World of Warships- Before You Grind: Champagne: Is She Worth It in 2023?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier VIII Premium French battleship Champagne, currently available in the armory for a number of combinations of resources, and ask: Is she worth it in 2023? Enjoy!

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  1. Yes, she is she is pretty much how I imagined a t8 graf spee, but in a bb slot

  2. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    For those who already have her, you get a free T8 coupon for dubloon ships

  3. I picked her up for free not long ago. I like the ship and having 30k range (with spotter) at tier 8 is quite useful at times when the guns hit.

  4. One thing I’ll say before anyone participates in the event is be careful what resources you trade in.
    The bar advanced 2.5% and you earn Champaign at 92.5% completion: 37 trades to complete.
    Here’s how the economy breaks down (if you only use one resource, for comparison):

    Doubs: 18,500 ~ $75 (800 Doubs less than a Tier 9 Premium ship)
    Premium Time: 3.08 YEARS ~ $300 ($150 if you bought half-off holiday premium – Don’t use this!)
    Research Bureau: 44,400 RP ~ Paulo Emilio’s cost
    Commander XP: 13,320,000 xp ~ 5 x 21 Point Commanders
    Coal: 370,000 (A malta and Duke of York with 1,000 coal left over)
    Credits: 370,000,000 (Cost to buy all “Super” cruisers AND 3 “Super” DDs)

    Granted it’s still able to get for free, but consider the alternatives first.

    • Was going to get until I discovered how much it cost, why 100k+ coal than regular coal buys?

    • You are absolutely right dude, the amount of resources to give away is too much for this ship, for any ship in the game. This is a bad try from wows to squize valuable resources from players. I have resources to buy Champagne but I won’t, because Champagne is not worth so many resources,from my point of view.

    • only resource remotely worth it is probably RP. its a tier 8 premium and an extra tier 8 economic bonus package for the price of a tier 9 ship). I know some wouldn’t agree since they are saving up for their tier 10’s but as of late, I find myself playing more Ops than anything because I get tired of the bullshit MM this game has these days. While she may not be the best to run in ops, She is still a tier 8 ship and can be brought unlike anything else I would have spent my RP on anyways.

  5. I for one am quite delighted with this ship. I play in the Asia server and Slavas are rampant here. I don’t have the free time to regrind ships just to get RB points so I never thought of owning Slava myself. So the idea of having a “baby Slava” interests me. Blew all my RB, elite commander exp and half my credits reserve to get her. My experience has been decent so far. She’s a glass cannon that’s for sure. She cannot carry games on herself due to her fragility. The guns hits hard and is pleasantly accurate, however being 6 guns only does troll you. Overall, it might be too expensive in the big picture, but I no longer play WOWS as much nowadays and I don’t plan to spend a dime more into this game. Having the opportunity to own a rare premium tier 8 BB for free is a decent deal, at least for me.

  6. I always wanted this ship since it’s release, and glad available to purchase with resources

  7. Great vid, SLM. I picked her up, mostly with the abundance of premium time that I have received over the last few years. Having the Slava, I’d say you description of “French Slava” is the simplest for most to understand. You have to be into the Sniper role to enjoy the Ship. If you like the style and patiently wait for shots, you’ll have a great game. If you’re trying to push into the thick of it, you’ll die quick and have a terrible time. By the way, if matters to anyone, but the region of France this is named for is pronounced: “Sham-pon-yah” (used to live in Canada).

  8. I’m not sure why Champagne is a removed ship because it’s not that good of a ship… when I used her the dispersion wasn’t good enough to be worth the long reload times for only 6 guns.

    • I think it was because it was not that popular so they decided to make it rare so maybe people would react to it’s rarity and invest time and money on it.

      Similar WG seems to want to get it’s investment back on the Hayate. It was first for 2 million FXP now for coal but still not a sale so they may give it smoke and TRB instead of making it a choice.

      Not that it matters much to me I spend more time downloading the updates than playing the game.

  9. Hello there sir. I have a question about your aim on the S-189 sub at 11:25 . Because i am not quite familiar when it comes to aiming at subs , did you specifically aim for the conning tower(because the sub was about to submerge fully) or this is how you generally aim at subs? I noticed the aim was a bit higher.

  10. Champagne was great when we had dead-eye. In this time I could play her with 130k average. Now it lacks a bit of accuracy and dpm.

  11. So far enjoyed her, I had accumulated a bunch of coal, and none of the remaining coal ships appeal to me at the moment.

  12. The ‘fairest’ resource by a large margin is 44k RP for a rare (before this event) dubs only T8 premium for only the cost of a T9 RB ship… or if you already have the Champ, for any other T8 premium ship on sale.

    That or you have credits such that 370 mil is chump change.

    But yeah otherwise the resources seem to be for ‘topping off’ at most.

  13. Matt Geary - Transplanted!

    I’ve had it since original release and love it. build your secondaries up and with it’s decent concealment and amazing speed (thing hits mid to high 40’s with swift in silence and the boost running) you can really mess some people’s days up. the fire chance on the HE is nice for situations when all you get are overpens. play smart, use your speed and lots of fun can be had.

  14. The ship was fun just after the captain skills rework with the deadeye (?) skill that made the guns even more accurate. According to LWM back in the forum the ships guns did not change accuracy at closer ranges like the Slava it was consistent at all ranges.

    The overpens are very much a pain, but in SeaRaptors Champagne video, some time ago, he citadeled a bow no NC with it. The HE has a 50% fire chance which it something if you get tired of overpens, the ship just needs a faster reload to be fun. I’m not a BB player but is seems the ship does not earn HP very fast. Hits need being used to aiming it’s guns and favor from RNG. I think it might be OK armor wise if you stay angled but then you only have three guns.

    But something not mentioned, but maybe not a thing now is the ship is quite fast especially with speed boost.

  15. I picked her up with some resources I had laying around. I am having a blast with it. Not an OP ship, but also not a bad ship. At least in my opinion.

  16. What do you you think today about Giuseppe Verdi? I found her by chance, and found her not bad in random and kind of good in ranked.

  17. If you play Graf Spee, you can use that experience to play the Champagne to great effect. They play very similar since they both only have two turrets.

  18. A very fun ship. In rank i sometimes Brawl when the tirpitz and bismarcks r staying behind and snipe!?!??. And it works very nice. But i doubt i would work in random. Its more fun than the slava i must say. Btw free xp is not an currency in this event

  19. Champagne doesn’t have Slava dispersion , just Graf Spee dispersion (common dispersion of new battlecrusier) with 2 sigma.

  20. Vítězslav Lorenc

    Dude this BB is one of the best at tier 8. You have +- Slava guns on tier 8 BB. You have also great speed and agility – it feels to me like playing some bigger cruiser. If you have hands and brain you can easily get over 100k each game. Also on tier 6-8 you can find a lot of cruiser that you can overmatch wit 406 guns.

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