World of Warships: Benham – Very Fast Torpedo Reload

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Benham has very fast reloading torpedoes and four launchers of them. This means you can constantly launch torps.

0:00 Game
13:52 End Screen
14:46 Captain Skills & Upgrades
15:32 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 US destroyer Benham.


  1. You get a torpedo and you get a torpedo and you get a torpedo! Everyone gets a torpedo!

  2. Second 😭

  3. Benham is 4 sets of torps with a ship built around them.

  4. The moment Aerroon talks about how he is worry about the Akizuki, it was sunk by the Z-52

  5. Enemy CV really loves you

  6. This is no destroyer this is a prop torpedo boat

  7. He really just said can saw instead of Kansas it’s ok tho I don’t love there

  8. I bet Notser would like that trick

  9. Love my Benham, the torp spam is awesome. The guns aren’t bad, but they force you to show a lot of your side to use them all.

    Last year you could get them in Xmas crates, maybe that will be the same again this year.

  10. Christopher Jonasson

    128 torpedoes launched in 16 minutes

  11. Sorry bit this game needs damage from grounding. Depending upon bottom sand or rock.

  12. *Kan-saw*
    google: _how to like a youtube video twice_

  13. Love a good ZING on Notser. 😀

  14. Will you make a vid about Yoshino? You haven’t done 1 in a year or so. Its a long time. I got the ship but have some small problems(even though I’m angled and there are at least 4 ships in front of me ppl still shoot at me)

  15. 3:40 Aerroon: as I always say, discretion is the better part of valor in such situations.

  16. “I dont know how healthy that aki is, need to be aware of her”
    she proceeds to get torped 5 seconds later

  17. Shikikan Deutschland

    When the Kitakami is released, won’t it be the Benham but 2.5 Benhams hull strapped together?

  18. How did this boat get approved lol? Other DDs even up to tier X other than Shima have like 10 torps total or less with long reloads… Then somehow this thing gets approved with 16 damn torp tubes that reload fast enough that you can basically continually launch sets of 8 torps as long as you keep flipping side to side with your ship. How did this kind of torp DPM and torpedo volume get approved yet the ship still gets to retain a low detectability range, 4 decent Benson style main battery guns, and long lasting US smokes to boot. So basically, this ship didn’t have to sacrifice any strengths and was simply given god like torpedo power with no downsides and nothing taken away to balance it? Usually something has got to give in exchange for that type of power, but apparently this thing got approved as basically an all around better Fletcher with infinite torp volleys. It’s like the friggin F.D. Roosevelt CV that just got added apparently this thing is tested and approved despite clearly being superior to every other CV in the entire game, there’s no balance in play when a ship like this just somehow gets approved and added with squadrons literally double the size of other CV’s squadrons and the ability to drop like 12 God damned torps per attack run when the next closest competitor only drops 6..

  19. Aerroon im not sure how healthy that aki is
    Aki i accept my fate
    Also aki gets slapped by z52

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