World of Warships – Battleship Stalingrad

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When is a battleship not a battleship? And just how many kills and how much damage is too much? Enter Battleship Stalingrad…

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  1. Waited for this. Always watch your videos in a morning before starting work as I live in the uk. seems like a later upload, but watching this whilst working!

  2. Wait…Stalingrad has 12*305mm guns?? Well that’s a proper Jingles moment LOL

  3. anonymous person

    Stalingrad is back. Stalingrad is angry that last time it was deleted in the Captain Stevie video. Stalingrad does not take prisoners.

    • Jaqui Greenlees

      and it was clear that Stalingrad’s Kapitan shipped a massive number of dissidents to the Gulags so the Stalinium armour and the cold dead hand of Stalin were on side during the battle.

  4. you just should have gone for the Jingles Special Edition of that ship.

  5. Christopher Sims

    Fun fight! Thanks Jingles!

  6. I swear he does it on purpose.

  7. Kristoffer Mangila

    It all depends on the ship’s driver…

  8. Nikita Ostrovsky

    Jingles clearly likes this player a lot, I mean, he calls him “bro”, how lovely is that

  9. Its a one off jingles approved dlc

  10. Those railguns never ever disappoint. Cheers for the vid, old man! And props to the stalin player for a great performance

  11. Well done to that Stalingrad
    and thank you for a fun video Jingles

  12. i wanna be like Mr. Jingles one day… thats my dream… to laugh like that “because there is 5 radars in this team”

  13. I *felt* the ‘actually jingles’ coming when he kept calling the Duncan the St.Vincent. Thanks for the vids, man. back to the mines for me.

  14. Lets just say that those 12 guns only fired 9 shells every time he fired them πŸ˜› Dont change old man… Dont change

  15. Ah yes, the game that shows that ‘RNG’ really isn’t random.

  16. He is also getting older and older

  17. TBF Scharnhorst was planned to be upgraded with 38 cm Bismarck Type guns but it never came to pass..and its 28 CM main battery was a evolution of the old 28 cm , with longer barrels, better range and muzzle velocity, higher penetration etc.

  18. WOW! Great game!!! Thank you for sending this to Jingles and thank you Old Gnome for sharing this with us!

  19. What a game, well played!

  20. If they increased the damage taken from any source by 10% for every 10 seconds you’re in contact with the map border, people would learn to stay off the border.

  21. Great game – he was obviously aided by the 3 extra guns he had πŸ˜›

  22. Broccan Mac Ronain

    I like the Ships that hug the line are hard to hit with the aiming assistance and as it is said the Stalingrad gets 5 crits and drops the ship.

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