World of Warships Bayern Review

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Let’s take a look at the Tier 6 . In my opinion, which is obviously worth not much, the Bayern is the best battleship in the entire German Battleship line. Why? Guns! 380mm guns to be exact. These guns outclass both the and the . Enjoy it while it lasts though, because later on you’ll have these same guns while the other lines grow bigger ones. Really though, this is a very enjoyable ship!


  1. Best in the Line? Hmmmm.
    The guns are beyond Fantastic, but I utterly love the Secondary Build
    Bismarck ;)

  2. Actually has turtleback, it’s just thinner than the higher tiers.

  3. Love the videos

  4. Zoup !!

  5. Andrew Legg (Colonel Overkill)

    A quick point to mention, you forgot the other tier 6 BB, HMS Warspite. Yes
    she is a premium, but also has the 15 inch guns. I will admit it’s hard to
    consider the ships of the Royal Navy considering there’s only 2 currently.

  6. Is it possible to sell consumables in wows?

  7. great video, but the Emphasis on “Bayern” is on the first syllable like
    “BAYern” 😛

    somehow im not getting too warm with the german BBs >< scharnhorst looks interesting tho

  8. Zoup, if your under 3 km, if zooming all the way out doesn’t let you
    depress far enough, manually lead your turrets with the target UNLOCKED for
    primary battery guns. Wait till the last second to unlock the target, then
    shoot. Was a trick I picked up from Aerroon, took a little practice, but it
    does work.

  9. Mortal Kombat (Georgian Fan)

    What can you say about dispersion ?? some people say that it is awfull

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