World of Warships – Battleship Replay Winner

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In which Crustay runs up a cricket score stomping over the Tirpitz swarm in his with the benefit of some absolutely sick matchmaking.

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  1. what happened to the runners up for the carriers and bb’s

  2. What a heartbreak.

  3. 17 of out 195 is pretty bad .087%. Historically at the Battle of the Yellow
    Sea between the Russian fleet of Port Arthur vs a Japanese fleet the
    overall hit ratio was a whopping 1.3%


  4. rarely see Tirpitz in SEA server tho xD

  5. oh good that im not at the north american server and save from duffey^^

  6. Jingles, will you make this an annual event? It has run so well.

  7. Shooting HE while being invisible is the most noobish and disgusting thing
    I’ve ever seen. So this duffey is not a good player, he’s just a frag whore
    and a dooche violating the game’s week points. I think WG would fix that
    and none of the ship could shoot while staying invisible, cause that’s a
    complete nonsense. Yamato was fine but damn he can’t find a proper lead.

  8. they should give battle ships a defensive fire cool down for their
    secondary batteries

  9. how do you get a tirpitz

  10. As with any BB, i like to lead the charge somewhat because firing at max
    range (as of now with my US BB’s, in the alpha i paly’d jap bb’s) gets me a
    lot of perfect shots.. peppering a silouette of my ship around the enemy…
    thus i prefer to fight at half range where i can slamm my shots into the
    side… but that puts me in the danger of getting focussed down.

  11. This dude sensitivity is fucking disgustingly high, so twitchy and annoying
    to watch. luckily it’s got jingle commentary to make it bearable.

  12. when there is a threat like that why don’t people blind fire at an area?
    when you see all of those shells coming it should make it rather obvious
    where the DD is.

  13. Potatoe potato Yamatoe Yamato?

  14. Nice video as always. It would be fun to see the highest damages while
    being low tier.

  15. i believe it is yaa-maaa-tooo, not yah mah tow… but idk, im not japanese.

  16. 18:25 DD inviso fire – i know it is legal game mechanic and it’s a video
    game, but this cannot happen in any of war. Even in the era of ww2. The
    fire from the guns on the DD would be spotted by the crew on the Battleship
    – but hey – this is world of ships.

  17. So that ‘great’ DD player basically camps at the back and spams HE from
    hidden positions all game?

  18. Jingles, if you watched Kancolle, you should know how to pronounce Yamato,
    in fact, japanese pronunciation it’s very easy to learn, at least to
    spanish speakers.

  19. 7:54 That 1 hit did 10k. The first hit right in the citadel and killed the
    enemy battleship before any others of his salvo did damage.

  20. how do u get this game to run fast I always too dan much

  21. Yeah I like to see a destroyer sink Tirpitz with gun fire in real life
    #broken, invisible bush phenomena again and again

  22. I’ve gotten obliterated by Duffey a couple times

  23. I can just see the next Mingles with Jingles, “Well as you all know I had
    planned to go to MCM Comicon this weekend but, Yeah, instead I felt It was
    necessary to put defensive fortifications around my shit in case the Rita
    gets a wild hair up her ass and decides to try and “help” me. As we speak
    right now my 6th sense has gone off which means my rig has been spotted by
    the Rita Class Destroyer.”

  24. I have a challenge for you, play 10 matches in wot without any markers or
    minimap, the only help you get is the outlines to determine friend from foe

  25. Battleships seem somewhat less than optimal in World of Warships. It may be
    historically accurate, but it’s hardly fun to play around with slow-firing,
    wildly inaccurate, slow-moving, inadequately armored, less-than-amazing
    damage dealing ships while destroyers and torpedo squadrons ream you with

  26. Fucking christ jingles do you ever stop talking about British tanks you old
    disgusting fat fuck a jesuses asshole. OH I AM SORRY YOU NEED A BREAK FROM

  27. damn lol i play like this in my Yamato and everyone insists im an idiot.
    Shame he didn’t shoot at duffeys1 with HE just after he fired at the Izumo.
    It would have bin speculative but duffeys1 was stationary when he was
    spotted and didn’t move even after Crustay reloaded. Would have bin worth a
    shot just to see if he could hit him and those 18.1 inch HE shells are very
    nasty. Still an awsome game thou and nice he got an ok reward for it.

    Im suprised you didn’t recieve a replay from Deprivatepickle (or how ever
    his name is spelled sorry it’s a tricky one to remember lol) since Ichase
    sent you one Pickle is a very good Yamato player with some monster damage
    games and he has had (and so have i) games where the secondaries have done
    heaps of damage anywhere from 40K to 80K damage on there own.

  28. yep, I’ve seen tier 3,4,and even 5 battleship drivers driving just like
    those tirpitzes did… driving like they are in tanks. Stop to take a shot,
    move back and forth in place, etc.

  29. “1700 games played” how many hours or days of evaporated human existence is
    that? And that is just WOW.

    His mother must feed him at the PC.

    Mericans say “Yah Mah Toe”

  30. WG’s MM.. Are any of us really surprised with it at any point? Weather it
    be Release day, New Vehicle or just a regular day on the servers.. Are we
    really surprised with it at all LOLz!

