World of Warships – Belfast 43 & Belfast OG comparison games

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I decided to Belfast 43 which is the new tier 8 premium UK light cruiser.

Major difference is the tier, smoke duration and smoke charges.

It is more difficult to but it isn’t bad. It’s not great but not terrible, 3.6 ey? xD

Right after Belfast 43 I decided to a match with OG Belfast for comparison so you can see both in action.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Overpen just reminds me of the USS Johnston, a DD which took heavy shelling, some battleship shells from the Yamato, and still managed to maintain most of it’s functionality for hours afterward. Makes them seem more believable in game.

    • This. It’s no less believable than having unlimited ammo, being able to repair ship-wide fires and flooding within seconds, several times in less than 20 minutes, or reloading hundreds of shells into, say, Italian guns without them blowing up. 😀

    • As a counterpoint, consider the time when HMS Warspite basically skewered a German DD at point-blank range, at Narvik. Granted, that particular DD had been “softened up” by a withering barrage from a brace of Tribals that preceded it around the headland. The whole squadron had been warned of the DD’s presence by Warspite’s floatplane, which had just returned from sinking a U-boat.

    • ​@Kromaatikse Apparently the battle went like “three British ships were able to use their light automatic weapons to silence Erich Koellner’s guns and they set her on fire as well as blowing off her bow with a torpedo. The 15-inch (380 mm) semi-armor-piercing shells from Warspite went through the ship without detonating, but visibly tilted her over each time” which may not be a counterpoint, but a point for overpens doing not much damage.

    • This was all due to overpenetration of AP shells. The Japanese had misidentified the charging destroyer as a cruiser, and this error was not corrected until much later, when the gunners switched to contact fuse HE. The only AP shell that devastated Her struck Her engine and was able to arm and detonate as a result.

    • The difference in if you get shot through the engine block or turret mounts in WoWs it’s still an overpen in the same sense as being shot through the tip of the bow or the superstructure. In real life if you get shot in the engine your done fucked.

  2. I think realism in wows went out the door ever since radar went through islands

    • armour scheme or penetration is just a game play mechanism that can be related with reality to provide depth, not to simulate reality. its to give every player a fighting chance. reality would be more like hours of spamming shells and not many of them hitting. or maybe try spin around a few dozens of times before each game to simulate seasickness to boost level of reality of navel combat experience.

    • @Sameer Kharade but the spreadsheet says you have fun.

    • Out of all the ways the game bends and depart from reality why is this one gameplay decisions unacceptable to so many people. Like HE should basically be useless against ships, in real life its what they used for shore bombardments it would do jack shit against any ship.
      Torpedo’s take hours to load.
      The only thing that could damage BBs is really other bbs and torpedo’s though bbs in real life can usually turn 180 within their own length so it would be much harder to land torpedo’s on bbs.
      the amount of ammo that high dpm ships go through in a match could not physically fit inside of the ships.
      All ships could put out smoke.
      radar in real life works beyond visible range never turns off. but yet it seeing through islands a blasphemy to your sense of realism . The list goes on and on and on.

      its a game they made many decisions to make it some what balanced. they came to the current radar system where the ship that uses the radar is the only ship that spots the dd for 6 seconds that give you time to react before the entire enemy team lights you up. If you cant escape in that time your over extend.
      IF you behind a islands then so what no one can shoot at you. or if they are behind a islands they will have trouble shooting at you and you have 6 seconds to get into cover or away before other ships can shoot.

    • @Jan Hůlek ….I can’t comprehend what you consider “arbitrary characteristics.”

      It seems to me that meticulously copying characteristics of warships from the 1910’s thru WWII (ignoring the Fairy-tale Soviet fleet) is ONE step toward realism.
      The sea and sky are blue and the grass n trees are green…..step TWO. With every patch they look more n more like real life.
      Did you start your WOWS career close to Halloween or during the Space Event? Buy a pink Japanese Battleship as your first Prem?

      Only the game mechanics are arcade like in this instance. WG knows what kind of fit it’s players would have if they sunk their own Battleship by sailing directly into an island.

    • @Mirasolov Klose sound travels through water very well, radar waves through islands? not so much.
      sound can and will travel around islands underwater, so hydro through islands is at least somewhat understandable, on top of that, for balance reasons, there’s a reason hydro has half the range of radar

  3. It’s an arcade game I don’t expect anything from wg but if you want the closest thing to what your talking about war thunder your game my friend

  4. that guy calling the “hacks” has 1600pr and 54% winrate at 4k+ games. wtf is wrong with people?

    • imho there are a lot of viewers “accidently” join the game. Some are jsut trolling cause they wanna hear Flambino rage^^

  5. AGAIN.. about to finally go to bed and you just HAVE to upload a video… guess im not sleeping yet lol

  6. DavidFromOuterSpace

    omg those torps, that face and the “nailed it” had me crying

  7. is this now a “stand up comedy show”? :o)))

  8. Not a yolo on that Roon, that was a “Get down Mr. President” for the DD in the cap

    • I’m on the Roon right now and it absolutely pisses me off that the rear turrets aren’t 360 degrees like it’s T5/6 predecessors.

  9. it took you 1 minute to do the dmg it took you almost 7 toget in the 43 lol yeah there clearly is no difference between the two 🙂

  10. Get a massage table so you can play lying on your belly.

  11. Tier8 belfast is a hunk of junk. If it was russian, it would have 4 torps each side, longer lasting smoke, better acceleration, and better rate of fire, like 7 and a half seconds reload.
    .. uh … and a heal!

  12. ooooooh I saw that choker on the camo and I knew exactly where it was from, lol

  13. The over pen just took out 50 feet of lunch line.

  14. Ah man, I was hoping Belfast 43 was going to be a good boat.
    But, dang, Belfast’s Azur Lane camo looks good. But, not as good my Hipper’s camo.😁

  15. Flambass, they do make standing desks. For your health, look into it.

  16. I’ve said what you said so many times …if your a cruiser and get hit with 9 (457) guns from 12 km and I get 6 over pens and cruisers just sail away and is like no biggie …. how do so many broadside cruisers survive that 85% of the time … I almost never get the dev strike I deserve when a cruiser makes a mistake and go full broad In front of me … I blap him dead Nuts center hull waterline and get no damage 6 k in over pens …. lovely lol

    • I’m guessing your playing Kremlin in which case. Kremlin’s accuracy decreases rapidly past like 11.5km and Kremlin’s shells have a incredibly high over pen chance because of its insane Penetration. It’s the trade off for actually being able to citadel another Kremlin’s belt.

  17. Luís Henrique Puhl

    27:30 is gold
    “Do it again, resub 3 more times, I’ll give you the money, just give me the map.”

  18. How about your battleship get its historical 5% hit rate back, since we really want to argue “realism” in a game where ships have hp bars

  19. 09:52 He “surely DO” knew their range

  20. “If this game were realistic, a BB overpen on a DD would be almost catastrophic.” BBs firing AP at DDs and a DDE at Samar is why those DDs and DDE kept fighting as long as they did.

    • david and martine albon

      Yeah, but a 16″ AP shell crashing through your destroyer and leaving 2 great big holes in your ship would probably cause flooding if near the waterline, yet in WoWs an over-pen has almost no effect on your health whatsoever

    • @david and martine albon didn’t WOWS have underwater shell hits cause flooding early on? I thought it did, but it was removed because it happened way too often.

    • david and martine albon

      @stalrunner Hmm, I don’t know, it might have done

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