World of Warships: Bayern hits a last second shot! Ranked Sprint 7v7

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Season 4 of Ranked Sprint started and we started our run to Rank 1. This time we are taking the Tier 6 the Bayern and had a gem of a game. Nothing like leaving it down to the wire!


  1. Maybe first?

    Plz dislike this comment.

  2. GreenLight Crypto

    Your team making it possible for you 2 carry harder

  3. Was that a ripple fire finish?

  4. That CV was an idiot. Trying to ram? Really??

  5. Sorry to say so but that was a really bad play… instead of staying together and tank for your team, you decided to go around to far DMG from the flank…

    • Cosmin Lesutan it’s called crossfire

    • +Underviv For that you use the fastest ships./.. not the slowest tank in the team

    • Cosmin Lesutan you use the ship that has big guns and make people think twice before showing broadside to you
      Also something that has a lot of survivability against dds or cvs
      Bayern is pretty good at this imo

      Not some HE spammer that can get rekt in one salvo

    • +Cosmin Lesutan What so many players fail to realise, is that a ship such as a CA or a BB playing ‘Anchor’ on the flank not being pushed is essential. If your whole team moves as one blob, you lose map control and also crossfire opportunities, as you are easily flanked. For Ranked Sprint, the best CA ‘Anchor’ is probably Aoba, as she is able to dish out the pain (203mm IJN AP) and still tank (48mm deck and 25mm upper belt.) Other than that, a fairly speedy BB such as Bayern (which is also tanky) works well for ‘Anchor’.

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