World of Warships- Bearn First Impression

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the new Tier VI French Aircraft Carrier Bearn! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Bought it last week and kind of like it.. I agree with you on the lift being used in-game. But it is a real ship and i don’t go above T6 with CVs so.

    • Plus I don’t play this game to be abused in a T8 cv by others.

    • Admiral Peacocking

      @Mike Dignum Oh please.. there is nothing worse introducing friends to play this game when you get 2 CV’s fighting ships with 1 AA… This is why low tiers are trash… because people play low tier CV’s knowing that they fight ships that can barely defend themselves!

    • Admiral Peacocking

      @Meme Boi ‘ Happens to all ships tier 8+…. so what??? Low tier CV players hate high tiers as ships have AA… not great yes.. but they have enough game knowledge to stick together making your life difficult.. only reason people play low tier CV’s is because they trash on new players or enjoy slapping low tier ships with no AA.

    • @Admiral Peacocking yea, up tiered bullshit happens to all T8 ship too. That’s why I do not play T8, CV or not. What you even expecting anyway? It’s a game, people play however they want. Who care?

    • @Raizors Obviously you care or you’d have taken the time to respond to me 😀

  2. I was on the fence about this one, decided to buy it anyway because it plays quite different than other CVs. I took the interceptor skill on my captain and use it as a anti-cv cv. The skip bombers WILL and CAN hunt DDs

    • How did that work?

    • @FL far the skip bombers work pretty well against DDs. When you engage other ships, you have to be careful about AA because they are fragile and contrary to the Soviet CVs, the attack flight is only two planes. Interceptor build works well if you plan well.

  3. I don’t play CV’s so I was quite impressed with your play here 😀 Glad it’s not over tuned as we see enough CV’s grinding the Soviet line at the moment anyway.

  4. I’m not a good CV player but I enjoy it. Perhaps a better CV player would be more likely to notice its down sides more.

  5. So :

    -CV’s rockets were nerfed and CV are no longer DDs hunter. (Fair enough TBH).

    -CV’s detection system is going to be nerfed so they won’t be spotters anymore.

    And now, with this new CV line (if Bearn’s gimmick remains a thing through an entire line of ships), CV are going to be expected to primarily counter their own class ? Sounds like a load of fun….

    • @VuHien2011 DDs life can be ungrateful, indeed ^^

      But you get much more flak when playing CVs (pun intended), no matter if you are good or bad.

    • @Gael M No later than yesterday I gave a +1 karma to a CV that gave me fighters The problem with CVs is that there are more bad players than good players. Bad players seem to love playing CVs or subs. Many CV players have no sense of situation awareness what so ever. This in regard of their own safety as they do not even realize when the enemy team is at detection range, or figuring out when a useful team mate needs help. Some of them cannot multi task and navigate at the same time as flying planes. Nobody is perfect but when someone is sub par with situation awareness and multi tasking, then don’t even try to play CVs.

    • @Gael M that is the exact reason I dont like Shima. Her playmaking potential is really low. Most of the time you are just pushed around by other DDs and waiting for your cruisers to do something to them (and in randoms they will more than likely do nothing.) What I want in a DD is consistency. Let it be guns or torpedoes, I want consistent damage, map pressure utility and good survivablilty. Halland has the best torps in the game, great firepower, great AA and a heal to survive radars. Her only problem is speed. Daring has the best smokes, monster DPM, hydro+heal, and the congaline of death. Gearing has the best mobility, great support smoke and all around good torps and guns. The only things shima has are inconsistent torpedo power and slightly better concealment. She is far too focused on torpedoes, an armament that can be rendered useless just by knowing your position, by hydro, by a DD spotting them. We all have the DD games with zero landed torps because they were hydrod, spotted, or just randonly turned out from. For shima that is pretty much the worst thing that can happen with 2min+ torp reload and no added utility. At least halland torpa can be thrown out with high speed and low reload. They give the enemy much less breathing room.

    • @Yhorm The Midget OK, I understand your point, but you greatly underestimate the stopping power of those torps, the tactical advantage a decently played Shima can provide and/or, arguably, the brain of the average player at T10.

      What you are saying about that ship kind of troubled me though, so this morning I played it for the first time in a while, just to make sure nothing had changed : victory, 2 kills, 4 solo caps. And all that with a Midway, a Halland and a Kleber on the enemy team. Sooo, yeah, sorry, no, this ship is definitely a monster ^^

      EDIT : oh, and BTW I hardly noticed there was CV. So there again, I am convinced that this anti CV rant is totally biased and unjustified.

    • @VuHien2011 Unfortunately, that goes for every classes. I’ve been playing this game since Beta and I can garantee you that the playbase has never been that bad. Particularly at higher tier.

  6. I find their skip bomber being extremely good at killing DD. Their bomb are very focused on the center

  7. I use a fighter build, which works very very well. I find myself being both able to lock down the enemy CV and still do decent damage. You drop the fighters and there planes cannot go fast enough to escape. They also can’t drop fighters to save themselves
    I have locked down saipan planes which go pretty fast. Tier 6 planes stand no chance. It does enough damage to be still useful. But those fighters still shine.

  8. I got nuked by one of these yesterday in my Asashio with repeated skip bomber runs

  9. I would recommend two more videos – overLordBou’s about Bearn making great Support (fighter) CV and Toptier’s about Bearn being very stong (at least on its tier) in bombing setup. They both greatly recommend this ship, just be aware of them being experienced CV players, so that in their hands the ship could (and will) work bit differntly then in your/mine 🙂

  10. i dont see anything wrong or weak about the ship tbh. its a decent/average/ok/fine T6 cv as far as i can tell. i would even recommend it for the uniqueness of her fighters.

