World of Warships Battleships and the Importance of Pushing and Flanking

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Had I stayed in back, we probably would have lost.


  1. just got the GK, pushing in with that monster with manual secondaries is epic.

  2. Good game, I may be wrong but it was also possible thanks to your DDs on A&C.


  4. Good work Zoup.My problem with BB’s is I’m too agressive.Nothing pisses me off more than an IJN BB edge hugging at the back of the map sniping.

  5. Good one. BUT your commentary track was slightly off, you called out hits and misses before they landed, that ruined the tension! 😀 – anyway, good game, hope to see more aggressive BBs

    • You don’t understand… this screwed me up bad. I just watched Flambass’ casting of KotS, and the audio was off (early) by about the same amount. So, having now seen it on two separate videos in a row, there must be a problem. I made about 3 Google searches before I just checked the comments to see if I was just the victim of a series of unfortunate events lol.

  6. Geoff the Ironwolf

    BBs tend to forget. They are THE fire support ships.

  7. You got away with that push into B. If the Musashi wasn’t a potato and you got spotted he had your side against the mountain. You should have stayed to finish him imo.

  8. “To push” is not only a movement. It’s a state of mind were you decide to do bad thing to the enemy rather than thinking how to save your own sorry ass.

  9. You had a good game, but I feel like you’re patting yourself on the back more than you deserve. Your push was into 3 CLs that had 1/4 of their health already gone. Those would be pretty easy to one shot. Your DD took out one of those CLs, and your team did manage to win at A. I don’t think the game would have been much different if you pushed harder and died to the Tashkent. I’m certain I sound like a jerk, but I feel your team deserves more credit than you gave them.

    • How long would his DD have survived if without a BB pushing up to support , take the red’s attention at the right time, and tank damage? Seems like Zoup just played this very much like a US cruiser (right down to island-hopping), where “pushing” to support your DD can turn into a YOLO suicide if you aren’t cautious. He stayed cautious and patient, but was persistent. Eventually that payed off when he was able to flank 3 cruisers. The CLs were the end result, not the point.

    • The Fletcher didn’t survive long with support, but they did kill the BB. Soup should have focused the Tashkent instead of engaging the BB. The Fletcher had no issue dealing enough damage to the Lion, and Soup pushing didn’t (imo) change what the Lion decided to do. The Lion also focused the Fletcher, not Soup. 4:38 if you want to watch it again.

      The Z-46 didn’t really need Soup’s help at the end, the DD killed the Atlanta and would have run away. Even if the CLs killed the DD, the game still would have been a win. Killing the Mogami was about all Soup did to support the Z-46.

      Again, this wasn’t a bad game, but I don’t agree that Soup made all the difference like he said at 10:05 . I think it still would have been a win if Soup went BA and didn’t flank.

    • Moh, you are missing the pint of this video. Zoup could care less about how it went down, but rather he is trying to say BBs need to start putting themselves in situations where they can do far more to effect a battle. His play was not perfect, but had he not at least tried to support, the chances of a loss were much higher

    • I understand his saying BBs should push more, but I was also hearing the parts of the video saying because he pushed, the outcome was much different, and it wasn’t. Sure, there are battles where a BB pushing is what wins the game, but this isn’t one of those. If Zoup (sorry about misspelling that before) hadn’t pushed and just behaved like a typical BB, the outcome wouldn’t have changed. He should have used a different video for the point he was making.

  10. Why no premium consumables on the Missouri?? I definitely understand needing to save credits when you’re trying to purchase tier 10 ships or upgrades but the Missouri generates so much that I always run premium’s on her .

  11. Amaresh Bhaskaran

    Would have been interesting to see ur potential damage, you should enable that in settings

  12. Lot of armchair quarterbacking going on in the comment section today.

  13. Haven’t been subbed long on this channel, do you always play standard consumables? Like, I’ll take standard RADAR fairly often because the CD is still long and opportunities to use it well aren’t always present anyway. I sometimes will do standard heal, if I’m running low on heal flags and won’t get as much benefit anyway. But repairs!? That’s non-negotiable sir! At like 7:15, you have ~40k health and a minute left on DC CD, and just BARELY got out of the way of that last torp. Certain death with standard DC, but the shorter cooldown of premium would have saved you, had it hit. Was this oversight or intentional? If intentional, bravo on the massive balls man.

  14. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Hello Zoup! Im here yet again to ask the same as yesterday
    have a question about a project I have. I’m a Spanish guy who enjoys reviews like the ones Little White Mouse does. So I thought to myself that I could do that for the Spanish community. The main problem is that WG removed the official Spanish forum and we were forced to do a unofficial one. So here is my question; I have a good level English, with the Advanced title on the way; what I would need to become one like LWM? Write the reviews for the official UK forum? Or how I can become one of that kind of contributor?

  15. Note: Pushing in BBs is important as long as you know WHEN and WHERE to push. Too many BBs also just yolo forward and die right away from DD torps and HE spam. As a BB, you always need to ride a fine line between passive and aggressive. Just don’t be passive aggressive 😉

  16. Colonel David Davenport

    Good words – nice play!  I love pushing with my BB’s!

  17. Non-premium consumables on a MO? Mind Blown. The hardest thing to balance in a BB is getting close enough to be effective, but not over extending and getting whipped out. Good game Zoup.

  18. number 1 rule in a BB that has different targets to shoot at if one is a BB and one is a DD nail that DD forget the BB you can allways deal with him later or have someone else deal with him but DDs are the biggest treat to you so shooting the lion is questionable when the tashkent was right there but that could have been in the moment kind of thing who knows

  19. Palle Gantzhorn

    Fus ro Dah…

  20. when you see 2 BBs (nagato and Lyon) hiding in the NE corner of Ultimate Frontier trying to snipe whiskey DDs at 20km. Do nothing to help as their teammate cruisers get over run at the repair base. And finally turn away from the DDs destroying the airbase in preference to shooting at a BB 16km away … its at this point you realize that the BB (master) race to the bottom has been won.

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