World of Warships – Belfast How to Carry

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on Two Brothers moves out to support the main flank at the eastern side of the map. I try to lead the attack against enemy destroyers and battleships. The enemy is assaulting the western flank at the same rate. We dominate the east, but the west falls without much opposition. I move back and use a island to engage the enemy by our base. I talk about what I did and what could have been done against the strategy. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Belfast Replay


  1. You said that you want to level up a special commander just for the Belfast.
    What captain skills do you want for the Belfast? (19 point captain)

    Im actaully using my Minotaur captain:
    Priority Target, Smoke Screen Expert, Jack of All Trades, Superintendent,
    Vigilance, Concealment Expert and RPF

  2. 2 brothers and the eternal carousel lol

  3. hey guys, does anyone know when the italian premium battleship could come

  4. Belfast is a good option for tier VII ranked, but I suspect I’ll be playing
    more with Scharnhorst and Byskawica. Maybe I’ll try one of those ridiculous
    pink Myoko clones as well.

  5. Should secondary guns get more accurate after every shot when firing on a
    specific target? In my opinion it would make it more realistic though it
    could make secondary builds too good if not implemented too well.

  6. I don’t have a Belfast Commander… I’m grinding the Leander, so I transfer
    that captain every time I play
    the Belfast

  7. Cleveland has no idea a low health Brit CL has next to no chance other than
    torps if you close at a narrow angle.
    Two Gneisens sail broadside to targets.
    I really wonder how people play this game long enough to reach those ships
    and remain largely clueless about basic mechanics.
    Not wanting to be nasty about it, just genuinely bemused.
    Was fun to get to visit your twitch stream the other day; usually don’t get
    to due to time zones etc.

  8. I remember a game in two brothers few weeks ago and both teams go opposite
    sides and never meet each other haha

  9. Some other youtuber already uploaded this game. Or I’m just having extreme
    deja vu.

  10. If you look carefully at 12:41in the bottom left corner you will see just
    for a second torps that almost hit the Cleveland. I’m pretty sure that he
    would have charged in smoke but he had to turn left to avoid the torps.

  11. Opening up with 4 ships targeting you? You’re pretty lucky you weren’t
    deleted right then if I’m honest.

  12. noobfest 2017

  13. Do us all a favor and pronounce the ship names properly. Every time you
    said “Gneisen” instead of “Gneisenau” (literally pronounced the way it’s
    spelled, G’nize’n’now) my eyebrow started twitching uncontrollably.


  14. There’s just no survival time, under heavy fire, in the British Cruisers.
    They’re fun but unforgiving. Great defensive play from behind the island,
    Notser. I also like how you ended this video with the music and links.

  15. Off topic but I’d love to see Wargaming make an Alaska Class Battlecruiser.
    I think it would make a really unique premium ship.

  16. imagine if fiji had concealment mod and radar…..

  17. @11:20 the word your looking for is “spit of land” 🙂 great video. That’s
    how I play my Belfast. I’m all about the terrain abuse…lol.

  18. nice, clear analysis

  19. Great game. Love the course reversals.

  20. your videos always frame skip so annoying idk why

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