World of Warships – Benham is the current torpedo boss – constant torpedos everywhere

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Hello there. I hope you are all doing well. Today I have a nice Benham game with lots of torpedo hits. The ship itself is probably the best torpedo boat atm, but then again might come at some point and kick the Benham from it’s throne. Stay safe and healthy! Thank you so much for all the support


  1. Pavlos Grecomaskaras

    The song is German we listen at background?

  2. second time,!

  3. How not to play an Izumo lel, gg

  4. dude can I get your autograph

  5. Can’t wait for the kitakame 😀

  6. This is how i try to play my Somers, to much less success.

  7. Why should someone take a Yugumo over the Benham? Imho the Benham is the worst ship in balancing terms. Even worse than Smolensk, Stalingrad, etc. That argument, that the Benham is susceptible to radar and CVs is more or less valid for every DD.

  8. God… German music has fallen so far from the days of horst-wissel-lied… 🙁

  9. The music makes me want to invade Poland or France.

  10. Torpedo machine goes brrrrrrr

  11. Try listening to some Porcupine Tree, or some Tool great bands you might like them

  12. Oh, DM Dokuro. I like it.

  13. I will take this video, and try to use it as a guide of how to not play stupid as a destroyer.

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