  31. Crustay should’ve used the Wave Motion Gun to take out that Gearing…

  32. The Crazy Pineapple

    Battleships’ guns were made to have the maximum firepower, and because of
    that the energy of the projectiles is high enough to drive them long
    distances if you face the gun upwards. Does that mean Battleships are
    better at long range then short? Of course not. Do the dummies playing WOWs
    care? Of course not 😀 Seriously, most of the community of this game should
    learn a very important lesson: just because you can, doesn’t mean it’s a
    good idea. Applies to battleship “snipers”, destroyers torpedoing not
    watching where they’re aiming, carriers operating from the very corner of
    the map…

  33. Came here for a Yamato replay. Was not disappointed. xD

  34. Tobias “sciencegeektoday” !

    What sever was this game on? US or UK?

  35. Can we please have runner up videos for Carriers and Battleships Jingles?

  36. secondary guns need to be upgraded a bit

  37. If you notice, they have been buffing american destroyers too, at least at
    the lower teirs. Increasing the secondary battery accuracy would screw the
    low and medium teir american and russian destroyers who have to get to
    point of suicidal range to even launch torpedos.

  38. Well that was a really nice commentary on duffeys1! 😀

  39. hey jingles whats up. not much cool beans. anyway i was playing world of
    warships and a question hit me. what do you think are the best ship to
    platoon (ya i know platoon is in tanks what ever you get the point) in a
    two ship platoon at lets say tier 10 8 and 5 i dont have any of those but i
    was curious o i am working the american destroyer and cruiser lines. um

  40. +The Mighty Jingles quick question. The text you used at 5:50, was that
    added in YouTube after upload or before with your video editing software?

  41. Yamato Cannon Loaded, as am I.

  42. Frank AndTheLoneStandingTuft

    Duffeys should send in a replay ^_^

  43. I legit found duffeys1 replay off another channel in this exact same battle


  45. Cannot wait for South East Asia server

  46. It seems there are no comments referring to kancolle in this video, so I
    will change that.
    Two words: Hotelru Yamato

  47. Secondary armament on all ships needs an accuracy buff. All those
    secondary’s on that Yamato and might as well be firing on a destroyer in a
    smoke screen. Shots all over the place. And speaking of secondary’s, how
    come the range of most secondary’s is far below that of the same caliber
    gun when mounted as primary armament?

  48. jingles i bearly got world of warships and i love it. you were one of the
    main reasons i got it so thanks for all your work.

  49. Tirpitz is the sister ship to the most iconic German warship, the
    battleship Bismarck vs the iconic battleship Yamato.

  50. Hey Jingles. You wanted to see the replay of the Destroyer.. ;-)….I
    think I found it….. nice one. Go to the YouTube channel of Fying Ross –
    and find “Epic Replay Episode 2 – Gearing Tier X Gameplay” Greets from
    holidays in Danmark.

  51. Here you go jingles, i guide to pronouncing all the Japanese ships, with
    phonetic pronunciation guides

  52. Really do think firing in smoke should reveal you or can not see inside of
    smoke even if team is spotting.

  53. Can someone tell some tips on how to sail the South Carolina? I just cannot
    play well in it, and I have decent enough scores on my destroyers and
    cruisers to know that it’s a problem of how I’m playing on battleships

  54. i believe “Driven” is the correct term jingles.

  55. Big fan,Jing!Ok,now that we got the kissing arss out of the way…who cares
    about,World of some scrap iron on the water?I need more iron scraps on
    land!!!Please do more videos about World of Tanks!!! I became a fan,for
    that cr@p 🙂 With love from….my wife :D

  56. The Gearing looks like its firing MLR grad rockets.. lol

  57. I guess WG shot itself an arrow to its knee with this competition. It
    proves that the MM is totaly messed up, as pretty much every high-scoring
    match had so many Tirpitz BBs on both sides.

  58. @3:25 it’s the 2nd jingles :D

  59. The camera movement at 15.00 made me throw up :'(

  60. I remember coming across a player in a Yamato. I can’t remember his/her
    name. I was in my hms warspite, just a naval enthusiast wanting to take the
    Iron Lady out to see her steaming along, and by that I mean a Noob. I did
    my best at the beginning, steamed north using her accurate fire to deal as
    much damage as possible, then noticed a New Mexico struggling against an
    Izumo point blank range. Steamed north to help, and to the ships credit it
    dealt some damage to the Izumo before it died. I steamed towards the Izumo
    unsupported, being shot by it before I could open up with my pitiful
    range(which annoys me considering the warspites supposed longest recorded
    moving hit at 21km) I got pummelled, but rather than shout and scream our
    Yamato changed course to help me, calmly advised me via chat to reduce my
    speed to 1/4 and head straight for the Izumo. Lo and behold it starts
    missing, I keep on shooting, and eventually the Yamato comes around the
    iceberg , crosses the t and opens its broadside

  61. Saw the word Yamato and that was it.

  62. You know how Brits pronounce Tomato? (to-maaaaah-toe)
    Yep, that’s also how you say Yamato. With the only difference being that
    you stop the “O” abruptly and emphasize the last syllable.

  63. Once in my Hosho I sank an Omaha with my secondaries. I think he thought he
    had a free kill, lol.

  64. Just imagine if Duffey won the destroyer game with that game. Two winners
    in the same match that would be a achievement.

