World of Warships – Benson 0.6.3 Without Stealth Fire

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The PTS is live and 0.6.3 will introduce the removal of Stealth fire, I play as the to check it out. Without Stealth Fire, you will be detected to your max gun range when firing near enemies. The solution to avoid extra damage is to make more use of smoke and refuse to fire while out of it. I go to A and engage enemies while staying hidden, it feels similar to the German strategies of 0.6.2. Hope this was interesting and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Destroyer Benson Replay


  1. More passivity and stagnant game play, well done WG I’m so excited!

  2. Rip WoWs… i don’t spend any more coins on this game 🙂

  3. Surely this patch makes radar cruisers much more powerful if DD’s have to camp in their smoke to fire upon the enemy. Belfast Buff because that ship is so under powered already…. ( commented 4 mins into the video)

  4. Thus begins the era of semi-invisifiring-max-range battleships weaving in and out of detection ecks dee.
    Well… for the BBs with shitty range, at least.

  5. too compensate for this shitty change they should at least change the bloom time to something like caliber(mm)/20 or make the bloom decrease gradualy to your concealment (with 1-2 sec locked at max bloom to avoid flickering at max range)

  6. As a DD player, I need 10 smoke from the new patch.

  7. I hope they reset the capt skills cause without stealth fire I want to change my builds.

  8. So yea, lets encourage more sideline BB sniping.

    Might as well take the AFT off the Atlanta Capt. I mean if my detect is my main gun range might was well use the 11k to close range SMG HE rounds. If I understand this all correctly.

  9. Render destroyers to true scale so we’re harder to hit to compensate for this maybe. Sure you can see me, but hitting me is another story.

  10. One thing that people may not have realised, you’re going to re-skill your captain for Superintendent if you don’t already use that skill so you get an extra smoke, also use the premium smoke generator, that’s a lot of gold to WG for the captain skill change and loads of credits for the smoke generator. Is this a way for them to make more money…………

  11. Stealthfire was cancerous mechanic that had no direct counterplay. The only possible option was TeamWork.. which rarely happens in the game. So the ones abusing stealthfire are almost guaranteed to get away blazing their guns 24/7 because the players in the enemy team who are supposed to spot the stealthfires are not doing thier job.
    You (notser and other whiners) have only yourselves to blame that you cheesed this mechanic long and hard enouhg that peoples complains forced wg to get rid of it.

  12. I’d say Notser and many others are overreacting. Like when RDF was introduced; everybody thoght, that it will break the game and make WoWs unplayable, but it turned out to be at least an option as a tier 4 skill.
    Sure, some tactics can’t be used with the detection bloom changes, but there will be new tactics.
    Imagine if we had this detection system when the game launched and Wargaming now wanted to change that to the system we have right now! Everybody would be crying that stealth fire on DDs and giant detection bloom on BBs will make the game unplayable.
    Think about it.

  13. Notser, the new (non)invisifiring mechanics require DDs to smoke camp, provided someone is spotting for said DDs. This makes late game DD carries impossible now… not only that, it increases the already vulnerable class to absolute glass cannon status… goddamn WG… The only way you could smoke camp at the start of the match is if you have supporting ships to spot for you… which is a hell of a requirement from a random battle team…

  14. There will be even less team play in random (if anyone can imagine that). DDs will no longer use smoke for teammates, or drop smoke and move forward to spot. Way to go Wargaming.

  15. in patch 6.4: auto detonation for players that are top score in 3 consecutive games

  16. pfffff… as if benson was capable of stealth-fire all the time… not saying DDs aren’t nerfed with this change, but you should’ve chosen better example of what change may hit harder. such as akizuki with 8km ish stealth fire. american DD players won’t see that much difference since it was extremely slim chance for them to stealth fire with their ridiculous gun arc.

  17. Gremy was absolutely disgusting with stealth fire, I will be glad to not see that any more.

  18. Wasn’t there no stealth fire during the open beta test ???

  19. ‘I don’t know why a tiny 150mm gun doubles the bloom on a ship and a…’ -… Stopped right there. For the 5,783rd time… DD concealment is beyond unrealistic in this game. The concealment mechanic itself is not realistic in this game. The taller the conning tower of a ship, the easier it is for them to spot ships against the horizon, moving, exhaust plumes, etc.

    Until that is corrected you have no business talking about how much guns raise detectability. Especially on a BB which were ships that could fire OVER THE HORIZON and hit cruisers. The only ships truly capable of ‘stealth fire’ are not capable of it in this game.

    So deal with it. You’re just like everyone else and you need to plan which targets you engage. Boo-fucking-hoo, you finally have a counter… Your own stupidity.

  20. Jeezlus. The sky still isn’t falling. I’m honestly surprised at your opinion, Notser. Stealth fire only benefits a few ships in a few circumstances that are still very strong in other ways. I have never relied on stealth fire in my Benson, Fletcher, Chapayev, or Blyscawica, and I still seem to do fine in all of those ships. German destroyers, despite their absurd gun bloom and incredibly short smoke, are still close to the best performing tech tree destroyers in the game at almost all tiers.

    Yeah, you can’t sit at range and spam hundreds of shells with no reply anymore. Oh darn. That sounds like balance to me. Awful, I know. No longer can destroyers get free gun damage on top of being able to do massive damage with torps, also from stealth.

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