World of Warships BENHAM: Torpedo Madness

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Hello there! Welcome to my WarshipsWorld channel! Today’s video is ready to showcase some amazing gameplay in World of Warships. Destroyer Benham World of Warships gameplay. You can learn about the features of the ship, how to use them effectively, and what the best tactics are by watching our video. Additionally, I’ll be sharing my in-game experiences with you.
Wows Benham Tier 9 American Destroyer World of Warships gameplay.
If you’re interested in World of Warships, feel free to check out my other videos on the channel. I carefully examine the different classes of ships in the game and its mechanics in detail and share them with my viewers. I strive to create a friendly and fun environment on my channel and enjoy interacting with my audience.

Thank you!


  1. WARSHIPS WORLD - World of Warships - Wows
  2. That’s another problem with this game, some of these really good boats like Benham, Smolensk, Smalland, Missouri can’t even be had by a newer player. So the older more experienced players get even more advantage

    • WARSHIPS WORLD - World of Warships - Wows

      According to the game’s own policy, you can buy some ships using doubloons without any experience, and you can own some by playing the game for a long time.

    • @WARSHIPS WORLD – World of Warships – Wows And some you can’t get at all. What a super fair policy. They just need to add more airplanes and submarines. Everything will be alright then.

    • WARSHIPS WORLD - World of Warships - Wows

      Yes, you are right about this. Some ships have been discontinued. But with some events, it is possible to own these ships more easily than before. For example, with the events held a few months ago, Puerto Rico Cruiser and Missouri Battlesip many players got very cheap and easily.

    • WARSHIPS WORLD - World of Warships - Wows

      @Keith Nickalo You have some justification in your criticisms. The type of ship everyone is interested in is different. thanks to aircraft carriers and submarines because I think those were an effective counterattack force against battleships that camped in one corner of the map or destroyers who came within 6km of you and inflicted free damage . From another perspective, it’s a good thing that new ships and new ship types are constantly being added to the game.

    • @Keith Nickalo You are right in your criticism, but I tried very hard to get this benham, I was very tired at the event and I deservedly bought it.wg gave us a lot of trouble even when giving this

  3. Excelente partida te felicito KePtChU-ArG

  4. Wow I ddint’ get the first Comments: BENHAM is very good ship, we call this type of torpedoes 刷脸鱼雷. Which means “brushing face torps” , like many torps at a shot with not so high damage.

  5. Ne torpil atti maşaAllah.
    Dön dön at😅

  6. Shahbaz Shahbazov

    Abi oyundakı her zırhlının sana sövdüğüne yemin ederim ama kanıtlayamam

  7. Please don’t add the post-game stats at the beginning of the videos. It takes away the suspense of the play.

    • WARSHIPS WORLD - World of Warships - Wows

      You are right, it removes the effect of surprise, but since my channel does not have a large subscriber and viewer, even if I publish the world’s best quality video, unfortunately it does not get as many views as the world’s worst video broadcast by major channels. Therefore, I need to publish part of the match result so that viewers can notice some of the gameplay quality of the video in the first seconds.

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