  65. Where is Luke Skywalker in the movie poster and trailer for The Force
    Awakens? Is Luke the new Sith Lord?

  66. Sutanicus' Sanctum

    There should have been a best Tirpitz category as well 🙂

    The mod that you can buy that buffs secondary battery repairs should have
    been accuracy buff instead.

  67. Dear MR Jingles. Big fan. It’s pronounced Yamato…oh wait that doesn’t
    help much does it?

  68. IN my Fubuki was taking on a kagero 7klm out from my teams yamato well his
    secondary were shooting at the Kagero and Tked me . So that is the down
    side of 10klm secondarys on your Yamato so its not all that good at times .
    Was not even mad kinda laughed was thinking the kagero got me but nope
    Yamato -1 lol

  69. Lets be honest, what did Duffy win?

  70. So Yamato os an Jpz E-100 of the WOWS… basicly

  71. i counted 14 Tirpitz jingles

  72. the Gearings’s going to end up like the E-75 World of Tanks; “To defeat the
    Gearing, you must BECOME the Gearing.”

  73. Wiryan Tirtarahardja

    shell hose?
    I like the term artillery rainbow instead. Same goes for the bloody

  74. Przemyslaw Kuszynski

    *Sigh…* AH YES… “World of Warships”… a gamey where captain of the
    destroyer can sunk a fifth times bigger than him battleship using deck
    guns… we have dismissed that claim. >:)

  75. The Brother Captain

    LOL @people crying about destroyers being op are clearly not playing the
    game, The Gearing is one of the least successful Tier 10 ships in the game,
    Ninja firing at people like that takes a lot of skills and USN destroyers
    are way less then stellar in their preformance across all tiers, Atleast
    play the game before you cry about ships being OP.

  76. At least it wasn’t one of those games where MM decided that there should be
    6 DD’s on one team and none on the other like I keep seeing lately.

  77. Why not just shoot where the tracers are coming from? We’ve seen Duffey get
    lit up multiple times while he was doing his shooting and we’ve seen he
    likes to either remain stationary or move very, very slowly to stay inside
    the smoke screen.

  78. this guy doesn’t seem that good at all, missing a lot of his shots against
    some tirpitz noobs

  79. BBs could do with a buff to secondary accuracy, but also a cooldown like
    defensive fire, but for destroyers, increasing the range and accuracy of
    secondary battery fire while increasing the torpedo dispersion of their

  80. Jingles……… i love you

  81. duffeys1? never heard of him until this video came out.

  82. 69 penetrations… giggity…

  83. +1 Jingles on secondaries. And not just BB’s. Everyone should get it.
    There’s nothing worse than being in a cruiser and being forced by the need
    to protect something more important into a close range knife fight with a
    DD. Knowing that if he tries to close into unavoidable torp drop range he’s
    going to get ripped up by the secondaries would be lovely, especially once
    you transition to the much slower firing 8″ guns.

  84. Wiryan Tirtarahardja


  85. I find these replays interesting and Jingles is a key factor in making them
    WoT is ‘more or less’ a realistic game inasmuch as armour and firepower is
    modelled and engagements take place at probable/likely ‘real life’ ranges,
    depending on the map. The same does not apply to naval warfare. I regret
    that but it’s true.
    When HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales fought Bismarck and Prinz Eugen at
    the Denmark Strait, the battle range was 16km! If that was realistically
    modelled in a game, destroyers would spend most of a game getting to within
    meaningful range of opponents. Torpedo attacks on enemy fleets would become
    (as in real life) very difficult.
    I like the idea of the game but the problems inherent in making a playable
    game rather than a sim appear not to have been resolved.

  86. The lesson I’m learning from these winning games is: you can win a
    most-damage contest as long as the MM is completely skewed.

  87. Two seal-clubbing videos in a row….

  88. Tamoto

  89. World of Tirpitz lol ?

  90. Can’t put the Tripitz down though, it is not the ship but the players…and
    MM I guess. I wish I had the money to buy one but I am poor. I will have to
    play my Glass Dragon, the USS Atlanta instead.

  91. Alexandre Kleiubing

    two things that you guys can see on this replay
    1: destroyer invisible shooting
    2: secondary not do shit
    this need be fix

  92. holy crap! 195 shots fired, and 17 hits!! Thats less than a 10% hit rate! I
    know its secondaries at extreme ranges but come on.

  93. Pretty sure all 6inch secondary batteries no matter what the ship fire AP.
    5inch secondary guns do fire HE. I believe any secondary battery gun that
    has a gun caliber in excess of 140mm fires AP

  94. so how is it possible to buy a tirpitz? its not in the german tech tree and
    also not in the premium store page…

  95. Stopped watching as soon as I saw the matchmaking screen. 3 out of the 5
    winners so far have won in battles with FUBAR matchmaking lining them up
    with teams loaded down with Tirpitz newbs (as opposed to noobs). That is
    not to say all Tirpitz players are noobs but in a warship game with 10
    tiers and you can flash cash and get a tier 8 battleship there are going to
    be a LOT of clueless Tirpitz players. They might as well have run a
    competition to see who can sealclub in a T-18 in WoT and get the highest

    For me the main winner is going to be the wildcard one, the one that had
    the most entertaining game out of those submitted.

