World of Warships – BB is the best DD

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When your DDs are super special and you have to take a BB and do the job of a DD…and you do it better than them. What has the world come down to …
ENjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. What’s this? An early video from The Speshul Crusader? 6 hours before the usual upload time?

  2. Flambass loves Georgia,someone plz tell me why,I don’t have a problem with it btw

  3. I
    Love when he said 3 over pens,MAGIC to my ears

  4. That last shot was hilarious.

  5. That was a kick ass and take names battle. D

  6. When bad dispersion works in your favour ?

  7. The Sinister Siblings

    That one shell at the very end went straight for the magazine.

    • and as usual he says it is a bad dispersion.

    • @A Rowan, it was bad dispersion. Only 1 of the 6 shells hits. Except for a complete miss, it doesn’t get worse than that. It is just funny that the one that did hit, hit a citadel.

  8. jennifer stewarts

    You know, i had the most comical, first blood ever in the game a while back. Steaming along tier 6 battleship, 1 minute into the game, enemy player fires off a set of rounds on their battleship randomly, no idea what he was shooting it but it makes him spotted just at extreme range of my guns, I line up, fire… this is only 1 minute into the battle, he vanishes, i shrug, not expecting anything then… First Blood! Detonation… i blink look at the enemy team, and their tier 7 destroyer is black. All of a sudden in chat… “What was that, i’m steaming beside a german battleship then out of nowhere i get hit by a shell and detonated” I’m just laughing my tail off… “I wasn’t even aiming at you” “I know i wasn’t even spotted, i didn’t even get a warning”

    Can you imagine, 1 minute into the game your just start steaming and you get detonated by a stray shot from the horrid dispersion of Japanese guns.

    • jennifer stewarts

      @0Zolrender0 And… trying to hide beside a battleship from enemy aircraft, can be dangerous.

      Oh… and RNG is evil.

    • well, i once killed 2 dd`s with a prefired torp set off my mino, it was last ranked season and they both smoked up to capture middle ring, and i got both of them with my set of torps…when you get 2 devestating, first blood and double strike without even being open once or see the enemy once….

    • jennifer stewarts

      @tim lenzke my best, had me laughing so hard, panting, and shaking.. So i’m off in a little emerald on Haven map. i decide to swing wide right and run up the right side of the map. i have a destroyer with me… i’m using the island for cover and the destroyer turns and boosts away…

      this is only 2-3 minutes in the game i start to turn away and, a konigsburger, kuma, minekaze an clemense show up. i pop smoke dump torps in a super hard turn go to guns…. as i’m turning… i bag the Kuma and konigsberg as a double kill with torps gun down the minikazie but the clem has vanishes dodging torps everywhere from the, the mini, and the Clem… i get damaged but i turn coming out of my smoke…. i’m point blank to a wyoming… i’m in a light cruiser… i turn dumping my torps again diving back into the smoke and try and get around the island…. i take some good hit but make it away… then… wyoming goes down from my torps. i’ve got 4 kills now, i’m panting, shaking its only 4 min into the game… 4 enemies dead… all by me.

      I type in chat, ok can i go home now?

      My ships down to less then 15% health and… oh yeh, that Clemson shows up on the other side of the island… i actually managed to kill it before the fires he strted on me destroyed my ship… but tier 5, 102609 damage done, 5 kills, 20k damage with guns 80k with torps (gun damage was all destroyers.)

      time in battle 4:52 – distance traveled 21.27 –

      22 torps had been fired at me in that knife fight. and of course it wouldn’t be world of warship if… after that, after me single handedly taking out 5 players… alone, no support, all 5 concentrating on me… half my team dies right after. LOL. it felt like they were Try harding to wind. We won, barely but still. 5 enemy ships vs 1 emerald in a knife fight… i should not have pulled that off.

    • The take away is “use flags”

  9. What a speshul team you had. Lucky for them they had you on their side to carry them.

    • only the harugumo and zao were short bus canadit.
      Rest were average or good, and flam would not have been able to do what he did if the repub&conq did not do there jobs and punish the island campers by c.

  10. Man, that Harugumo player was one special level of potato…

  11. Michael Søndergaard

    well well. something that looked like a clear win on points gets turned around.

  12. Hmm, seems like that is what my teammate BBs think when they rush to the red spawn

  13. One of my clan mates had a special kind of client crash in his Harugumo once. He was in his smoke and had just started to hose down enemy Moskva. He did 20k to Moskva while NOT even in the game. Lol his client crashed but the guns kept firing on the same spot while he was trying to get back in ?

  14. 13:30 that 125:50 minute cap, lol

  15. Is it worth using IFHE on a Mass/Georgia captain? Or is man sec/AFT/FP best way?

  16. Flambass’ book of magic:
    Incantation – Look at that dispersion.
    Effect – paddling!

  17. Capping with BB is possible last time i Cap alone a A cap with my Graf Zepelin the secondary melted the DD and Cruiser in the Cap and the Team was busy at the other side of the map

  18. Haurgumo probably had a client crash and it took a while to reconnect. He’s probably glad he was still alive when he came back.

  19. When you watch a flambass video

    Makes you wanna play more world of warships

  20. Is the IFHE nerf still happening? With the IFHE nerf and the casemate buff for cruisers with 27mm armor Georgia secondaries will pretty much only be able to pen superstructure and DD aside from a few exceptions? I love the Georgia. I don’t always have good games in it, but they are usually fun either way. It’s nice to have a unique battleship in the game.

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