World of Warships: Benham – The CV Loves Me

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Benham is a great torpedo boat, but she doesn’t do perform the greatest with this much attention from the CV.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US destroyer Benham.
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  1. Hi aerroon hows your day?

  2. I personally think the Benham is a bit overpowered since she does almost everything the Shima does but better while also patching a few of Shima’s big issues (like AA, pretty bad guns and the obnoxiously long reload).
    Or maybe the Shima is just in need of some buffs…

    • @thegeneral123 more powerful? Yes, but hitting them is a pain.
      And what are the hardest hitting torpedoes worth if you can’t hit them because they get detected from miles away and takes ages to reload.
      Benham might have less powerful torpedoes but the sheer difference in reload time as well as the fact he can (if he wants to) space them out for continuous pressure makes them way stronger than Shima torps.

      Also, the Shima guns are “okay”.
      They pack a decent punch but you almost always are getting obliterated by enemy fire.
      Even if you are in a 1v1, your hard hitting guns don’t do that much if 3 shells just wiff due to dispersion (not that Shima has that muvh dispersion)…
      The guns are fairly useless when it comes to knifefighting most DDs (since you’ll get outgunned if the enemy doesn’t have potatoaim).
      They are nice for just firing a few salvos before going unspotted if you can but that’s about it really…

    • While shima guns pretty bad turret traverse but… A big but its better in 7km up engagement learn her gun she actually have better than usn dd

    • Shima’s gun power is probably better than Benham’s. 6 guns, along with Japanese arcs and HE alpha compensate for her lower ROF.

    • @alif akbar I play a lot of Shima (heck, to give her guns a try I literally played a lot of “gun-only matches”) but no matter what I do, I always get outgunned by everything (even the t8 DDs that are not IJN), even if I hit them nicely…
      And that is the fairly rare occasion I can have a 1v1 (cus 99% of the time, there is an enemy worcester or desmemes laying just a few km further ready to obliterate me).

      Not saying her guns are useless, just that they aren’t great for dueling pretty much anything…

    • LOL Yeah OK

  3. you win some, you lose some 🙂

  4. I have to say, it was disappointing to see you, the teams only destroyer not taking part in contesting the caps. I suppose the Benham acts like IJN DDs who favor flanking that capture point contesting.

    • blame wg for making them this way tbh

    • I mean, he did say say that he would have entered the A cap earlier if he didn’t have a Fletcher and a Lexington basically camping right next to it. Sure, going for the C and D caps early on might have yielded more success but they were also pretty far away from him. At least he went for them eventually, even if it was too late, which is more than I can say about a lot of IJN torp boat captains I see in randoms.

    • Benham cannot contest caps effectively. Very low HP, 4 guns only.

  5. I see the thumbnail, and yes. *CV must love you*

  6. Hey guys and Aerroon! Is anyone grindin for Benham so far? if so, how did you manage to do this hilarious marathon?

    • Time time and more time

    • So you are on the way to getting Benham for free? Damn. I tried the first week and i admit, its simply too stressful and time consuming to get 1100 1200 and 1300 base exp with win EVERY DAY. + even the directives arent that easy anymore

    • @Reichskeks yep

    • For that i can give you a advice making if it is one of that days make the base exp mission in coop. that is believe or not time saving

    • If you have time to play every day, grinding the daily missions (wins+xp) in coop is very easy. It takes more games, but 3 games in coop takes as much time as 1 game in randoms, while the wins are guaranteed. All the dailies take about 10-15 games in coop, 5 minutes per game.

  7. Unfortunate i did a unfortunate counter ;D
    Btw 17 times

  8. Of course the CV is back again. You became public enemy #1! 🙂

  9. I have the zekamashi unlocked last year. Even if I have the Money I never felt the need or the urge to buy her….more important better DD to buy. Unlocked her for completion sake 🙁

  10. Be an idiot, be spoted, drive in a straight line, give broadside to two battleships, loose planes, loose more planes, attack while def AA is active.
    It doesn’t matter, you are CV, you can’t be punished.

    • Want to punish CV? Play the Henri with semi-AA build! Once the enemy flank collapsed, you will find yourself near the CV faster than the speed of sound! And you farm the miserable bitch regardless its attempts to attack you, as you shred the CV and his planes alike!

  11. What was the reasoning behind not using guns in smoke, you could have taken out both BBs faster. And not taken any damage in the process. At C-cap in the end..

    • yeah I was thinking the same thing, in the first and third smoke he doesn’t use his guns and he has a close battleship to shoot at, he is full life so a bit of blindfire wouldn’t be a problem… I don’t understand it

  12. I dont agree with the high tier relase madness. 2 of 3 ships are high tier. There are so many high tier ships. Bad people might think, that WG wants to “milk the cow”.

  13. 09:46 You could have killed that Neptune with guns alone, you had 2 minutes of free smoke firing…

  14. As an owner of this ship i don’t think she’s OP at all. I have been in games 99% of the time where i am bottom tier and i find i’m either outspotted by IJN ships or radared then focused. Ship is very difficult to play even though yes you can torp from either side but you have to constantly turn to do it. This ship is OK but not OP by any means.

    • I agree. 5.9 detection is not good at all. You have to stay way back away from basically all DDs as most of them will rip you a new one. 4 guns is not good for defence.

  15. why you dont use the guns nearly the whole match?

  16. that Lewy made mistakes.

  17. Poor loli ships, aways being chased by the big meanie CV.

  18. “One sad thing about the torpedoes being on both sides is that, if you’re in a smoke screen, you’ll probably won’t launch all 16 without exiting” Dude! Look how in the first 5 minutes the sea was FILLED with torpedoes! They were everywhere! A lot of pressure on the opposing team, not to mention they could actually go down by those torps. I imagine a division of three of those Benhams on one flank. Or two and an antidd cruiser for cover. Make such a video, so the boat gets nerfed)

    Idk, with that huge gap between torpedo range and concealment range, turning to lanunch another 8 torps doesn’t seem to be that big of a problem.
    I guess, one could go in circle, while setting smoke(if he has the opportunity) to utilize all 4 launchers.

  19. Over nerfed cvs dds are at least having fun with the game

  20. 1st and last video of his i watch holy crow could u say unfortunate 1 more time. seriously change up ur vocabulary

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