  96. Actually Jingles, your thumbnail is the Iowa, while the ship in the replay
    is the Yamato.


  98. Flying Ross has duffers side on this match on his epic replays 2 video.

  99. I was cruising around in my Atago yesterday shooting at a BB and all of a
    sudden I got a kill randomly. I thought WTF? And continued playing thinking
    I accidentally rammed a DD without taking damage somehow. Post battle
    results screen came up and I guess a Mutsuki got too close and my drunk
    gunners managed to kill him for it

  100. Jingles its a tamato

  101. majestic land squid

    Jingles, I was wondering what ship did you serve on in the navy?

  102. How the hell did u get ur previous WoWS replays working?

  103. i killed duffy with one salvo from izamo HE :P

  104. I thing he could’ve angled his armour better than that.

    And he could turn back and head for the last tirpitz.He knew he had to get
    close to that guy i’m not sure if that gearing could’ve kill him idk but if
    he had angled more he would’ve have more hp there so he could safely get

  105. Correctly it’s sounded like yam-ah-toe

  106. ayyyyy you did it jingles!

  107. ayyyyy you did it jingles!

  108. I gasmed 20 times cos of the yamato. pretty much once a minute. I love you

  109. Jonathan MacKenzie

    you actually pronounced Yamato right when you first said it, and this is
    from someone that knows Japanese. But as long as i know what ship you are
    talking about i don’t mind if you get it wrong.

  110. That’s my problem with DDs… Destroyers have no right to be able to shoot
    guns and not be spotted.

  111. Great game but sometimes I don’t get his target choices, he goes for angled
    ships when he has others showing him a nice broadside.

  112. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    Not sure if you meant it in a negative way at 4:26 but I think IJN BBs are
    supposed to sit in the back because they aren’t blessed with good rudder
    shift times or good armor like USN BBs. Plus they have superior gun ranges
    so it’s better to make use of it. The Yamato, however is like the only IJN
    BB to break this trend so it wouldn’t make sense for him to be sitting in
    the back with a ship with a survivability rating of 100.

  113. Yamato master race

  114. i cant beliver it 2 point away

  115. FirestreakRodimusPr

    and this is why I stopped playing Wargaming games. They have a lot of work
    to do to fix their games.

  116. Caps are ruining the game for me :(

  117. Yes! Finally! Thanks Jingles!

  118. Linda Van Der Linden

    may the force be with us

  119. what ships are better Japan or American?

  120. Is anyone else surprised that out of all the replay winners, only one was
    driving an American ship? Unbelievable the disparity in damage potential
    between the two nations.

  121. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Yes, and me with an BB Player sind the CBT couldnt buy himself a Torpitz to
    Play because he was too slow on the Buy -.-

  122. Would be great if you could do this every two months or so. I love the
    format, it’s loads of fun watching it!

  123. Jingles and Rita the Movie. Which actor would play Jingles and which
    actress would play Rita ?????????????

  124. That destroyer looks so cute surrounded by battleships

  125. Invisible destroyers hosing out shells. Terrible mechanic. It may work for
    game balance, but it takes the game too far out of reality for my taste. If
    anyone loves the mechanic, iChase has an in-depth analysis of how much each
    calibre of gun being fired adds to your detection range. But I say: maybe
    if Wargaming changed that detection range to extend 50m with every shell
    fired in the last 20seconds? Unlimited torpedoes are strange enough.
    Invisible ships hosing streams of shells at you? Nope.

  126. meh, just saw 270k+ Yamato game from strangers123

  127. Why did no one launch their aircraft to spot the Gearing? Yes I know about
    the AA power, but Crusty had 8 planes.

  128. Southern Connecticut Airsoft

    I did over 270k dmg in my Montana but couldn’t receive the replay file…


  129. Omg the lowe is nothing compared to the sheer number of tirpiz noobs
    running around

  130. that bastard in the gearing

  131. The constant camera swinging and zooming in / out every half second gave me
    a huge fucking migraine….. >_<''''''''''''''

  132. See! She is not a useless Hotel! She is good for more than sex appeal!

  133. You managed to get early access for the new Old Republic expansion?

  134. Easy to do damage when you’re playing against retards….

  135. This video is a perfect example for illustrating why DDs are so overpowered
    and BBs are practically EXP pinatas for all the other ships. Glad I play
    for free while other people throw money at this foolishness. They do not
    deserve my money. I cannot wait to see how overpowered the NON-exsitent
    blue print Russian navy will be, especially if the Murmansk is anything to
    go by.

  136. anticlimactic?

  137. Jack's bottle of rum

    It’s almost impossible to penetrate the citadel of the tirpitz because of a
    special system of armor it uses,i’m surprised that wargaming kinda put it
    into the game a little bit!

  138. Pfft that guy in DD has only 2.30 kill/death ratio, mine is 3.61 lol and i
    have never driven carriers just like him…


    kinda the second one pronouncing

  140. Battleships are in clear need for a buff while DDs should get a slight

  141. Just before the live game release, i played a match with Duffys on my team.
    We both were in destroyers and we held off 5 ships by ourself’s. 4
    battleships, and a cruiser. All were above Tier 8 and we won but not by
    torpedoes. We won with just our guns. That was the best match i ever had.

  142. the Tirpitz matchmaking hasn’t been like this for over a mounth

  143. Next patch American torps get a range buff :)

  144. Same match, but from Duffeys point of view.

  145. come on say it! battleships suck. and in reality one shot ONE FREAKING SHOT
    was enough to destroy an destroyer or a cruiser.

