World of Warships- Belfast ’43 First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today I have my first impressions review for the new Tier VIII Premium British Light Cruiser, Belfast………….’43. Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Ooh I was hoping to see you or Flamu review this ship.

  2. Dutch Van Der Linde

    Nice ship but I’m not paying 35 dollars for it

  3. This is belfast light or belfast 43%

  4. glad I watched your video, I almost hit the buy key lol and would have watch my money go down the toilet.

  5. I think your comments are fair. Mainz is probably one of the best light cruisers in the game, never mind at T8 and Edinburgh’s heal will probably mean it does outperform Belfast ’43 just because it can 3D print itself back into a match.
    However, I think mostly it’s that Belfast ’43 has been created with a higher skill requirement in mind than those two, which I don’t mind at all. There’s nothing wrong with a ship that is a bit more challenging to play. The British light cruisers are my ‘thing’ and so I got it immediately and it’s what I was expecting so I enjoy it.

    I have huge issues with the double-up-tier matchmaker; these days there is s big enough player base it shouldn’t be needed any more and is one of the most important changes I think need to be made to the game.

    • I will agree at first glance the 43 seems worst but I stuck to island hugging and hit and run and got arsonist in my first game I basically treated it like Cleveland and Anchorage and took a few less risks

  6. Meh, I would rather have the original Belfast.

  7. Still not enough for me to part with my ill-earned dollars Aust.

  8. Yeah, my NC got burned to the waterline by one of these buggers last night! Evil thing.

  9. Ken Elissy Orcejola

    “fans of belfast be it azur lane” i see ur a player of culture

  10. EdingBORO is how it’s pronounced buddy.

  11. Everyone wants an OG Belfast. I’m over here wanting a Missouri

  12. Not buying. I have the original on one of my accounts and this one just won’t be able to play remotely the same.

  13. This is basically a utility ship, to help you’re team

  14. As someone who has the OG Belfast and this, this review is spot on. Being T7 is the biggest advantage. T8 MM kills this thing.

  15. Basiclly a worse Belfast lol, I would rather take my chances with chirstmas containers

  16. Like how you said it’s “only” a 15 point commander… lol

  17. I always hated being matched against the Belfast, so I figured I’d learn to play it so I could learn how to play against it! lol….

  18. Sea Lord. You are a battleship main. You are too used to playing as a lion, aggressive and one on one. With Belfast you need to play as a hyena. Hide, stay at range, and kill steal when the lions look the other way.

  19. That’s a ship I won’t ever buy since I’m a f2p scrub.

  20. So basically, it’s a light cruiser that is so bad, that a mediocre heavy cruiser is better at being a light cruiser that it is.


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