World of Warships – Belfast How to Ranked/Counter

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The Belfast represents a difficult ship to fight if you’re not working together against a common enemy. I take her out on Neighbor to try and punish enemies who stray too close. Islands, smoke, radar, and distance all help to conceal my ship from the enemy. I discuss what the enemy could do to counter my plays in this ranked game. I hope it is helpful to hear what would be a good move in response to my play. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VII British Cruiser Belfast Replay


  1. Exactly what I asked in the stream last night 🙂

  2. ok.. wtf is that Cruiser at I,4 doing the whole time…….

  3. Kinda wish I could swap smoke or hydro out on the fiji for radar, her radar shift is so good that I don’t actually use radar that much

  4. I’m a Belfast caption and when I see one in the open I he is the number one target almost before DDs. I find she reminds me a lot of the Mikhail Kutuzov. With the rate of fire they both have and smoke they have to be burned down fast.

  5. A helpful video on a ship, that I find hard to play in ranked because it is a shell magnet when seen and a torp magnet when smoked. Can anyone answer this; what the heck was the 2 puffs of black smoke in front of Notsers bow at 1:28? I see the same puffs in game play often and get a minor pucker factor, thinking its fire from a concealed enemy ship.

  6. belfast is premium ship,isnt it??

  7. Counter? You just showed how freaking OP the Belfast is. Can’t rush it in smoke as no other CA has the 7 second ROF, and Radar means he sees you 8.5km away and best you can do is blind fire into smoke. With IPHE it can pen most CA frontal armor for max damage.

    The other team wasn’t ignoring you.. they just know that rushing a Belfast is suicide. Its a pay to win ship pure and simple.. No skill required.

  8. how to counter
    nagato spotter plane, shoot between sources of he spam, get cits

  9. AP is only useful, if you have a close enemy broadside to you else the HE with HE skill is devastating. But no worries, I also needed to learn it, because broadside CA mean automatically AP, but not with the Belfast with this skill. Not anymore

  10. I don’t think I’ve encountered anyone that’s good in the Belfast in ranked. I actually think the Fiji is more of a threat than the Belfast.

  11. Nice vid…. I am an old fart and not very computer savvy – How do you get a replay. I wanted to save a replay to send but have no idea how to.. Can anyone help!!

  12. Breath of fresh air. After all the whining someone who realises the ship isn’t op. It’s counterable with brains and skill.

    Good vid! love it.

  13. this stupid ship is so op its ridiculous

  14. notser bring a Flint into ranked id like to see the original OP tier7 smoke Atlanta

  15. counter to any bully, punch it in the face

  16. in Asia serve. Ranked game every body send message that let’s kill belfast first.

  17. Another great vid from the evil Notser.

  18. I probably should have got a Belfast instead of the Atlanta when that valentines deal happened…. oh well too late now.

  19. Wow, that went fast!! haha. A tip that you’re already aware of… it’s easier to estimate a ships position when it’s firing near the front of the smoke cloud and generally more difficult to estimate the position when they’re firing from the middle or back of the smoke.

  20. get well soon~

    p.s. i still love your calming voice

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