  146. +The Mighty Jingles Finally you give us battleship captains some sympathy.
    Thank you! And thank you for pointing out the accuracy of his secondaries
    would be a matter of shame even for stormtroopers. They’re nigh useless,
    although I think it’d be neat if they allowed you to aim the secondaries as
    a way to differentiate BB game play from cruisers a bit more allowing them
    to switch from short range rapid fire to long range slow fire would go a
    long way towards making BBs unique to play. As well as buff the AA slightly
    because right now the carrier is the king of this game.

  147. Jingles, they were all wrong pronunciations. It’s LeviOsa!

  148. NoneUrBuissness sszszzsss

    meh dont nerf battleships nerf citadel pens and buff battleship overall

  149. drunk Jingles :P

  150. Come on Jignles, that wasn’t entairtaining to watch at all. Even though he
    did the most damage, there wasn’t anything important in his gameplay.
    Farming tier 8 players that have no clue about the game is just boring.

    This is like playing a IS-7 and farming 8 enemy Lowes, and having an enemy
    Obj.140 farming the allied Lowes…

  151. And Jingels want to buff BBs again? You ask yourself why there were so few
    High Tier Crusers in the Replaycontest? Its because BBs are OP at High
    Tiers and nobody wants to be only the supportship and Exp Piniata for them.

  152. I WANT A YAMATO!!

  153. i still dont think that should count with soo many tirpitz’s sigh

  154. citadel hit counts as 1 hit…so if you get 5 hits and a citadel, you hit
    with 6 shells

  155. Saw the Iowa class BB thumbnail so I got happy, then I see the Yamato as
    the BB winner. Jingles you and your damn false advertising!

  156. pro tip, its yah mah toe, meaning great harmony

  157. Did 200k in my Tirpitz…if only I had more luck with citadel hits in that
    game 😛
    Well done!

  158. Yea lucky EU players…

  159. I feel like making battleships act like TD’s with huge guns and high
    accuracy would work, it’s not like their armor matters.

  160. thatbattlefield dude

    it’s like a shell hose XD that part had me in tears. the amount of fire
    that this was putting outwas nothing short of insane XD

  161. REVELATION03 W.O.T heres that replay from duffys
    perspective :-)

  162. I feel like the winner only won because he was in a Yamato, not because he
    played exceptionally well, which was kinda the point of this contest. His
    aim wasn’t very good, and although he made the right tactical decisions, in
    many situations he wasted a lot of opportunities to even fire at an enemy.
    He didn’t even get the high calliber award. But – the rules are the rules,
    so he won fair and true. Let’s just hope that the next contest (if there is
    any) will have rules that cannot be exploited by having the biggest ship
    with the biggest guns.

  163. So explain to me. How the actual FUCK does Crustay have a tier 10 right
    after the relase of the game??!!! Is he so lifeless nerd he has nothing
    else to do or is he just a idiot who spends thousands on a video game he
    propably gets tired on after few weeks???

  164. Stanisław Szczypuła

    JINGLES There is one very simply thing they could do do buff secondary guns
    on BB – give the control of them to players as an separate weapon. When
    your man guns are reloading you could use yours secondaries. BTW in real
    world those guns had 15’ich km range. Please pass this idea to WG.

  165. Thank you this FINELY makes my points that BBs have NO use in the game,
    DD’s,CA,CV’s are the game makers. BB’s are too slow and juicy targets for
    the OP DD’s and CA’s. There you go BBs need a buff of some sort to make
    them competitive!

  166. UPDATE the fuckin’ INtro

  167. Jingles secondaries 155mm or over actually fire AP While everything under
    fires HE

  168. TheNecromancer6666

    actually Jingles the Cover is a Iowa …. Jingles? “loading shotgun”

  169. , This is duffeys1 point of
    view of this battle.

  170. I personally have no respect whatsoever for people like duffeys of crustay
    who just skipped their way to tier 10 with free exp. Of course they have
    good stats, all they do is play the tier 10s and feast on people who are
    legitimately grinding the lines. You dont have to be good to have a good
    game in a tier 10 against tier 8s. In my opinion its just disgusting. But
    that is only my opinion

  171. those rapid fire guns are way too OP! maybe they should remove the infinite

  172. I have a feeling that the wildcard winner is going to be a guy named
    “Duffy” in a Gearing class destroyer.

  173. if you are intrested Jingles here is Duffeys1 Replay of that particular
    game 😉

  174. I clicked, “Start Battle”… ____’

  175. I will have you know, your constant mockery of BB captains on your video’s,
    has resulted in it getting harder and harder to score long range torpedo
    hits on them on the NA server. Thanks a lot Jingles you &$*%@#*

  176. Bloody hell mates.

  177. They say Tomato, you say Potato, I say Yamato!

  178. how was that the most damage

  179. Crustay’s game was good. he knows how to aim and drive his battleships,
    however the way he plays is so fucking twitchy which is very annoying. rant
    over :)

  180. Gosh, most annoying camera movements ever.. epilepsy or something? :P

  181. What I don’t get about the Yamato is that it has the biggest guns in the
    game, that can do the most damage, and is yet only something like 92 on the
    artillery rating… what unholy abomination does Wargaming have planned
    that will reach 100?