  11. i think this one would be nice in operations

  12. Bearn in my experience is extremely good at just being there especially when it’s a cruiser or DD since the AP bombs while low in damage are fairly accurate and easily pen cruiser citadels not to mention the HE skip bombs are just accurate as hell and they’re like dropping Henri shells on things.

    I’m in no way a good CV player. In fact I’m terrible at most CVs, but the Bear has been one of my most consistent CVs since Loewenhart. I’m not saying go out and buy this thing if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing with a CV. It’s T6 AA most games but those T8 games aren’t event that bad if you just predrop squadrons and conserve planes. Your planes have reasonably high HP and with plane tank builds even things line a Kansas, Massachusetts, Cleveland, or Baltimore you’ll lose at most 2 planes out of 8 planes but that’s if you didn’t predrop. You have a pretty high rate of recharge on your planes too.

    In my opinion Bearn is like a french Loewenhart. She has good strengths, strong weapons, and playstyle you can adjust too. She’s a fun ship if you’re looking for something to play on the offwhile when you’re just wanting to relax and play a low tier CV. I don’t mean to be this guy especially to mountbatten since I’ve watch his channel for the better half of 3 years maybe more; but he isn’t your CV reviewer, even casual CV reviewer. Bearn is strong at what she can do and her playstyle is straightforward to adjust too.

    • Basically what I just said lol. Been a cv main since I started the game, and Bearn honestly does feel like a French Loewen now that I think about it. I’d also argue she’s tied for Ryujo as best t6 cv for ranked/clan battles mode. Not because her armaments are as good as Ryujo’s torps, but because she denies other cvs HARD if they make even one mistake against you. Imo, you don’t need enhanced aircraft armor nor the enhanced aiming skill so I personally run the 1 and 4 point fighter skills. The planes are indeed tanky enough that they can take a single t8 flak and still complete a run, and their spread is so narrow that you honestly don’t miss much unless you are full 90 degree turning to strike a cruiser with your AP bombs. Speaking of, the AP bombs work great against all tiers you’ll run into. I guess Mountbatten was just unlucky, but for targets with weaker armor all AP bombs work the same in they gain penetration the further they drop. Dropping from a low height against even a British light cruiser will almost always ensure 2+ citadel hits, and looking at his gameplay he didn’t even think to adjust his drop heights to account for weaker armor.

      Agreed, he’s a great player and he knows his stuff, but he is NOT a cv player. And that makes his opinion piece on any cv he reviews really shaky.

  13. So apparently that 21 knot speed is consistent with specifications of the Normandie class BB’s, which were WW1 era dreadnoughts. The real mystery is what an Earth that ultra-fast Normandie BB on the French tech tree is supposed to be.

  14. Watching you collect citadels off most of your well-lined-up dive-bombing runs, you’re not as bad at CVs as you think you are.

  15. Tamás Kerecsényi

    I’m pretty sure Béarn’s fighters are bugged. When you deploy the fighter squad they don’t do anything just fly in circles and the enemy planes just go through unharmed. What i have discovered is that the fighters have to do about 3 circles before they start targeting the enemy squad so it’s pretty much useless

    • It’s always been like that. There’s a 5-10 second delay where the fighter must “load” up. If placed right and early they can delete planes

    • Tamás Kerecsényi

      @Caleb but i don’t see any value in this, any player that has a brain can avoid fighters this way…. now i know why i basically never lost a single plane to carrier placed fighter squads..

  16. You failed to mention that the skip bombers on the contrary of other nations, are converging, so, it is easier to land more bombs and also use them against DDs.

  17. Just a heads up – the name “Béarn” is actually pronounced more like “Bey-Yarn”, with the emphasis on the second syllable. Named after a region in southern France.

  18. New drinking game. Every time Mountbatten says, “And such” take a shot. You’ll be dead before the first 3min of the video. haha

  19. I’d argue Bearn is one of the best t6 cvs, and is now tied for the best cv in t6 ranked/cbs with Ryujo. Not for her damage output, but for her pure ability to deny other cvs. While limited in armament, her bombs are incredibly accurate with the skip bombers being great against dds and the AP bombers having great pen from relatively low drop height. What she lacks in the field presence for lacking a third armament and thus lacking a third active fighter consumable, she can easily make up for with a partial fighter build of the 1 and 4 point skills. With those she can easily shut down t8 carriers just by chasing down their best squadrons. She can even outclass Enterprise purely in how she can just cycle squadrons off cooldown all match. While not being able to do much against t8 aa towards the beginning of the match, in the mid to late game when everyone’s fighters are used up and aa has been blown off of a lot of ships, she is surprisingly deadly against even cruisers which would normally be her biggest trouble just because of how narrow her drop areas are.

    Her fighters also have the highest hp among any t6/8 cv barring the Enterprise and also has the most health of any t4-8 surface ship fighter consumables, plus she gets 64 of them per squadron to drop (8 consumables dropping 8 planes for both squadrons). This easily allows her to destroy enemy cvs, leaving them deplaned very early on in the match if they don’t respect her. And again, with how the fighter patrol routes work it will be difficult for even small clusters of ships to shoot down all her fighters in one pass around the circle, only extending their spotting time with the patrol radius increase the 1 point fighter skill gives.

    In short, she has great armaments for her tier, her fighters can easily outclass those of Enty in all but hp, and in the mid to late game she racks up damage FAST even among t8 ships thanks to her accurate drops.

  20. I Love your ongoing passion for this game

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