World of Warships Best and Worst Ships of Ranked Season 13

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Ranked Season 13 is now behind us. LetR;s take a look at what the best and worst ships were. Overall, this season provided some interesting and pleasant surprises. Gameplay is from the Mogador, my favorite ship this season.


  1. The Mogador exelled in taking out dd’s. I melted dd’s 1v2 or even 1v3. As long as you know your limits, Mogador was a beast in Ranked. So many dd’s, so you had an ideal couner whilst being able to flank, move from cap to cap in record time. So much versatility.

  2. waste around 200 games around rank 5 with different ships, than i took Neustrashimy and rank out in less than 30 games

  3. I’m delighted to get to Rank 10 briefly. And, sadly, I stank with the Mogador.

  4. Like, most ranked seasons, I gave up at rank 11. Not many people on at 5:30 am eastern US to get matches. Early on people try to win, later everyone is all hanging back trying to save a star. At least in the times I could play ranked instead of clan battles or working on the DD missions.

    I find the lack of CA in the game to be troubling. In ranked or random they just don’t have a long enough life span to be fun to play for a lot of people. The 1 BB rule makes CA and CL fun to play in clan battles.

  5. Herr_Guenther_Luetjens

    As another WOWS nut also interested in astronomy, consider me signed up!

  6. Hit rank 6 with a 65% WR in the Alaksa, and 55% WR in the lion. Anything past rank 6 needed a t9 dd to progress

  7. I love my Mogador, can’t wait for the Kleber!

  8. I was grinding ranked in the Seattle as it is my only tier 9 ship that I have and I will admit I was struggling with ranked. So i gave up on ranked.

  9. It’s not a shock to me that the Neustrashimy had a high WR. It’s a Steel ship, and undoubtedly most if not all of its owners are pretty good players (or better) to begin with. And on the flip side, it’s also not really a surprise that the Fletcher, despite being a solid DD at tier 9, didn’t have that great a WR because anyone can own it.

    I was a little surprised that the Azuma did so well in WR, given how squishy it is and all. That said, it does have excellent HE, and if it were to get into any fights with DDs, I imagine that its great HE would thoroughly wreck DDs in a real hurry.

  10. Your an officer damn it, NCO’s yell..not officers 😉

  11. Would love to see a link to the spreadsheet with the break down on ship stats.

  12. WOW you didn’t talk about the Neptune. The radar Neptune not smoke I crushed that dd meta. I ranked out with it and didn’t fear BBs. Took them on at close range and won.

  13. The low win rate of St. Louis doesn’t surprise me. It can farm damage, but it can’t really influence a match beyond that.

    • thats why i did not play ranked, i am an unicum in that ship but its just bad for ranked. IGN is COC__56 if you wanna check

  14. Most people don’t play Mogador because most people don’t have Mogador, gambling up to 30K doubloons for a tech tree ship isn’t worth it.

  15. Don’t think we will see as many DDs in ranked sprint with CVs to be included.

  16. Nice vid NoZoup. Never played ranked, might try it next time it allows something more lower tier.
    Sad to hear cruisers got the short stick in ranked.

  17. This season was stupid. Anything but a DD was a complete waste of time. I don’t think I played one game in Missouri in which I wasn’t was the only non DD.

  18. Zoup is definitely an officer. A NCO would know how to yell properly.

  19. I didn’t play my Fletcher hardly at all because I have a Black…

    That said, I did have very good luck in Kit and Yugumo.

  20. Nice looking galaxy there, maybe I’ve been to there?

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