World of Warships – Become a Secret Santa

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It’s hard to imagine the holiday season without gifts. Everybody likes to receive presents but giving them is much more exciting. So, what’s the best way to celebrate with your fellow players? Why not become a Secret Santa and amaze them with a holiday surprise! Become a Secret Santa in World Of Warships:

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  1. Sven “Aclyron” Menzel

    World of Warships is a very bad play.

  2. Yovanny Patricio Marcelo Medrano

    reduce cost of repair ships tier high level

  3. And be totally scammed

  4. my favorite gift is play your fantastic games!

  5. will this work in world of tanks blitz

  6. so in shot we want your money XD

  7. I gave 10 gifts, got 10 uses of Christmas camo and 2450 doubloons

  8. Secret Santa = Destroyers :-)

  9. How about wargaming just gives out a free freaking premium for Christmas

  10. wargaming will recive the best gift I guess.

  11. I gave 5 when do we receive the gift back?

  12. I gave a present and I recieved 500 doubloons

  13. *sniff sniff* Smells like a way for you to make money to me

  14. How do I sign up

  15. GameRepublic TV© ™

    oups i spend 200€ into your secret santa programm Merry X Mas to you r all

  16. so im bout to get shit

  17. ATGolden Gaming (mighti)

    nice finally a good idea!

  18. iam going to pin iam 13 yeah no why not free

  19. this is pretty cool I am going to have to see what I can do

  20. any pin code?

  21. how you sent something

  22. im going to talk to my mom and become a secret Santa i rely love the
    feeling of giving

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