World of Warships – Battleships!

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So there’s this Japanese Battleship and it runs into three enemy Battleships. The Captain turns around and tells his steward to go fetch his red shirt, and so the Captain fights the battle wearing this red shirt. The next day they run into ten enemy Battleships and the Captain once again tells the steward to go fetch his red shirt and once again fights the battle wearing it. The steward asks the Captain: “Captain-san, why do you always go into battle wearing your red shirt?”

The Captain replies: “If I am wounded in battle my blood will not be seen on my red shirt and my crew will not lose heart at the sight of their wounded Captain.”

The next day they run into a hundred enemy Battleships, the Captain tells the steward: “Go and get my red shirt, and this time bring my brown trousers as well.”

Thanks, folks, I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

World of Warships NA:
World of Warships EU:

Beta Code Winners:
Mickey Roache
Zim Boy
Andrew Hendrix
Ad Sd
Slash youwish
Micha Willems
Waveman MAV


  1. I’m bored…

  2. nice job jingles for the emperor 

  3. Jingles. I appreciate you picking me for a beta code. Unfortunately, it
    says the code you gave me is invalid. Not sure why.

  4. :DDDD

  5. viktor mäntysaari

    nice video 

  6. I was really excited about this game, but watching the videos im really let
    down by what i see. Mostly its because its all about hiding behind random
    mountains which kills the mood of the game. When i think of battleships
    fighting, i think about open sea, the pacific, not random Mt. Everest
    mountains spread all over the map. To much like world of tanks.

  7. Quite amazing when you maneuvered to avoid the torpedoes and almost saved
    your team mate though it may seem like you used him as a shield, lol.

  8. You always make great videos Jingles.Cant wait to play this game.

  9. jingles you are giving away invite codes?!

  10. was i the only one laughing at the chat going on in the battle?

  11. hello

  12. Just like to say thx for the commentary ,found it very helpful Jingles
    ;looking forward to this coming out ,have played tanks for 3 years now hope
    to have the same fun and friendship ….cheers Snafu187mdk

  13. Battleships

  14. jingles, you have more codes?

  15. Thank you for the video and the tips for playing a Battleship. 

  16. please send me a world of warships code
    I forgot to open youtube on my PC so I could post a reply

  17. Hello Jingles, another great video!!!

  18. do hope the game is ready soon.

  19. Lolz

  20. Do they have Pennsylvania class Battleships 

  21. Thanks Jingles. First time I watched warships.

  22. great video, and you are right, that idiot deserved to get rammed by you

  23. i leave a comment on this video, no flattering/whining.

  24. Thomas Desjardins

    Good video

  25. Thank you for the game play video.

  26. Jingles is the game play overall pretty clean? So cant wait for this to

  27. Im just going to leave a comment here, totally not to get free stuff. 

  28. I like how you guyz say for the first victory that it’s a double, but you
    actually get x1,5 xp :P

  29. Jingles are you planning on showing us some aircraft carrier gameplay
    anytime soon?

  30. loving your content at the moment jingles Good Job!

  31. Taisting the Air

    it is not fair that we get to watch and NOT play Waaaaaaaaaa

  32. Dat intro music doh.

  33. wish they would create sub-classes for the different types of ship, would
    make it less broad and might improve matchmaking (i.e. not having pre-WWI
    ships vs WWII ships, except for those that served in both time periods),
    perhaps something like:

    light (CVL), escort (CVE) and fleet (CV) for aircraft carriers
    corvette (PG), destroyer escort/frigate (DE) and destroyer (DD) for
    scout (SCR), light (CL), heavy (CA) and battlecruiser (CB) for cruisers
    pre-dreadnought, dreadnought, standard and fast for battleships (all BB)

  34. Why no British or German ships.

  35. awesome vid Jingles

  36. noooooooooooooo

  37. Code here pls.

  38. ok I cant wait to get into this game now XD

  39. Thanks for another interesting video Jingles. I can’t wait to get this
    game. While obviously (for reasons you have mentioned too) there is no
    room for subs in this game, I am still going to get to play Destroyers. I
    was in ASW while in the navy and I just have to play first with destroyers
    (as there are no frigates).

  40. is ther going tu be iowa class battleship

  41. christopher tucker

    that poor guy!

  42. leaving a comment

  43. Woooooo

  44. Magnus Gustafsson

    Pew pew jingles

  45. Krystian Bryćko

    comment !!

  46. CreeperInMinecraft11

    Dude, this looks awesome! I would LOVE to have an access code, i have
    played wot and wowp. But this looks phenomenal!!! :)

  47. I can’t wait to get my hands on those air craft carriers destroyers and
    battleship’s cruiser I’ll have to play them to see how they are 

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