    Jingles, this is duffeys1 version of this game

  183. Jingles: it’s YAH-mah-TOE

  184. TJトマシュイェジーボタン

    Jingles …
    serious ??
    give the Nagato with more to 150k damages done
    give the Fuso with nearly 200 k damages done and 7th kills
    not Yamato he have more to 10 k damages per shot …
    how I like you … now you give a shit at

  185. Thank you for presenting the vids Jingles.
    Also thank you for saying out loud what I have been saying on the forums
    for months now. BB secondaries needs to be improved. Most should have
    better range (at least 5km) and better accuracy as you said, to help them
    hit some more as well.

    See you around.
    PS: when BB player ask for buffs on the forums, they get told to “L2P” and
    utterly destroyed. I hope WG thinks more like you and not like the other
    posters heh.

  186. Apparently WoWs has some really low standards. 60% WR with 2.44 Kd and
    under 2k battles wouldn’t be anywhere close to №1 player in WoT or AW. His
    only outstanding stat seems to be the WR, but with that KD he can’t be the
    one carrying all those matches. I don’t really play WoWs though, so I

  187. Oh dont worry if I see Duffey in my maps even if hes a friendly I will TK

  188. When I see replays like this it honestly makes me ask this question: Why
    bother playing this game? The mechanics just appears to favour certain
    players over others, there’s still a balance issue.

  189. Japanese pronounces all syllables in a word with the same stress, and all
    syllables are always pronounced the same way. As a result, I believe the
    correct pronunciation is yah-mah-toh.

  190. I was in my Atago, I wasn’t paying attention then all of a sudden I get a
    kill notification and an alert that I have torps incoming portside stern.
    As I turn to avoid them, one of the enemy DDs in chat says, “good kill

    At first I was confused, I was vaguely aware that my secondaries had been
    firing at something. Apparently when I wasn’t paying attention, an
    destroyer had come up behind me in range of my secondaries. After he had
    dumped torps into the water, my secondaries apparently killed him. When I
    told him it was my secondaries, he laughed

  191. It has somewhat have become a bit of a game for me to figure out what
    Jingles’ excuse is for not putting up a battleship replay of himself.

    Before: “Oh the main battery guns are to inaccurate at short range.”
    Previous Patch: Main battery buff at short ranges

    Now: “Oh the seconary batteries need a buff.”
    My Response: “Quit with the excuses! Get in a battleship as complaining
    about their weaknesses isn’t helping anyone (including yourself).”

  192. Can we expect to see World of Warplanes soon jingles?

  193. burntorangeandblue

    I used to wonder about bad driving and sketchy tactics until I realized
    streamers are having contests for things like “Who can do the most damage
    in a BB driving backwards or in a BB firing only HE or in a DD without
    firing torpedoes” and now I don’t consider them idiots who can’t play the
    game, just people driven to entertain for the chance of free stuff at the
    expense of others not in on the joke, but it’s just a game anyhow, right?
    (Trying for a personal record run-on sentence.)

  194. Most of the winners won because of insane lucky MM and the swarm of

  195. It’s not ironic that the focus of the discussion in the Battleship replay
    is on the enemy destroyer, it’s the state of the game. No battleship duels,
    just a tier 10 bullying tier 8s and running away from a destroyer as fast
    as possible.

  196. 18:04 – to pee further than you can see… hard night

  197. That Old Milk Carton

    Correct pronunciation is the second one, Jingles. 😛 Yah-mah-Toe

  198. It’s not only match making. I think that guns on American destroyers are a
    bit too OP. Also, about secondaries on Battleships, I don’t even care if
    they are firing or not. If there’s destroyer coming at me I immediately
    switch to HE with my main guns, cuz otherwise I am dead.

  199. Give battleships an ability analogous to The defensive fire of cruisers
    except for their secondaries, maybe it trades accuracy for range or vice

    Or… Have battleships receive anti torpedo nets that slow them down and
    take time to deploy…

  200. I didn’t submit a replay.

  201. Thorleif Lantz (Blaatann)

    +Jingles – Here is the replay of Duffeys match uploaded by Flying Ross 😉

  202. world of warships the winner

    WG if u see this then can u fix this fucking crap

  203. I couldn`t find duffeys1 🙁 ! Can somebody help me ?

  204. Funny thing, I don’t remember this battle… maybe because I sucked so bad
    in it. LOL.
    Great video. Jingles.

  205. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  206. Haha thanks for the shout out Jingles and Crustay. If you want to see it
    from my perspective here is the video

  207. Patrick Grænge Hansen 1f

    i think my kill/death is 2.22

  208. Just for the record, you pronounced “Yamato” right the third time. Japanese
    doesn’t stress any syllables the way English does, so it’s “ya-ma-toe”, not

  209. BB and CV winner were not surprises as each (Midway and Yamato) has the
    highest average dam/battle of its class at any tier.
    Nothing at all impressive about this particular game in the BB other than
    the MM, frankly.
    Oh, and Jingles, your comments about secondary guns etc? I made exactly
    those points on one of your videos quite some time ago in response to some
    stuff you said about BBs (much of which was correct, of course) which no
    doubt you didn’t read, just as you probably aren’t reading this or any of
    the other comments I’ve made since I’ve been a subscriber.
    Makes me wonder why I do, frankly.
    I’ve had 5 years of conversations with WG where I’m the only one who says
    anything. Do I really need another?
    Suggestion for secondary batteries? Make it so the longer a target spends
    within range AND is specifically selected by the BB commander, the more
    accurate the secondary guns get with successive salvoes. It would stop DDs
    being able to swan around within secondary range against lower tier BBs
    that can’t hit shit, and yet reward the smart ones who duck in and out of

