World of Warships: Bayard – Where Did I Get All This XP From?

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I got a surprisingly high amount of XP this game. I can’t really understand it myself.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 French cruiser Bayard.


  1. Hello and first.

  2. Your videos and results feels more real to me than anybother wows youtubers
    The streamer luck thing was confirmed to be rigged for other games and furthermore your videos show the common wows players:those who camp to death

  3. Yes, it is because you damaged so many TX DDs so much.
    You get XP according to the percentage of the max HP of the enemy ship (so 10k on a 20k max ship has the same value as 50k on a 100k ship).
    Also, you get an bonus for damaging ships with a higher tier than you and a penalty for lower tier ones.
    And yes, these two can make this big of a difference.

    • Yeah, I guess it’s mostly the tier difference. Bayard is an excellent ship for that, because she’s reallllllllllllllly powerful.

    • @Aerroon You also got 7 cap defense and a solo capture point. Some more points for the time you block B for enemy ships in order to deny their cap progress. Some more for torp spotting and spotting in general.
      But the main part is the non-repairable damge to T10 DDs. Keep in mind that would be like 150k damage to BBs (with repairs more like 200k+) and the bonus because of their higher tier.

      In a tier 6-8 battle i guess you would need like 300k damage to BBs to get more than 3k baseXP

  4. Looks like you simply did the right thing 🙂
    I love how these early post-war (last gunships) look. The Bayard is soo tempting.

  5. 0:36 seconds in, and Aerroon gets a paddlin.

  6. Yeah hitting T10 in aT8 grants you more xp. I had a masachussets T10 3300base xp game with 196k dmg and i was thinking of the same thing as you

  7. Damage up tier ships really gets a lots of bonus

  8. Elitemole1825 Royale163

    It is amazing the experience thqt you get.
    I will like to have at last one battle of much experience??

  9. In addition to damage, you had 98/105 defense points, 60 cap points, almost 2m potential damage, and 55k damage upon spotting. Add in your work on the T10 DDs, and there you go.

  10. Wow! Community contributors automatically get plus 150% XP!

  11. I think you were to conservative with your reload booster use. Rather waste a few seconds of it over having charges left at the end.

  12. OG won TI9!!

    Such great game, cindarella story still goes on :D!

  13. 1. you damage many DDs
    2. you cap
    3. you are in premium ships, premium ships has better base xp

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