World of Warships – Belfast Precision

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on Shard moves out to capture C point, I decide to use a island near the center to ambush a enemy . We’re spotted by a who tries to intercept with torpedoes. Fortunately I have backup in the form of two friendly destroyers. We move to the center and attempt to rid the middle of enemy presence. Hopefully you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Belfast Replay


  1. Your posting your videos about an hour later than usual now. Is this going
    to be the new schedule?

  2. have you noticed that the stopwatch doesn’t seem to be correct on the
    British cruisers? (also on the Indianapolis) If you shoot and count down,
    it seems way off.

  3. OMG That “HEY!” scared the cr*p out of me. 😀 Next time, I will take off my
    headset first.

  4. Your dissappointing is always hilarious if someone is “kill securing” an
    enemy FROM u :D

  5. If someone else reports me for having a Belfast I’m gonna slap a bitch

  6. Christopher Mavromatis

    Good video Notser, thumbs up! A lot of people will value your insight since
    I see a lot of Belfasts

  7. If belfast is the only RN ship that you have is it fine to use a dedicated
    commander with DE?

  8. Belfast is great, Blefast has HE, Belfast is OP!!!
    OMG am i the only one who prefers Fiji over Belfast?

  9. lol, I got lots of clincher games, wish I turn on the replay file. xD

  10. Nice thing about them dragon flags, i started the british cruiser line from
    tier 6. With free xp, duh! And in tier 7 i have already the concealment
    skill. Great success!

  11. Notser, is torpedo accel worth on jap cruisers?

  12. NOOOOOTSER! Just keep on posting this stuff, ok? Its just always a
    pleasure. I do not want to crawl up your A-Hull, but when I watch your
    posts I wish they would not end! Give us more (whispering: expecially of
    the belfast) :-)

  13. Check the position of DD division in Notser’s team at the beginning of the
    game. So useless!
    In most cases capturing in a cruiser without the support of the destroyers
    is a suicide.
    This game proves Belfast is broken. You can scout in it(since you have
    better concealment than other CAs), ninja cap, as you get spotted you hit
    radar button and hide in smoke, sit in cover with hydro raining hell on
    DDs. Screw the ammunition choice. Belfast would be OP even without it.
    In some past videos Notser mentioned another game in which up to some point
    people had to cooperate because various character classes had different
    sets of abilities. Then each class got all abilities and the game stopped
    to be fun. This is happening with Belfast now.

    Cry mode off.
    Thanks for the video Notser and keep the good job!

  14. I think the Belfast really really needs the 5th tier commander concealment
    skill to do well. I’m not super good at the game but I’ve playing almost 4
    days a week since CBT, I have the Belfast and I average 71k damage (in only
    13 battles), and I’ve seen good players absolutely rack up damage. I think
    i’m not playing as well in the belfast because i just started the british
    cruiser line (didn’t play Warspite back in the day) so I have a krap

  15. Thanks for the this and don`t forget to vote :D

  16. a team that goes to B and fights the enemy off together – in what world did
    THAT happen lol

    i never had a game like that

  17. Totally disagree with going Belfast as a Concealment build. Using Rudder
    shift 2 and Rudder shift 3 you get the Rudder shift down to 4.3 seconds. I
    far prefer dodging the enemy fire with ease than hiding. As long as you
    maintain 10k from the nearest enemy you can fire with impunity and no fear
    of getting hit. Im looking at a 72% WR with this set up on the Belfast.

  18. no hype for the missouri announcement yet? :D

  19. I’m so happy with the Belfast, it quickly became one of my favorite ships
    to play because I always have a good time in it. Plus my Warspite Captain
    needed a break, he’s been working hard aboard her since launch, and hey the
    Belfast makes a good vacation Yacht.

  20. 138 He shells landed out of which 12 started fires. On a no DE build. I
    call that OP af

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