World of Warships: Bawkses

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Wargaming have revamped the Community Contributor program for World of Warships. Along with several behind the scenes improvements for the CCs, they’ve left all these metal boxes and tins of paint lying around…


  1. Yes, we do like to banjo a CC. only one I’ve ran in to was yourself in your Atlanta, said hello with AP from close range 🙂

  2. Feel Free not to use Twitch, for those of us in Aus, we are usually asleep or at work when the northern hemisphere is streaming…..sadly

  3. I could certainly put 100k free XP towards getting a Musashi

  4. Jingles got a Lo Yang…………………the bastard!

  5. You could always team up with somebody and put the bounty on THEM. 😉

  6. “Jingles will get an updated ship recognition manual”… heh

  7. Was that a Bawston accent?

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