World Of Warships – Benham’s Struggle

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An interesting ship for sure. Benham, Tier 9 premium USN DD, is our main feature today, and the ensuing battle is as fun as it is twisty.



  1. nice work! thank you for update

    by the way I’m waiting Gearing plays for 4 month :p
    I’m look forward to watch various version of Gearing since it received slight buff on 16KM torp and there’s quite lots of combination

    keep on good work robin!

  2. Ydoum's Gaming Den

    Cleveland lost you the game lol.

  3. So damn greedy Robin haha
    Nice video, game and commentary! I wish I could be as good as you

  4. BIA World of Warships

    I cringed so hard when you detonated … 🙁 I always play with detonation flags now! But, that was excellent gameplay regardless ?

  5. Haven’t you got the Kidd to do before the Gearing pal? ????

  6. Surprised you could move with all those medals and ribbons Robin 🙂

  7. Great show of the benham’s capabilities in this video. I have to say I’ve got a new respect for benham now. However, like any other ship in WoWs, in order for it to be effective the player must use strategy, and that strategy is clearly showen in this video.

  8. Nice Endgame music at the start 🙂

  9. That ship is a torpedo machine gun. Quite devastating. Good game but the greed got you at the end. Or just your blood was up. Be well. D.

  10. Terry Hollenbaugh

    That sucks, all that work lost. But at least you got sum experience out of it, nice replay Robin

  11. Ah…i have to say that sometimes u just fked up by teammates, not the enemy team.
    World of Brainless.

  12. He says this video is just to show the ship and what it has he then gets probably the best game in it for the next 5 months that the ship is played by anyone

  13. Superbe partie mon gars, dommage qu’elle se termine ainsi.

  14. Casual scum Scum

    “World of Warships – Ben..” YESSS! “Benham..”. Wait noooo!!!

    Jk brilliant video man! Love every second. Wish my German secondaries had that luck haha


  16. Your team deserved to lose that game.. Greedy play at the end and poor situational awareness.. Better luck next time……

  17. I’m a simple man, I see Sailing Robin video, I upvote. Hell of an exhibition game, Benham is an amazing boat when played well and so much fun.

  18. My gosh i like your vids… <3

  19. I guess shou should just have carried harder…

  20. Seeing shipmates throwing the game after such a feat is infuriating.. But hey, it’s the game! Thanks for sharing Robin 🙂

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