World of Warships- Before You Grind: Puerto Rico: Is She Worth It In 2022?

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the reintroduced Dockyard Ship, the Tier X American Super/Large/Battle Cruiser, Puerto Rico! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley: i=1553897018&app=itunes

0:00 Video Intro
0:39 PR’s History
5:22 Ship Armor & Stats
9:17 Ship Consumables
10:06 Commander & Module Build
14:13 Gameplay Review


  1. Something I found out today while looking at Puerto Rico’s stats is that her horizontal dispersion is the same as Montana’s, while her vertical is WORSE than Montana. She does have 2.20 sigma to somewhat compensate for this but she doesn’t get Artillery Plotting Room Mod 2 that all American BBs get.

  2. I always wanted the Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and the value to get her make her really worth it as a premium.

  3. This is literally just a Montana in it’s angsty teen years.

  4. Ah the ship that cost iEarlGrey his job. TBH the issue was never the ship just how badly WG handled the initial expectations then the fallout. Then there was the morons who hated players who had the ship, they are truly pathetic.

  5. The original PR event was over Xmas, I remember, was it Kingpin(?) had to grind over the holiday and missed most of Xmas to get it for free to prove a point to Wee Gee… I think the experience broke him too, as I don’t remember him streaming much after that…

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      Goes to show that at the end of the day, it’s just a game. It’s not worth throwing away time you could be doing elsewhere (family, friends, life). Digital content will never be worth it.

  6. Last time, this particular dockyard was just absolutely brutal. I barely could get the first three mission chains done. In fact, I got the free ship Gorizia on the very last day of the dockyard. It was that brutal. But this time around, it definitely looks a lot better and more player friendly. I look forward to having Puerto Rico in my port.

  7. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I got the Rico last time, and the only reason I’ll even try this time round is to get the steel for the mecklenburg, but i won’t be able to play much over the next couple of weeks, so hopefully the missions are relatively easy this time round. Though 40 stages does seem a bit much, 25-30 is more reasonable i feel

    • Same. It takes way too long to get steel . I at the point now where I’d rather just pay to get more quicker.
      I just hope the last phases aren’t too brutal

    • My only interest because I already have the ship also, is just what free stuff you can pick up from doing some of the missions. But I don’t have time now to even play that much now

    • The missions will be spread over almost 3 full patches (next 2 patches and the first 3 weeks of the one after that) so there is plenty of time to finish them off. Just be aware that if the trend continues, the last couple of legs should be pretty hard to complete.

  8. I love my PR, it’s a fun ship and awesome in Ranked battles.

  9. This is a good ship and I don’t care about the old pr dockyard. Going to play as I normally do and see how far I get and then decide. Have Alaska and it’s a god tier bote. Good luck out there captains

  10. Want Huron and the other bonuses. This the only reason why I have forked over the minimum amount of doubloons to get there a bit faster given work commitments, If I get to the end it will add another T10 to my fleet.

  11. Here’s the problem with this ship. You mention extending the gun range. But the guns are very hard to land shots on target due to them being American floaty high arc guns with a slow velocity speed. I have the ship from last time and ended up removing the gun range extension because you can’t hit shit at long range with this cruiser. And when using stock range you’re an easy target as well because the ship is huge. I never liked it ever since getting it, don’t rate the ship even if it can be somewhat useful for doing co-op missions. When you play ships like Moskva and Azuma at range (22k) and compare how accurate the guns are on them cruisers to land shots compared to Rico… it really is garbage for playing! Also keep in mind that the HE pen is not good either… it’s not that good fire starter shooting HE even with 12 guns, and the AP only ever seem useful used at mid to close range too.

  12. So I’ll give WOWs credit for bringing back an old event ship for people who want it to earn again. But with battleship accuracy and no improved pen angles like Alaska I don’t see myself wanting to play the PR over just my Alaska that is accurate and has improved pen angles

  13. Majestic Hotwings

    I’m pretty excited to add her to my port, if nothing else than to pad out my American fleet. I’ve got both Iowa and Montana, and my Alaska functions kinda like an Iowa in a cruiser slot, so my soon to be Puerto Rico will function as my Montana in a cruiser slot. I think she’ll be of great utility when i don’t want to take a squishy DM or Worcester into ranked or something.

  14. The PR works ok in clan battles … not so much in randoms. I rarely use mine outside of clan battles. It sometimes is nice to have the radar and large health pool and some punch in those games.

    • Same here.
      Although I did use her in randoms a couple of times early on, but was even targeted by my own team due to the stigmatism of the ship.

      Glad to see her back. Might take mine for a bit of a thrashing again

  15. if you played the PR, in random the entire enemy team focus fire on you.. hopefully that will change

  16. Speaking of AA, how about an updated 10 best AA ships list? Tired of my GK getting targeted as a lumbering giant with punt AA. The Monty should be a no-fly zone yet the gunners are MIA.

  17. See, I mainly whale these, and I seriously don’t want to shell out for this one. The only real temptation is the steel, and I wouldn’t get enough for the money.

  18. I think the grind is too much in this case. The big thing for me is all the base XP missions. They are there in each of the 10 mission stages (longer than usual) and they get progressively more time intensive. They aren’t difficult to get; just takes a lot of time. They average about 45k base XP a week. If you are a player that averages 1000 base XP per game (if you play high tier this is about average, if you play lower tier it is above average), you need to play 45 randoms/ranked each week. Lets make the math easier, call it 42, and say 6 games a day. At 20 minutes a game (load in to load in), that’s two hours each day for at least 10 weeks straight (and probably more like the full 12 weeks). That’s a lot of time (150-200 hours). If you are playing it anyways, then sure, but otherwise this game is your evenings for a full quarter of your year.

  19. Last grind for it broke families apart, this one seems totally reasonable.

  20. Completely gameplay unrelated, but being born and raised in Puerto Rico, I am wildly impressed by Wargaming’s acknowledging and knowledge of Puerto Rico itself. The game already had the famous San Felipe del Morro Spanish fortress in one of its maps, and now with the current event, the mission stages being named after coastal municipalities AND the Puerto Rico token’s icon being the national animal; the Coquí, is heartwarming.

    It is quite possibly the only game company to really include so much about Puerto Rico on a game. 🇵🇷

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