World of Warships – Best attitude ever

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There are actually significant amount of players out there that really believe in this statement and attitude and they have no idea how wrong they are.

If you are one of them I beg you to change it because it only contributes to losing the match.

We all have to do our parts if we want to win, nobody is gonna lay it out for free to us 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 5:21 now imagine you are a new player in a ship with no aa and get into a match with 3 cvs, and everyone with AA is faster then you, so fun. and if you are really unlucky those 3 carriers take up half the team

    • What game are you talking about? I have not seen a ship with AA since the CV rework.

    • @Mirasolov Klose y thats right i remember my Fiji Edinburgh and Neptune befor the CV rework no trouble too destroy plains and now after rework i kill with luck maybe 2-3

    • @Mirasolov Klose Yeah my German T4 Cruiser has 3 88mm guns. No close range AA. What am i supposed to do against a carrier ?

    • There arent any new players. Depending what site you look at, theres somewhere between 10k to 20k players each day. Compare that to other online multiplayer games, whether its starcraft with 500k, or rainbox 6 or pubg or fortnite with millions, and all of those other games have huge esports scenes with tens of millions in prize money available. Compare KofS to those tournaments…its a joke. It sucks, the game has always had so much potential, but its been nearly dead for a long time. I think wargaming is just catering to the Russian players because thats where the bulk of the active player base is and they dont want to lose it.

    • @2639theboss Russia is not the bull of the playerbase. I’m pretty shure NA is the largest.
      It’s not really fair to compare wows with other, more casual, multiplayer games. Games typically last over 10 minutes and you get penalized for leaving early. It is also part of a more niche market of war simulation games. It’s always going to lag behind fps games and mmos as they appeal to a much wider audience.

  2. End od the game, we had 2 cruisers and one bb all together. Enemy had cv of the same tier. He comes in with only 2!! torpedoplanes into 3 overlapping AA zones, priority sector and at least one defensive AA.

    Guess what both torpedos hit the bb…..

  3. i played a match on ocean yesterday in a sovetsky soyuz

  4. Tyrion Lannister

    Their recent collaboration has been top notch.

  5. 2.30 sec first blood…..
    i once lost 4DDs from my team in 4 min…

  6. Who’s the other streamer?

  7. I’d say that a good game is one where you achieve more damage than your own ship has health. A great game is where you achieve damage twice or more than your own ships health. I often come first in my games irrespective of whether my team wins or loses, its utterly devastating when your team crumbles around you and there’s is nothing you can do to prevent it.

    • So, if I do 40801 damage in a Zao it can be considered a good game? Your calculation might be true for some ships, for others it ain’t.

    • JohannesDichtmann

      I guess he plays BB. Had this kind of measurement in my BB, too. At least as much damage as my base HP for a game to be considered good, which as a rough estimate is not all that wrong. Nowadays more factors play a role as I can far better analyze my impact with thousands of games more on the clock. A 80k Yamato game would be considered bad although I deleted a radar cruiser, crippled another and hit the DD for 7k on first sight, whereas my 170k Kurfurst game would be considered good even though I traded HP with a Conqueror at 17km and a few minor hits here and there.

    • @JohannesDichtmann get a different point of vue for BBs. For me a good game is when you get 2 millions potential dommage. A very good 3 000 000 and more means a perfect game. You can do dmg without impacting the game while if you tank, the rest of your team can do stuff (but i have only GK and montana as t10 …)

  8. 4:44 lucker, you took almost no damage there

  9. StatsBloke’s voice could be used as ASMR

  10. Tyrion Lannister

    @YveSoul Metawin StatsBloke.

  11. 5:08 Naples (Italy, more or less…) guy in chat (thunderer) of course cursing “the soul of your dead parents”, plus “I hope you get corona virus” . Animals, as usual.

  12. What he went through this game is why I don’t play destroyers anymore.

  13. @Tyrion Lannister thanks

  14. Yo Flamb, have you ever considered making thumbnails for your videos? I think it would be a benefit.

  15. I’m a DD main and I sympathize. It’s so bad nowadays. Rocket planes need to be replaced. Maybe manual fighters or something?

  16. The second I shoot somebody with my dd all of the enemy team suddenly opens up on me, as if they had been aiming in my direction all along, go figure…

  17. You should host a tournament where the members of the winning team face off against each other, to determine the real king.

  18. Flambass is Croatian for “free win.”

  19. I swear that “goldfish” of Flambass’ looks as if it is in dire need of finding some sanitation facilities.

  20. CV’s really have made this game awful.

  21. They should have kept the accuracy debuff of planes when in active AA consumable. Than AA would have had some value.

  22. Easiest victory ever. gotta love CV’s. So glad I quit.

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