them can relatively easily turn away and hide their broadside from volley. Or hide in the smoke. Or accelerate and dodge incoming shells.
      The reason why weak broadside is called a specific weakness for Petro is how this ship maneuvers.
      p.s. I don’t say this ship is not OP, don’t get mad at me

  6. dispersion reminds me of that Halloween NC with the infernal accuracy consumable… absolute troll

  7. Every time you call it a battleship or whatsoever WG instantly punishs you for revealing their “secret”. The first rule of WoWs is: You do not talk about Russian bias.

  8. Robert Pettigrew

    Love they say manoeuvrability is a weakness and then give it 360 guns 🙂

  9. david and martine albon

    Remember when everyone used to joke about Moskva actually being a battleship?
    After watching this I can say that I don’t think that joke aged well…

  10. WoWS is an APRG. CVs are the pet master class, Cruisers and DDs are casters, using invisibility and DoTs, and super powerful single strike spells to take down others. BBs are the NPCs.

  11. At 15:30 when Flambass is listing what makes Petro OPAF, he forgot to mention that all 3 turrets get 360 degree rotation. A feature the Roon’s 2 rear turrets should have, just like its lower tier siblings have.

  12. Does 5k to Bismarck….
    “I’m going to do more damage that you’re going to do to me”
    Bismarck does 1x 11k citadel return volley… Of course the one time when it does this is when you make a statement like this^^
    I just flat out laughed out loud when it happend.

  13. This is the dumbest ship WG has ever released. Just looking at how it sits in the water is dumb. They took paper to a new level with this thing.

  14. “I’m going to do more damage to him than he will to me!”…. Chunk!*… “Ok, I take that back.”

  15. The class it’s called “Battlecruisers” and am glad they’re introducing them to the game.

  16. “The use of the helipad landing net is to prevent the helicopter from rolling, skidding and pitching off the helipad. Using fibre rope to avoid issues with rust and damage. The helideck landing net provides friction and grip for when the helicopter lands on the helipad.”

  17. WeeGee : she had poor maneuverability and wide turning circle
    Also WeeGee : gave her 360 turret with good firing angle

  18. Battleship or cruiser? It’s Russian so there something magical about this ship.

  19. Ao, who won? Thunderer with HE?

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