  210. Well 12k dmg in the yammy without a citadel Isnt really spectacular:P

  211. Maybe its just me but I really like how all of the higher skilled players
    I’ve encountered are decent folks that Id buy a drink for. Its also amusing
    as hell that most of them have a sort of “I like you, I kill you last”
    mentality towards each other. One day, I hope to shed my proletariat skin
    and ascend to the upper ranks.

  212. the pronounce of IJN ships, are Japanese instead of English. so saying it
    in Japanese will be the most accurate pronunciation

  213. +1 on secondary. This guy had 8.7% hits with his. I have 12% on mine as a
    whole. (Main battery is 31%.) I’ve sunk 0.99% of my kills with secondarys.
    (11 in 1 276 battles) And you kind of shake your head at it when a DD can
    go for 3 km while you secondarys give all they’ve got without results. Same
    for example the Cleveland. It’s supposed to have 12 127 mm guns, that’s
    three DDs. But no damage at all when the fire. Hanse77 (SWE)

  214. ‫براہمداغ‬‎

    A good battleship captain always keep in mind the enemy destroyers.

  215. Also I’m sorry to say this Jingles, but your Wikipedia page was deleted :(

  216. anybody know if duffey’s got a twitch?

  217. Patrick Grænge Hansen 1f

    wow Jingles got the size of the guns on the Yamato right
    that´s a first!!!

  218. Funny how the WoWs playerbase managed to kind of kill the reputation of one

  219. Why should the battleships get a buff? Nerf the long range accuracy of
    destroyers and cruisers so that they have to close in more and can’t just
    HE spam. A battleship should be feared and not be an XP pinata. How to kill
    a battleship if you are not in one you ask? Well, torpedo’s…

  220. I don’t see why this is a “winner” , but ok … congrasts to Crustay !

  221. Feel sorry for the guy that gearing is op

  222. The Tirpitz really is the Lowe of World of Warships. It’d probably be
    better for gameplay’s sake for WG to make it so that someone must play a
    certain number of battles before actually buying a tier 8 premium, but of
    course doing that would mean less money for them.


    Duffeys version of the replay. just did a quick search to see if maybe he
    had put it somewhere. Same battle I think. Crustay is on the other side

  224. Zooming in and out with the scroll wheel makes me nauseous, wish he’d just
    use shift.

  225. Jingles! I don’t know if you saw back to the future 2, but if you did, well
    you didn’t see this. At the beginning, Marty and the doctor travel to the
    future, but that future is soon going to become present and then past. They
    travel to the 21 October 2015! That’s tomorrow so I thought you’d like to
    know. By the way, 2015 is nothing like they predicted it in 1986 (I think
    it’s 1986).

  226. From what I’ve heard it’s “Yamáto”, with a weak accent in the second

  227. Citrus Aviation & The Professional Railfan

    Awesome video! I’m 235th LIKE!
    I’m going to look out for Duffies.

  228. This replay made me sea sick from all the view changes. my god…..

  229. Youtube sucking balls again, despite having a 75meg download speed
    constantly buffering….

  230. They seriously need to fix this games’ matchmaking… A DD has no possible
    chance to do as much as a BB.
    Heck cruisers and dd in general probably need a serious buff, high tier
    games is nothing but endless battleships.

    The wot logic of one medium equals one heavy just does not work in this

    Also Jingels a BB buff? I guess they need it so much because they totally
    aren’t the best performing ship class in the game…
    Higher tier games is nothing but nearly full BB teams…

  231. I’m sure it didn’t help the MM that jingles announced a giveaway of premium
    ships for the most damage done, so everyone just getting the game wanting
    to win a ship run out and buy the only tier 8 BB in the store instead of
    trying to win in a tier 1

  232. Is anyone else having a horrendous fps problem with Jingle’s videos? I’ve
    had it since last week. Youtube is fucking up again.

  233. No runnerups :'(

  234. And there we can see the broken Mechanics of HE.
    And the bastards will never fix it.

  235. hwy Jingles, that izamo battleship. was it a prewar design or designed
    during ww 2?

  236. Pronounced Yah-mah-toe.

  237. Oh my god, I clicked on return to port :/

  238. Augustas jaruševičius

    ship drivers?

  239. Wow, that was some good cruiser play, some very superior destroyer play,
    and above average battleship play. I do see some problems after viewing all
    the winner categories. I won’t go back and look, but it seems all the other
    categories that won did more damage than the Yamato Crustay was playing, or
    at the very least, the Yamato didn’t outperform the other ships by very

    We can clearly see that 18.5″ guns are not superior to the 127mm (I think)
    guns on a destroyer. The damage per minute on the Gearing had to be
    superior to all the other ships here in this game. Granted, it was being
    driven by arguably the best player in WoWs, but others will follow
    eventually. If you fear a destroyer more than a Yamato in a gun duel,
    Wargaming might need to go back and examine the base design of the game.

