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Friedrich der Grosse tries to make some new friends on Neighbors, pretty fun engagements and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Friedrich der Grosse Replay – Discord Server


  1. John Scarborough

    Looks like a typical match, those 2 CV’s that camped were worthless.

  2. Are all Tier 9s pretty much worthless? “Except the Big Mo” Tier 9s always get loading into Tier 10 heavy Random play. There is no Ranked or Clan battles based on Tier 9. Even in competition matches there is no Tier 9 play. So, it make scene to just throw em away once you get the tier 10 of the tree. I’m sure its not by design, its just the way things played out in WoWS, tier 9s are without value to keep.

    • lastchip Fletcher is the best tier nine, as it brings strengths to the table that its successor, the Gearing, doesn’t, such as better concealment, maneuverability, and torpedo reload time.

  3. Many have weird fetish… Notsers fetish is the Tier IX-X German BBs names

  4. No matter how good you are doing if your team is bad there is just no hope for win.

  5. Consider your team. Now consider 85-90% of ALL players being like that, i.e. both teams being gutless pukes.
    That’s a small taste of what Asia server used to be like.
    No idea if it still is, as I dropped all my WG titles; just couldn’t stand the clueless, gutless, selfish turds who made every battle feel like a chore or snore. Back when draws were a thing, the number of them was staggering.

  6. What a trash team

    • Notser made a few mistakes, but holy crap his team was doing nothing. So many BBabies on his team. I think he did well considering that he was the only one on his team actually pushing any points.

  7. Been seeing allot of weird things happen in the last couple of days. BB’s pushing in with cruiser support. And DD’s being no show the entire battle. DD’s and cruisers hiding 4+ km behind a BB trying to take out a single DD (3v1 situation) that took 7 minutes to resolve after the enemy DD’s friends came to help which was then blamed on me in my scharnhorst because i didnt push in to the DD while the cruiser and friendly DD were sailing away.

  8. try full main gun focus build notser, I found FdG become really fun with this build, 406 guns with reload upgrade, and didn’t sacrifice aiming upgrade too, her damage from main guns became really2 consistent

  9. What I want to know is what on earth that algerie was doing?!?!

  10. Hmm. I rarely see this ship in random ( At least match I participated anyway), and all I heard is that this ship is one of the worst of the German BB line. Is that true anyway? 🙂

    And Notser, I would be really happy if you ask WG about the whole “WoWS x Azur Lane” thingy. 😉

    • Nah, if you play the ship to it’s strengths and know your weaknesses, it’s fine. Just remember you can’t play all BB’s the same way across all nations and adapt to the situation. But end of the day, a good ship can’t fix bad teamplay. 😛

    • So far i’m not a big fan although I have yet to fully research. I have full secondary build but they seem useless

    • It has 8 guns and German dispersion. It also eats weird pen damage from all angles. While you can’t really be citadeled you will still eat damage left and right. The German flavor of good secondaries also makes people go for that build which is not really very useful at high tier. Yes guys who are experts at positioning can get great games but for your average person the secondary build means you lose a lot of survivability as you will be on fire and spotted the whole match.

      Its a ship that is mean’t to brawl but with the meta it is difficult to do so consistently at high tier so you end up being frustrated at the lack of gun accuracy at mediumsh ranges and the fact that cruisers make sure you are on fire the whole match with ease. Doing concealment and fire prevention at least helps you survive until enough enemy ships have been eliminated and you can close the distance on your targets. Your competition is also quite a bit better as well. The Iowa/MO are excellent hard hitting and accurate ships, Lion is a great ship and Alsace is as well. Izumo isn’t the greatest but Musashi is a monster.

    • Sukkoi19 I…. think calling Izumo isn’t great is an understatement. Grinding that ship is a nightmare for me. She’s too fragile ( 25mm armor at pretty much everywhere iirc, so IFHE Light Cruiser or Heavy Cruiser will just eat you alive), and sluggish. I never have any good memory grinding her. -_-

  11. honestly im not sure that manual secondaries is worth it…it seems that without them, the secondary accuracy is between 10%-20% depending on distance and target size. with manual its probably closer to 20% but thats it…not sure its worth 4 points AND the need to always manually target to shoot (which sometimes u can forget for awhile) as well as removing the ability to shoot from both sides at multiple targets.
    u should probably be able to get a free captain reset after the current CB season is over

  12. notser USE PREMIUM repair party!!
    at this tier it should definitly be affortable, and if u got Missouri its basically for free! 1 Missouri game gets you 50 of those anyway…


  14. Concealment and Fire Prevention for me on my GK and FdG. I would love to run secondary build on those ships like I do on my Bismark/Tirpitz, but with the HE spam meta at high tiers, you really need both fire prevention and concealment especially given that the superstructure on both the GK and FdG are huge.

  15. Always great how teams don’t push when they need to, but push and get themselves killed when the game is pretty much already won and thus throw the battle.

  16. I didn’t think I had killed you, that last shot was a blind shot! (ScotchFueled in game)

  17. Castiel Carnivorus

    Am i the only one that noticed you did something stupid(sry for the word) at the end? Actually that Nelson was moving almost bow on towards u and you didn’t take the chance to overmatch it’s nose which u actually could do with ease.. You were just sailing around waiting them to finish u.
    I’d have messed up earlier probably but still from someone like u this was suprising. ._.

  18. Here is my question for the WG team, why only 19 point commander?, why not 20, with 20 points commander i can do so much more, make some ship more effective

    • maybe to restrict the sealclubbing/adventage over lower Points captains. Do you like to harass handicaped People/captains

  19. Hey Notser, I apologize for my snark comment earlier, it is not my style or nature to speak like that. I was having a crappy morning and should just deal with it without being mean.

  20. Have fun in St Pertersbourg and enjoy your break 🙂 if you get the chance to do a little vid thing would be Awesome but I look forward to the tales when you get home 🙂

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