World Of Warships – Belfast’s Fury

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Greetings! Today, the is our hero, with a couple of very intense and entertaining battles that I’m glad to showcase!
Kick back & enjoy, thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you next time!


  1. time to sit back and enjoy! 🙂

  2. My favorite ship with my favorite player, time to enjoy that ???
    “Our team so unlucky ” man you are polite, ?

    • he he, yeah, anyone else would have called this team something else entirely I’m sure lol
      but like always, thanks for the kind words George!

  3. FTW… 4 Pink guys in 1st match and 2 of em DDs. I’d have quit that match nonetheless.

    Edit- Robin was pink too nvm

  4. Wth, did you turn pink in that first match and I missed it? Or you were pink from the start?

  5. FOUR pink players on your team…wtf…

    edit: five lmao

  6. That ending music is sweet.

  7. i was about to take screenshoots because i trusted u !!!

  8. The Belfast…. Too many tools for the job, to the point that its boring to play

  9. Remember that 203mm AP can overmatch the bow of Belfast.

  10. Loving all these robin videos recently

  11. BIA World of Warships

    Spicy 😀 I’ll be honest I stopped playing the Belfast because I feel that it’s still broken and not a Tier VII ship but she certainly has unlimited potential in the hands of a super unicum. Well done.

    • True enough. Belfast is not at her right place at VII. She sould be at same level of Atago or Lo Yang, and mached up against ships that can actually counter her efficiently. the new smoke change being a bit of a nerf to her (fighting destroyer from smoke w/ radar is now way more tricky than it used to be) she is still very reliable. Thanks for the kind words, as always, BIAs

  12. Noticed the names of the duelists? TheSailingRobin (Belfast) vs TheSailingTurtles (New Orleans)?! xD

  13. Amazing Skills mate…..a OP ship in the hands of a Expert player is scary

  14. Another fine video, sir, well done. Slight critic, the music volume at the start is too high, while you talk, which hampers clarity of your presentation of the ship.

  15. Wow that rush on your position was very intense. Poor Mahan probably quit wows after that disappointing point blank salvo. WP robin 🙂

    • He probably didn’t expect me there tbh. He was surprised, lost a big chunk of health and panic torped, hence the lucky dodge + british acceleration 🙂 Thanks for the kind words!

  16. Hears 15:30


    • Jk that is super troll lol. If this was even real this should have been on sea smackdown with 25k free doubloons, and his channel would explode and overtake jingles in 1 month. I thought that was true (A Minotaur had 11 kills once). The best player in the NA server folks. But…what are the odds.

  17. do i hear a japanese accent mixed in with something else?

  18. Excellent As always Robin – Keep them coming M8

  19. wew robin. more good content 😀
    still love the editing style and how u animate the armaments, detection and aa, and captains. love that unique style 😀

    love the content as always 😉

    >changed my name from zEugen to this just incase u wondered.

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