    I won’t be stopping my play of WoWs, it is a rather fun game, and ship
    combat is just so bloody fun. Come on though, any destroyer hit by a Yamato
    shell if not ripped in two pieces, would feel a world of hurt from just one

  240. You can watch this match from Duffeys point of view if you search for the
    video “World of Warships: Epic Replay Episode 2 – Gearing Tier X Gameplay”

  241. why he didn’t send his aircraft to spot destroyer ?!

  242. aw come one jingles I sent you a 270k damage montana game :/

  243. just a random question…Will you play fallout 4?

  244. Working when, NEW JINGLES video!
    Now I have my headset on and listen to him while doing my job.

    Also, that gus is just OP, someone nerf him please! :)

  245. WG needs to limit the amount of vodka the secondary gunners are allowed per
    match. Might help with their accuracy issues. Either that… or they are
    all manned by the gunners from Space Balls.

  246. I must start playing this game again, please let me know if anyone here
    would like to team up on the EU server.

  247. towards the end of this video we see how ridiculous this game is, as a
    Tirpitz (one of the best armoured ships ever made) is being molested by an
    invisible destroyer. This is a problem because HE can set things on fire in
    this game just by hitting them(which is totally inaccurate to real life).
    so, in summary a Battleship is being heavily damaged by a 5 inch gun on a
    destroyer just because HE can set things on fire…


  248. Jingles still wants a buff for the most powerfull class in the game XD BB’s
    are so OP (T5-10) it’s not even funny anymore

  249. It’s Yu-MAH-toe. Enunciation is on the second syllable.

  250. So i hear the Yamato got a ninja nerf, its long range dispersion is huge
    now. no longer will the cluster be so tight as you see in this video.

  251. This guy MUST learn where Shift key is…

  252. plot twist: duffey is the overall winner

  253. Nice jingles i love you

  254. Akolotu Moeloa (TonganJedi)

    If you type “pronounce ” in Google, you get links to
    native pronunciations.

  255. Chaffeine Smoke E.A.G.TF

    If duffeys is so good, why is HE not the destroyer winner, or overall

  256. So the way to win damage is in a tier 10 and get lucky with MM and fight
    Derpitz xD

  257. Youtube says 720p60 HD Screen says 480p at best. I’ll come back later and
    try again.

  258. Hey jingles I think this is Duffeys1 replay from this exact match

  259. Bad luck for Crustay having that DD player in enemy team but cg on winning
    the prize anyway, I was wondering how much dmg is a BB gonna have in
    comparison to cruiser category !

  260. “You say Yom-ay-to, and i say Yom-ah-to, lets call the whole thing off” :
    Ella Fitzgerald

  261. why is that kind of firing allowed anyway? I mean that seems like a huge
    balance issue to me.

  262. so, we have our wows version of the lowe (noobs buying high tier premium
    not knowing how to use it)
    where’s our wows kv-2?

  263. who the fuck is duffy ? and OMG watching this is painfull, is this guy
    handicapped ? zooming in, zooming out non stop.So many easy shots missed by

  264. the fps is so bad in this vid, goddam youtube

  265. 38th darn

  266. Lol seriously…… all winners had the same matchmaking: dozens of tirpitz
    bbs……come on! i looks like the contest was about: the one who got the
    biggest amount of enemy tirpitzes in a match wins. (destroyer winner had a
    tirpitz lunch as well as the cv winner)
    but in some way the tirpitz gets owned a lot xD is it really that bad? =)

  267. Just a quick question, how do you follow shells after they’ve been fired?

  268. This is how you pronounce it mate

  269. Wow, when people said the tirpitz was pretty much the lurve of WOW, they
    weren’t kidding or exaggerating in any way.

  270. Jingles!!!! The new Star Wars trailer!!!!!!!! Make a reaction video!!!!

  271. Common theme in these winners: Grizzled veteran in tier 10 vs. 14 Derpitz.
    Bloodbath ensues.

  272. Under 315 club :D

  273. Strike Force Gaming

    Hey Jingles, I have been a long term subscriber on my other YouTube
    account. I have watched your content for years and I think it’s fantastic.
    I have just created this YouTube channel, and posted my first World of
    Warships video. I was just hoping to get some advice as to how I can
    improve my content. Thank you again for all the great content you have put
    out over the years, and I hope to hear from you soon.

  274. Next thing you see, Jingles is going back home and there’s a smoking
    cratter on its place, Rita is looking at it with pup eyes and he asks:

    – Rita what did you do this time?


  275. I was about to study a bit when…..

  276. got I LOVE the Iowa so much, dodging torps like a master

  277. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Dear GODS! What lucky lucky MM!

  278. hey jingles I’m in American

  279. excellent

  280. 2 minutes ago. Good Lord I have been blessed.

  281. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Yays! He got it work! Thumbs up Jingles. And I’m sorry my pilot keeps
    dropping my Leopard 2 on your car.

  282. Under 2 mins ago club

  283. america!

  284. Mr. Jingles… Question. I was watching your IS-6 review today, and noticed
    you had the IS-4 unlocked. But you didn’t have the KV-4 and ST-1
    researched??? How do you do that? Do you have powerful friends over at

  285. Fifth comment

  286. 1 min ago, damn I had a feeling!

  287. (Not) First!

  288. yow!

  289. First!

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