World of Warships | BATTLESHIP SLOT MACHINE!| Will I hit the enemy? Gameplay

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| BATTLESHIP SLOT MACHINE!| Will I hit the enemy? Gameplay
▶ I am going to be playing the battleship accuracy slot machines in World of Warships? Will I hit? Lets find out!

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  1. I love finally seeing someone with great macro on this. Didn’t realise you
    had started playing this. CoH is great training for it me thinks.

  2. if you switch your speed (usually between 1/4 and full) it totally messes
    with people’s aim because of the amount of lead changing. 

  3. looks at mouth and hears audio. sound is off Sync.

  4. i love the battleship video’s !

  5. I bet Krebs gets a fuckton of snapper

  6. This is a really wierd year for me, because the only april fools jokes that
    I noticed were those by Wargaming and Gajin. Btw: don’t you think that
    Gajin went a bit too far with their mockery of WoT?

  7. he krebs, you can maybe fire in salvos to get your range with the first
    shot, since battleships have a massive reload time you can maybe get more
    out of your shots this way.

  8. Curently the most OP ship in WoWs is the Mogami. Tier 7 CL.
    You have a choice of 155mm tripple cannons or 203mm dual canons … so its
    either 15 shots per salvo or 10 shots per salvo. The DPM on those 155mm is
    amazing … you rip appart any ship that isnt a battleship in a mater of 30
    seconds. But to face of battleships its better to use the 203mm canons
    since they have an easier time penetrating. You loose quite allot of DPM
    Firing every 10 seconds means you fire the next shots before yo ufirst even
    lands. DDs fear you like the pest wiht your rainstorm of shells.

  9. I played the ST1 got spawn bombed so i ragequitted and played some AB air
    and i got teamkilled or teamrammed 5 times in 2 games.

  10. Did you all have a good april fools? :)

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